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Nimbus™ tote for your iPad™

What sets the Nimbus™ Tote apart from other iPad carriers is its angled design and light-as-air, conformable filling. The conformable filling and angle combine to make the Nimbus™ Tote functional in countless positions. Prop it up and a group can watch at a meeting. Flip it around and it becomes a perfectly angled pad either for your desk or lap. Sit it on your tummy and comfortably watch videos and play games while reclining. Slip your device under the Clear Vinyl Screen Cover and and you’re set to go!– enjoy your touchscreen with added protection allowing you to view the device hands-free while standing, enjoying a beverage, cooking or playing with your pet. You can even be your own personal billboard for a trade show or sporting event. The Nimbus Tote also facilitates use of the iPad for the disabled and children. The Clear Cover holds your iPad™ securely with hook and loop closures on both sides for easy access to the charging port, headphone port, speakers, etc. The Photo Gallery (online and available for use at [1]) graphically illustrates some of its many uses. The Nimbus™ Tote is made of soft black faux suede and automotive/marine grade clear vinyl and measures 9.5x13x4 inches. It features two roomy pockets for essentials such as phone, charger, wallet, etc. and has a removable, adjustable strap allowing for both vertical carrying and horizontal hands-free use. The iPad can be stored in the middle padded pocket for transport. The Nimbus Tote was developed by Laura Rowzee, upholsterer and computer enthusiast, and Karen Barth Salas, real estate agent, the two members of woman-owned Totes for Devices LLC. Rowzee says, “The Nimbus™ Tote allows the Apple™ iPad™ to be more livable and lovable.” Salas commented, “I’m freed up to answer the phone and drink coffee while operating the iPad with the The Nimbus™ Tote.” Availability & Pricing- The Nimbus™ Tote is available now for purchase to US-based addresses through the Nimbus™ Tote website ( [2]). The price of the Nimbus™ Tote is $49.95 and includes free shipping (in the continental US). Distributor inquiries are welcome. [3] contains instructional photos and instructions for its many uses. Customers are invited to ask questions and share photos, videos and stories about their experiences with the product. [1] [2] [3]

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