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NISSAN Whistleblower Fears Media Bias & Reaches Out to Donald Trump: Exposes Issues of DOE Loans to Companies Linked to Iran: Bovat Asks Lawyer to Subpoena Carlos Ghosn

In reference to the DOE loan she has filed a complaint with the DOE and sent a certified letter to the Inspector General Gregory Friedman. Bovat also sent certified letters to members of the committee questioning Solyndra including Rep. Fred Upton & Rep. Cliff Stearns, Bovat’s web stats show that a Solyndra IP address looked at her blog 1142 times. The letter along with a video of her testimony at a state senate hearing can be viewed at .

Last month Sharyn blogged about a contract NYC signed giving 1 billion dollar deal to NISSAN for taxi’s built after 2013. Bovat says that NISSAN is directly connected to a company doing business in Iran: Via there alliance partner Renault & she would like Donald Trump to ask the candidates about this.

The taxi being built for NYC has the platform of the NV200 is built on the modified Renault-Nissan B-Alliance platform. According to Wiki “As well as sharing a number of engines in the alliance and joint-development of zero-emissions technology, Nissan increased its presence in Europe by badging various Renault van models.”

Bovat would like Mr. Trump to ask the candidates about information posted on Rushline about NISSAN’s partner Renault experiencing tremendous growth from Iran. Bovat says “although the profits from the Nissan taxi from the billion dollar NYC contract go to NISSAN’s in Japanese their then redirected to Renault who not only is a strategic partner but the largest stockholder, France has a history of selling weapons and buying oil from Iran. France is the major holder In Renault I’m sure that Donald Trump will understand the issues are both economic and foreign policy related”.

Bovat would also like Donald Trump to directly ask presidential candidates about the NYC taxi commission decision.

This is not the whistle blowers first time getting political. Late last year Bovat started a blog to get the attention of Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove who she calls the GOP elite Bovat a former political research worker wants her voice heard and is reaching out to many different people in her attempt to get attention to the discrimination she whistle blew about.

Bovat’s viral attempt to get attention of Gannett leaders is working when doing a google or yahoo search using the names of the top news executives: Bob Dickey, Kate Marymont and Mark Silverman her blogs are usually on the 1st page.

Sharyn says she’s been stressed because the problems in Tennessee are big. The state was ranked #1 in corruption according to the Daily Beast in 2010.

Bovat who has twice testified at legislative hearings says there’s hope that the state will become more transparent saying “I’ve met a lot of hard working members of the Tennessee legislature and I have hope that change will happen in Tennessee…”

In reference to Sharyn’s legal battle as of now the prosecution against her continues. Sharyn’s blood pressure last night was 153/93 and she’s tired of blogging about corruption. Sharyn says her goal in 2012 is for her to have a “normal” life.

Sharyn hopes this is her last press release on “this issue” but is anticipating another one soon. She got a letter from the IRS about her 2009 tax return. Bovat has reached out to Rep. Marsha Blackburn about this issue and then spoke to official at the IRS. In 2009 Bovat paid for the NISSAN executive’s satellite dish, washer dryer and other relocation expenses with her credit card and NISSAN did reimburse her but the IRS now wants taxes paid on the reimbursement. The IRS representative told her to get NISSAN to issue an amended 1099 and as of now they have not. Sharyn says I refuse to pay almost $1,500 in taxes for someone else’s stuff. Bovat has until January 12th & documented that she asked for the amended 1099 in 2010 saying “this is ridicules, then again her whole situation is ridicules”. Sadly it continues.


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