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Nora Balogh Shares Health Benefits of Her Homemade Dog Food

Ottawa, ON; – Nora Balogh, owner of several well-loved doggies over the years, has made up her mind on her own resolution for the New Year: enough of those personal improvement schemes that don’t work. This year, Nora Balogh will be taking the time to make her own dog food all year long – much to her current dog Byron’s joy!
There is another way, a healthier way, and Nora Balogh has spent the last several months discovering and gradually experimenting with the pleasure of making and serving real homemade dog food. Her beloved dog Byron’s reaction has been convincing! Nora Balogh is reaching out to share her recent discovery with the other dog lovers out there.
“Byron, my 8-pound Yorkie, did not have any particular health issues, but he was a fussy eater, and uninterested in even the expensive, high quality dog food” says Nora Balogh. “He turned up his nose at manufactured kibbles of all types, but took so much pleasure in occasional real food treats, he was hard to resist.” Gradually, explains Nora Balogh, thanks to the treats, his weight crept up to 10 pounds – and two pounds of excess is a LOT for a dog his size.
Conventional wisdom would have said to stop feeding treats and give him conventional lower-calorie dog food; if he turned up his nose at it, well, just wait until he was hungry enough to take whatever was offered to him. Nora Balogh decided there must be a better way and decided to spend some time discovering a healthier solution. Why take such a hard-line stance with our beloved dogs when in other areas we put so much time and energy into meeting their needs? The fact is, notes Nora Balogh, that dogs love real home cooked food and eating it is one of the high-lights of their day. So why not give them the kind of food they love, in the right quantities? 
As Nora discovered, it works like a charm in terms of controlling her dog’s weight, and it was a tremendous pleasure for her doggie – and by extension his owner! And since Byron was already getting real food that he loved in a happy little twice-a-day ritual, Nora found that it automatically became psychologically much easier to ignore him at the table and at other times.
Addressing health concerns and ensuring a healthy diet are top priority for every dog owner. There are few independent facts out there in the world of dog food; internet searches will turn up millions of opinions and lots of self-interested advertising by dog food manufacturers, but, Nora would affirm that there are few trusted sources, and so, she believes, you do have to go with basic logic. What we do know is that dogs are omnivores but probably lean more toward the carnivorous than humans. Many people on the internet express their opinion that dogs require certain percentages of protein, carbohydrate and fruit/vegetables. Nora Balogh’s opinion is that most of this is probably not scientific.
Nora Balogh has devised the following diet based on research, common sense, and her dog’s reaction and visible healthiness. Nora Balogh’s homemade dog food is cooked as opposed to raw because to her sensibilities it seems more appealing. The diet she feeds includes a fairly high percentage of protein/fat (at least 50%) with the other half being carbohydrate and fruits/vegetables. Nora Balogh suggests that there are few specific facts are available that would indicate the need to be extremely precise, and she feels it is possible to be quite inventive in this area. 
Protein components in Nora Balogh’s homemade dog food include: varieties of meat, 
organ meats, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, and peanut butter. The most commonly recommended carbohydrates seem to be rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and pasta. Vegetables and fruit should be included, the types depending on what is appealing to your pet. All ingredients are chopped as required, cooked (if required) and blended. “It’s quite simple.” says Nora Balogh. In order to determine the serving size for your pet, Nora Balogh suggests searching the internet for a dog calorie calculator that will give you the approximate number of calories your dog requires. Calories for each recipe can be calculated by measuring each ingredient and determining its caloric value via an internet search.
The summary is that Byron loved his new food right from the beginning, and he was soon doing a “happy dance” in circles as his bowl was coming toward him. Nora Balogh suggests using caution and introducing the new food gradually over a few weeks, mixing with your pet’s current manufactured food. Nora Balogh has witnessed amazing results by utilizing this diet as well as a very happy healthy dog; Byron was able to shed his excess two pounds over a period of several months and has been slim, trim, active and happy ever since. Making and calculating the appropriate amount of real food for your pet is more work, but it’s certainly a worthwhile undertaking for the sake of your dog according to Nora Balogh.
About Nora Balogh
Nora Balogh was born in Canada and has lived in Ottawa for over 25 years. She has owned various dogs of different breeds and mixture of breeds over the years, large, medium and small. She believes in preparing and eating natural, organic, homemade people food – if possible purchased from the local farmer’s market. Nora Balogh takes pleasure in sharing such food with her friends and family and believes it is just as important to do the same for her pet.
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Nora Balogh
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