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Note the Recipe for Proper SEO Friendly Website


  • It is not tough to get the search engine friendly website if certain aspects are kept into consideration. In the same way few things should be strictly prohibited as mixing up of those ingredients can make the website tasteless. Here the tasteful as well as the tasteless ingredients will be specified so that you can better take care during the optimization of the websites to increase the search engine friendliness.
  • Various important ingredients that should be included in the website optimization process to make a better SEO dish can be described as follows:
  • Researching of Keywords: One of the important things is keyword research as, this enhances the search criteria. Keyword is that magical wand that helps the website to get searched by the web viewers. So, the keywords selection should be appropriate enough so that your website can get the rank in the search engine result page and can thereby get the access of a huge traffic.
  • Appropriate Selection of Keywords: Every keyword does not have the same value. It should be well understood first by the SEO experts that which keyword has got the highest popularity among the web visitors. Depending on that keywords should be selected and sprinkled in the body content. It can only be achieved with the good keyword research.
  • Viewing by the Search Engine: The website should be viewed thoroughly by the search engine. Each and every page should be viewed by the search engine crawler while navigating because if the crawler would not be able to search the page then it would not be visible to the web visitors.
  • Script & Coding: Writing in javascripts really looks great, unfortunately not to the search engine. The search engine gets blocked when it senses javascripts. An html coding would be perfect for sustaining on the top ranking in the search result page. Scripting should be such that it demonstrates the products perfectly and does not exaggerate anything. Each word will reflect the product feature which will in turn help to get the business.
  • Title Tag: This is important to describe what the site actually contains. Each and every site should have different title text in order to differentiate the various pages and also to describe what the pages are actually holding.


The ingredient that could make the taste bitter by misguiding the people can be listed as:

Somebody can Guarantee you Top Rankings in the Search Engine: This can never be possible as, ranking depends on the keywords search. It can be possible that general people are targeting some other keyword rather than the one you had made a choice so, your site’s ranking will go down rather than raising high. So, no one can guarantee the top ranking as it depends on the keyword selection process.

Placing at the Top is the Ultimate Goal in SEO: Is your ultimate goal to come at the topmost place in SEO result page? No doubt achieving the rank you will get high traffic in your website but excuse me! Your aim is not to get huge traffic but to convert that traffic into buyer. Sale is what you all need. So your website should be stuffed with all those things that can help you to increase your business.

Software can be a Better Substitute for an SEO Company: It would have been great if the electronic software can do the work of the SEO experts. Lot of precious time could be diverted towards a fruitful way. But it can never occur just imagine your search engine is giving you some unnecessary results instead of the one you are requesting. Will that work? Certainly not. In the same way, work of the SEO experts can never be done by others.

One Needs N Number of Keywords to Achieve Rank: This is not the reality. Ranking of the websites of course depends on the correct selection of keywords but not N number of keywords is needed. All you need is the correct selection and not keyword stuffing.

Metatags are Important: Titles are more important rather than the metatags. Title describes the content that explains what the website actually contains so compared to title, metatags are less important.

When the website is designed keeping into consideration all these ingredients stated above, believe it or not but the dish containing search engine optimized website would be delicious and would be fruitful as SEO Services Provider. You will enjoy having it.

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