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NOx Scrubbing Technology Breakthrough Introduced by Dioxide Pacific Inc., Dramatic Improvement in Removal Efficiency Noted

5 NO2 + ClO2 + 2 H2O = 5 HNO3 + HCl    (2)

Both of these processes proceed rapidly to completion with minimal excess ClO2 present in the reaction environment, making for the safe and efficient elimination of NOx.

Additional operational savings are possible when an optional second stage wet scrubber operating at a pH near 8 is employed. The easier to remove, water soluble NO2 in equation 2 above can either be eliminated from the waste gas with ClO2 as described in equation 2 or removed from the waste gas stream with less expensive sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as described in equation 3 below.

    2 NO2 + 2 OH- = NO2- + NO3- + H2O    (3)

The nitrate ion (NO3-) and nitrite ion (NO2-) are soluble in water and therefore removed from the waste gas. This is just one of several possible NO2 treatment options for the water soluble NO2.

Cost comparison details between this new single stage process and other multi stage processes are available upon request.

Generating Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)
There are a number of methods for ClO2 generation, each has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered for each application. The single chemical electrochemical chlorine dioxide generation process produces pure, pH 7 ClO2 at a similar cost per pound to multi-chemical processes with no acidic waste streams to dispose of.

For additional information on ClO2 generation options or for this new NOx treatment process, contact: Steve Eberhard via, phone 702-938-6418 or Robert Richardson Ph.D. at 530-474-4819 or click to Either of these individuals can share more on why this revolutionary new process is such an advantage for the elimination of these problem gases.


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