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NTBackup Drive Verify Messages

The further scenario illustrates a suitable situation when you can encounter such drive verify errors. Let's say, you use the NTBackup command-line tool and select 'Verify After Backup' option. When the backup is done, viewing the Application Event Log prompts you the following event:

ID : 8009
Source : NTBackup
Type : Error
Category : NoneDecription : End Verify to 'C.'

NTBackup reports the above event when it observes some differences in the data on original and backup destination.

Note: Similar type of event can also occur as informational message with Event Type as 'Information'. This happens when NTBackup doesn't find any differences in data on original and backup destination.


Event 8009 with type 'Error' can occur because of two main reasons:

There have been some changes in original file(s) after the backup has been completed.
Backup file (BKF file) created by NTBackup utility is corrupt and will not restore.

Checking backup reports is therefore a suggested action to ensure the consistency of backup file and to have error-free restoration. For detailed information about the cause, you can check the Backup.log file.

In case, few files have been deleted, edited, or added, or the backup file is corrupt, you can start another backup process. But if you ignore these errors, the result can be incomplete restoration. However, if the BKF file is corrupt, you can use a MS BKF Repair Tool. A BKF Repair software can scan your corrupted BKF file and restore the file contents to a safe location.

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