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O&O DiskImage 5: Security for company data, independent of the hardware 2010/005023744

O&O DiskImage doesn’t however just secure data, but whole computers too.
Restoring an image means the old computer setup is quickly brought back to
life, regardless of whether it is onto the computer where the image was
created or onto another machine. O&O DiskImage 5 can restore a system image
or duplicate onto both identical hardware and onto different hardware, for
instance where the Motherboard or the Processor has been changed. When
moving to another computer, the old system configuration with all settings
is transferred to the new system. Thanks to the O&O DiskImage 5 Boot CD
based on Windows PE – a self-contained operating system – users can also
swap defective drivers or modify dead systems so that they boot up once
more. This function is even possible without having to recover an image
created using O&O DiskImage 5. As with previous versions, central network
control of the software is made easy by the O&O Enterprise Management
Console 3.

New and enhanced functions

Restoration onto different hardware (M.I.R.): With the integrated function
“Restoration to different hardware” (M.I.R.: machine independent
restoration) it is now possible to restore an image of an operating system
onto different hardware, and to make a dead system bootable again. After the
image has been restored, the new hardware can be adapted and the system is
once again start-capable.

Change the computer name and computer SID: With O&O DiskImage, users can
change a computer’s identity, i.e. the computer name and Computer SID, in
order to protect the safety within a work group environment and that of
removable media in networks. This can be very useful for example when
rolling out a system image onto several network machines.

Imaging without downtime: O&O DiskImage 5 Server Edition includes a
mechanism, which ensures that the imaged data corresponds exactly to the
moment the imaging process began: changes to the data set by the user or
applications will not influence a running imaging process. The existing file
system and the application environment have therefore no influence on the
process. Only by harnessing this technology can consistent system images be
created, while at the same time ensuring that the system runs without
interruption, and remains continuously available.

Protection against data manipulation: O&O DiskImage 5 forensic, incremental
or differential images are armed with checksums, which recognize and report
hardware defects or a virus that may compromise data.

E-mail notification: Users can keep themselves informed on how the image
processes are going by e-mail with regular status updates.

Clear user guidance: The new Information Bar leads the user clearly through
each stage of the procedure and provides helpful tips. Various options are
displayed before imaging begins, and advanced options are available during
the procedure, such as closing down the computer upon completion of the

Automation, scripting and reporting: A comprehensively configured time
control enables users to comfortably create automated images with O&O
DiskImage 5 Server Edition. In addition, O&O DiskImage 5 Server Edition can
be controlled completely over script commands. Detailed reports are then
compiled, informing users as to the results of every procedure or activity.

Virtual Hard Disc (VHD): O&O DiskImage 5 can convert images of virtual hard
disks from Microsoft (VHD) into O&O DiskImage image files and vice versa. A
virtual hard disk can therefore be directly restored.

Prices and availability

O&O DiskImage 5 Server Edition as a single computer license costs US$ 359.99
net and the Upgrade (from previous versions or competing commercial
products) costs US$ 219.00 net. O&O DiskImage 5 Workstation Edition is only
available as a volume license and costs at the first level of 5+ licenses
US$ 42.00 net per license. The O&O EasyLicensing program is designed to
accommodate a whole range of requirements from small and medium businesses
right up to the largest enterprise IT environments.

Interested users can obtain a free trial version of O&O DiskImage 5
Workstation and Server Editions by contacting the O&O Partner Team.
Resellers and distributors can get more information from our Partner Team at

Further detailed information can also be found on the O&O website at

About O&O Software

O&O develops solutions for corporate customers that not only support them in
their daily activities, but also help substantially reduce their costs. Our
products for system optimization, data imaging, data recovery, secure data
deletion and company-wide administration are pioneers in the Windows
technology sector. Together with our worldwide network of partners, we
support corporations, companies, public authorities and private customers in
over 140 countries, all from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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