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O&O RescueBox 14: The Data Savior 2010/005040185

New hardware usually means that the image cannot be recovered, so the data backup can no longer be used. In this case, and when data is accidentally deleted, the O&O RescueBox 14 steps up as the “Data Savior”.

Berlin, 9th November, 2010 – Released today by the Berlin-based O&O Software GmbH, the O&O RescueBox 14 software pack includes solutions for backing up and restoring data, for professional data recovery and for simple and convenient hard disk management.

The O&O RescueBox 14 is supplied with a boot CD based on Windows PE and provides direct access to the programs, even without a functioning Windows installation. This means data can be rescued even with a damaged operating system.

Professional data rescue: O&O DiskRecovery 6

O&O Disk Recovery searches for and reconstructs data accidentally deleted or lost by software error. O&O DiskRecovery proofs every sector of the hard disk, memory card or USB flash drive for lost files. Accidentally deleted files can be recovered directly from digital cameras, memory cards and USB flash drives, so long as Windows recognizes it as a drive. A maximum of 1000 files can be restored per recovery procedure, with an unlimited number of procedures available.

When a hardware problem first begins to manifest itself, an immediate data-rescue effort could lead to further loss of data, because the hardware is being heavily burdened. In order to save all data, O&O DiskImage can create forensic images, which also save the supposed free space. These images created by O&O DiskImage integrate perfectly into O&O DiskRecovery, so that a data recovery can instead be carried out at a later date.

Simple data images: O&O DiskImage 5

O&O DiskImage offers users an easy way to back up their data. The new 1-Click Imaging lets users back up an entire computer with just one click. The information bar guides the user through the steps and gives helpful explanations. Restoring an image is equally simple; individual files are copied, for example, using Windows Explorer and then subsequently restored.

O&O DiskImage not only secures data but the entire computer. By restoring an image, the familiar working environment is available again within a very short time, regardless of whether it is onto the computer on which the image was created or onto another computer. As of O&O DiskImage 5, a system backup or a duplicate can not only be restored onto devices with identical hardware but also on devices, for example, where the motherboard or the processor were changed. When changing to another computer, the old system configuration with all settings is simply transferred to the new system.

Easy hard disk management: O&O PartitionManager 3

With O&O Partition Manager 3, partitions can be created, deleted, extended or shrunk. Start and recovery partitions are displayed in the O&O FileExplorer that are not normally accessible to users, as they are stored on so-called “hidden drives”.

By converting primary into logical partitions, a previously set allocation can be cancelled. This is useful when, for example, creating additional space on a basic volume for a system partition or just moving a partition where no free primary partition or logical drive is available.

Start direct from bootable volume

The O&O RescueBox starts with all the integrated programs directly from CD, so that no installation is necessary. This makes it possible to use the programs in the O&O RescueBox without a Windows installation, for example, in order to recover data or restore the system partition. Even the size of the system partition can be changed, which is only possible because the bootable disk is based on Windows PE and therefore has its own mini operating system.

Access to hardware is assured thanks to the Windows Driver contained in Windows PE. The loading of non-standard drivers can be done using the O&O DriverLoader. The bootable volume also contains various additional O&O programs that enable access to the Windows registry or to saved files, even when Windows will not start due to errors caused by malware.

Prices and availability
The O&O RescueBox 14 is available through the O&O Online Shop and retailers as a single-computer license for US$149.00 and an Upgrade for US$89.95 gross. Resellers can obtain the O&O RescueBox 14 from the O&O Authorized Distributors, a list of which can be found at

About O&O Software
O&O develops solutions for corporate customers that not only support them in their daily activities, but also help substantially reduce their costs. Our products for system optimization, data imaging, data recovery, secure data deletion and company-wide administration are pioneers in the Windows technology sector. Together with our worldwide network of partners, we support corporations, companies, public authorities and private customers in over 140 countries, all from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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