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Occupy Movement Looks at Alternative Energy with Owner of Green Energy Scale Up Services

Santa Fe, New Mexico (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

On a recent trip to New York, Alan Hoffman, Principle of Green Energy Scale Up Services visited Zuccotti Park on Wall Street and was invited to join in on the Occupy Wall StreetThink Tank”, a daily group of facilitators and individuals that look at three subjects a day. These subjects are selected by a curiously effective consensus process. He proposed Alternative Energy as a subject and the discussion expanded to consider “energy policy and its effect on the economy, militarization and the environment”. He ended up spending two days at OWS and was surprised how clear and consistent the goals of the movement are. He said “Advanced Biofuels seem to fit perfectly into the vision the Occupy Movement has for a sustainable and decentralized future”.

Advanced Biofuels and Environmental Policy at Occupy Wall Street

Mr. Hoffman came to believe that the goals of the Occupy Movement are not undefined; they are comprehensive with many problems requiring attention. He said “This movement endeavors to use the internet to inform Americans on how to create a more responsive government and this may well come to pass”. But what happens then?

Most Americans seem to agree that we must act to create productive, long-term jobs for hard working Americans, end our dependence on foreign oil and oil altogether and bring our soldiers home. It is becoming clear that climate change is real and we must also work towards a zero carbon industrial base. There is only one way to do all this and the solutions are here today!

Advanced Biofuels

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was partly a stimulus plan but more than half was “Reinvestment” in the American industrial base. The ARRA, through its support of innovative American companies, was successful at leapfrogging over existing technologies, making it financially feasible to use non-food based biological systems to replace our reliance on dwindling oil reserves. The biggest leap has been in Advanced Biofuels. With the creation of specialized microbes, it is now possible to cost effectively produce liquid fuels from organic waste like sewage, farm waste and solid municipal waste and over 5 billion gallons per year of “at scale” biofuels plants are coming on line soon. Mr. Hoffman stated “When Pearl Harbor was bombed and we declared war, it took only 6 months to retool our industrial infrastructure for that war. Now is even a greater emergency.

Americans must use the ballot box, vote with their wallets and let their voices be heard to pressure corporations to use a small part of the 2 Trillion dollar horde of money they are holding to implement a nationwide Advanced Biofuels program”. He believes there is agreement within the biofuels industry that the science is proven and the engineering is well underway and it is time to “Declare War on Energy Dependence” and redirect the money we now pay to OPEC countries to pay Americans to produce biofuels at home.

There is a bill in Congress to attain the goal of producing 36 Billion gallons a year of Biofuels by 2022. “With the right focus we could produce enough Advanced Biofuels from waste by 2018 to end the import of non-North American oil” Hoffman said. The biofuels industry is evolving, empowering the owners of the waste stream, like municipalities and agricultural companies all over the country to produce Ethanol, Isobutanol and Bio Diesel from their waste on site, decentralizing the US energy supply and bring it home where it will be safe and reliable. This will improve our national security by removing the need to have American troops around the globe to protect our energy supplies and it will bring home One Quarter of a Trillion dollars per year to pay American workers, improving long-term employment opportunities. They can then go on to eliminate the need for petroleum all together and realize the ultimate benefit of reducing pollution and carbon in our environment.

After his time at OWS Alan Hoffman said “I have joined the 99% and now that we have found our voice, let us take one important step and turn to advanced biofuels to change this country and this planet forever. This may be our last chance”.

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