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Occupy Privacy: UmeNow Launches Anti-Tracking Campaign

"Occupy Privacy is about people taking back what belongs to them," says Evelyn Castillo-Bach, the outspoken privacy advocate, entrepreneur and founder “We see a dangerous trend where companies track people without their consent. It's creepy. People reject governments that abuse surveillance powers to control citizens. The Occupy Privacy campaign is about people letting corporations know that they need to stop tracking without consent. It's unethical and undemocratic."

The Occupy Privacy campaign supports the position of Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart: "The true importance of privacy protection is that it underpins our democratic freedoms. It allows us to exercise these freedoms openly, without fear, mistrust or censorship. This is why caution is so critical, to avoid the possible erosion of our free, open society."

Occupy Privacy supports the efforts by the German Data Protection Authority to expose practices where social networks unlawfully track users. The campaign also support the efforts by the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland to investigate companies accused of creating shadow profiles on people.

Occupy Privacy supports the public-interest groups in the United States that are urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate if users of social networks are being tracked after they are logged off.

Occupy Privacy supports the efforts by individuals throughout the world who expose unauthorized tracking by companies.

People interested in supporting the Occupy Privacy campaign can write to: [email protected]

About UmeNow [UmeNow __title__ UmeNow]describes itself as an ethical company that provides a safe haven for people who want true privacy and secure communication. It has banned third party apps, games, and even ads because they provide a back door to tracking people and extracting private information. As an independent social network, it is supported by member subscriptions.

The company is based in South Florida. was launched in July 2011. The founder and managing partner is Evelyn Castillo-Bach. She earned her M.S. in 1993 from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and has traveled extensively in Ethiopia and in the Balkans, accompanying her Danish husband who is a lawyer. She is currently in New York City promoting the campaign Occupy Privacy.


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