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Veteran gamers probably remember battling their way through “Castle Wolfenstein” back in 1992. Activision has finally released a sequel–“Return to Castle Wolfenstein”–in which players try to thwart Heinrich Himmler and his occult and genetic experiments. Players enter Castle Wolfenstein as B.J. Blaskowitz, an army ranger for the Office of Secret Agents, and attempt to uncover the truth behind Himmler’s experiments. The game is for mature audiences only and requires Microsoft DirectX drivers, a 3D accelerated graphics card, and 128 MB RAM. Check out Activision’s site and download the free multiplayer demo.

If you don’t have Microsoft’s Direct-X drivers yet, you can download the free multimedia tool from Microsoft’s site . The latest update offers improved audio while running 3D, along with full-color 3-D graphics, and video. You’ll need Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or Me for the download. Keep in mind that the system component cannot be uninstalled without reinstalling your operating system.

Amit Bhandarkar Unlimited has released a free PC version of the popular game “Super Mario Bros.” “Super Mario: Final” version 1.1 includes a number of added levels not found on the standard Mario game, and the program works on all Windows operating systems. Users simply need to have a sound card and 32MB available RAM.

Netadelica still has one of the best “Space Invaders” clones available. Written in BASIC in 1996, “Invaders 78” has the same look and feel as its predecessor. The free download and the program’s source code are available at Netadelica’s site.

Play chess over the Internet, an intranet, or on the same computer with R.L.S.’s “D-Chess: InetBlitz”. You can play simultaneously with multiple players on individual boards, and the game even includes an analog time clock that’s easily changed with the Space key. The game also includes animation, a choice of sound schemes, an easy-to-use graphics interface, tips for beginners, and more. The downloadable program is shareware, so it requires a $10 registration.

W.C.F.C. Wrestling has a free online wrestling/chat program that lets you take on the characteristics of your favorite wrestler, then head into the ring and duke it out with your online friends. “Get In The Ring 2000” is free of bugs found in earlier versions, offers more choices in designing your avatar, and allows for three-way matches.

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