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On Earth Day – Reduce Your Drinking Water Footprint – Get Off the Bottle with EcoloBlue – Leading

Miami, FL – EcoloBlue has the solution for solving the water quality shortage. The EcoloBlue 30™ is a sleek, state-of-the-art atmospheric water generator that eliminates reliance on municipal water systems, well water or any other standard water source. Air is the only water source required for the EcoloBlue 30™. Once it pulls humidity out of the air, it filters and purifies the water. The EcoloBlue 30™ sustainably delivers a continuous supply of delicious, 99.9% pure water quietly, energy efficiently, without plastic bottles.

We’ve all heard of carbon footprints, but what about water footprints? How big is yours? Conservationists are suggesting it is valuable to consider. If you reduce your water footprint, less water and less fossil fuels will be consumed each day and depleted fresh water supplies will be positively impacted. A water footprint is basically how much water each of us uses every day. This encompasses all of the water required to produce the food, goods and services used by any one of us, or a nation at large, for that matter.

Thirty-six U.S. states expect water shortages by 2013 A great deal of interest in tracking water footprints comes as a result of the shrinking fresh water supplies in the U.S. The U.S. General Accounting Office revealed that a minimum of 36 U.S. states expect water shortages by 2013 – and that doesn’t factor in drought. The Wall Street Journal reported on water footprints early in 2009 explaining that, “The drive [to reduce water foot prints] comes as groundwater reserves are being depleted and polluted at unsustainable rates in many regions.”

It would appear to be in all of our best interests to do whatever we can to reduce both our individual and national water footprints. But how? Each bottle of water requires 10 x that amount of water to create it. One quick fix comes to mind: stop using bottled water. Twenty-four gallons of water are required to manufacture a single pound of plastic. That means when you drink bottled water, you are literally consuming up to ten times as much water as you actually drink. Since our fresh water supplies are dwindling, we can’t afford this kind of wastefulness.

Reagan Waskom, professor in civil engineering and crop and soil science and Director of the Colorado Water Institute, encourages, “I’d like people to understand the footprint that their choices place upon our environment – choices about consumption, energy, waste disposal, recycling and water use. I believe that if people understand the impact of their individual actions and if they are given viable alternatives, many will choose to make wiser choices.”

What would wiser choices be other than eliminating bottled water? Imagine being able to turn off the tap! Even tap water is costly when you factor in the cost of purification and repairing antiquated infrastructures. Tap water is also of questionable purity. A vast array of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and hormones have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation reveals. And, of course, tap water is dependent upon our shrinking fresh water resources.

Atmospheric Water Generators offer a real solution What to do? Where to turn? Actually there is a little known a solution that eliminates worry about the questionable purity and safety of tap water and bottled water usage as well while providing pure water made from the air itself. This answer puts water independence squarely in the hands of the consumer without making any significant footprint – be it water, or be it carbon.

The answer is an atmospheric water generator (AWG). The concept can be gleaned from the name – the machine actually takes the natural moisture out of the atmosphere and then filters, purifies and delivers delicious drinking water each and every day.

Henri-James Tieleman is CEO of EcoloBlue™, a company dedicated to offering water independence to consumers and industrial users alike with its line of state-of-the-art atmospheric water generators. “These machines are remarkable. They deliver 99.9% pure drinking water day in and day out without ever using a single plastic bottle or turning on your tap,” he reports. “The advance this represents is quantum and the positive impact on the environment has the potential for being profound.”

Plastic bottle pollution spawned a business – EcoloBlue It was Tieleman’s business partner, co-president and co-founder of EcoloBlue™, Wayne Ferreira, former #6 ranked pro tennis player, who first noticed the waste represented by plastic bottles being tossed aside at tennis tournaments. He wanted to do something about it.

In 2004, Ferriera was first introduced to the concept of an atmospheric water generator and it gave him the answer he was looking for. He conferred with Tieleman about his idea of creating a line of state-of-the-art AWGs. The rest is indeed history.

Save money, save the environment – drink 99.9% pure water “Now there is a solution where people can have access to the best quality of water available while saving money and the environment at the same time,” Ferreira points out. “EcoloBlue™’s atmospheric water generators have an almost non-existent water footprint. That bodes well for planet earth, the United States and each family that wants to be assured of a continuous supply of pure drinking water.”

About EcoloBlue Light & Energy: The company offers a sustainable product line that includes solar, wind, water and biodegradable plastics – with a major emphasis on renewable water filtration, purification and delivery. For more information visit or call (800) 691-6043.


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