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Online eye exercises – an Approach to Cure near Eyesight Disorders

It is proven that implementing on a routine of an eye exercise is one of the best ways to improve near eyesight disorders. One of the most powerful and quickest ways of healing near eyesight is to create an exercise by merging various techniques. It has potentials to show result in days which no medicine can do. This is the only reason why GlassesOff chose to create an iPhone application that covers all these exercises along with the combinations.

There are not many firms promoting natural exercises and eye health this app will pull many other companies into competition creating a new trend, which will not only benefit the app makers, but, also the users who will use them to improve their health.

How Does This App and Exercises Work?
The app lets its users perform the natural eye exercises that benefit the eyesight by improving our brains' visual cortex. Just like a monitor screen has its contrast, image processing speed, sensitivity, etc. our visual cortex also has it all. When these features of the part stop functioning properly or weaken, then we have to face visual disorders. This app helps us sharpen all the factors and increase the processing speed to achieve positive results. If all the exercises are performed regularly, very soon near eyesight disorders will be treated.

Moreover, the application enhances our image processing with help of the Gabor Patches stimulated to the visual cortex. Our eyes are no other then a CPU that process binary numbers every single image captured by our eyes is converted into 0s and 1s which are processed by our brain and finally translated into visual pictures.

An App for Everybody
Considering this app is for the enhancement of image processing system, it can be used by people with normal eyesight, as well. This way they can make sure that they do not lose their sight power and strengthen it as much as possible. Such usage of the app can be defined very well by quoting an idiom: "Prevention is better than cure"

A little amount of money for betterment of eyesight is way better than spending the same on eyeglasses, lenses and other medicines in the future. It is advisable to install such apps and follow this one rule to stay active: "Health is wealth". This is definitely a step into the future, and one that will benefit many eye glass wearers.

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