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Oracle Digital Explains the Importance of Quality Communication for Online Marketing Success

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

Earlier this year, Google declared war, publicly and privately, against those who used ”black-hat” and “grey-hat” SEO tactics with their Panda and Penguin updates. Shortcuts that had been the stock in trade of many SEO firms became not only ineffective overnight, but caused sites using them to be banned. As recently as this month, it has become apparent that anyone who is perceived as even trying to improve his ranking on Google is being treated as a spammer.

Many SEO providers and webmasters were furious at the updates, with many suddenly losing up to 95% of their online income. Some well-known SEO firms went out of business in frustration. Many websites that enjoyed years of the benefits of being on the front page of Google were “sandboxed,” which is Google’s term for “banished to oblivion”.

Some SEO firms, though, realised the golden opportunity for those who want to do it right. Google took away most of the shortcuts that used to pass as SEO but the result is a lot closer to what Google intended all along: ensuring that the customer finds what he or she is searching for when they use Google.

For those firms and businesses that choose to do things the right way, and give both prospective customers and Google exactly what they want, there is plenty of room at the top of the rankings.

So, exactly how is this done? James Corby, Business Development Director at Oracle Digital, explains the process: “Basically, you can’t fool Google anymore. A few people might, but they are being banished to Google’s sandbox a lot faster than they used to. The only way for a website to have consistently high rankings over a long period of time is to provide exactly what the customer is looking for: information.”

Corby continued, “The old tricks such as keyword stuffing, nonsensical ’articles’ thrown willy-nilly on any website that will take them, link farms, and article farms, just don’t work anymore. Nowadays, it takes a well-conceived marketing plan."

Corby went on to give the basics: “Communication is the key. You have to communicate to your customers in a variety of ways. You need to incorporate social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and you need to use a combination of online press releases and blog posts that are packed with information.“

Corby elaborated, “First of all, it starts with compelling content. Websites used to be able to get to the first page before proving themselves relevant. Now, they have to prove to Google that people who go to the website stay there, read the articles, click the occasional link, and care enough about your content to share it with their friends. In other words, Google wants to see that you are giving their customers exactly what they were looking for when they used a search engine in the first place.”

Corby concluded, “And that brings it all back to communication. You have to communicate to the customers in a variety of platforms, and you have to provide great content on your websites. Anything else simply doesn’t work in this marketplace.”

Oracle Digital is a Perth web marketing service that uses effective communication strategies to help your website attain high rankings. They provide high-quality content, and utilise online press releases and social media to publicise and maximise your SEO efforts. For more information, here is their website: or you may call them directly at 1300 899 851.

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