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Organizational Innovation is the New Kid on the Block

Palo Alto, CA, March 09, 2020 –(– Imagine Lisa, an invoicing clerk in a large organization, who thinks of a better way to work. What does she do? Does she make a suggestion to her manager? Well that depends, did her manager do anything with her last suggestion to improve how business works? Data shows that her suggestions as well as employee suggestions around the world, are not “heard” by most managers. The best offer seems to be a dusty “Suggestion Box” in the canteen or some corner of the office, never to really be used.

Now imagine Lisa’s manager, Tina, learns about the importance of Organizational Innovation, as a bottom-line value driver, get’s the Team Innovation Kit™ from and playing the role of coach, seeks to build her department’s ability to design, transform and scale better ways of working. Not only in her department, but with the department and teams around the organization that her department works with. Suddenly, when all managers are thinking like innovation coaches, then culture starts to change.

Organizational Innovation is the combination of Design-Thinking, Project Management and Organizational Change Management. Paul (Coach) Wilson wrote a book about it and is available on Amazon. He suggests that the best innovations come not from a project team sitting away from where the work happens, but rather at the place of the action, and ideas from employees are the most valuable takeaways in terms of doing business better.

Managers can now, by using the Team Innovation Kit™, coach OI in their teams, helping to find the best ideas, transform them into reality and scale them up, into the organization and possibly customers, creating better products and services.

Coach OI is offering a pre-order special using promo code 2020.04.2727 for its prime product which includes tactile training, digital apps and innovation platform products, together with live support by an OI Specialist. Other promotional codes are available to registered members at, membership is free for the first year.

Now Lisa finds meaningful connection to her work, knowing that she is valued for improving the way things get done. Her manager is the organization’s leading OI Coach in her organization, responsible for bringing substantial bottom-line value from her team’s innovation efforts.

The Team Innovation Kit™ will be available to order from 20 March, 2020. Go to

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