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Outstanding. Versatile. Uncrackable. – AceBIT presents Password Depot 5


Even simplerThe new version 5 offers a very convenient improvement: Due to the new browser add-ons for Internet Explorer and Firefox which the user can install optionally, Password Depot can now fill in website log-ins fully automatically and add new passwords to the password file with one mouse-click.  

The new “Live Search” scans every entry in the file and lists the ones which contain the searched term in any of the saved fields. Thus, the desired password is quickly at hand. The advanced search can be used for more detailed queries.  

The improved beginner mode and the revised user interface of Password Depot ensure that even beginners can easily understand how to work with the program and access all functions with only a few mouse clicks. These could for example be the new entry types for software licenses, credit cards, identities and information which make Password Depot not only a convenient password manager, but rather a program which reliably protects all your confidential data.  

Even safer
A backup of the password file can now not only be stored on a local PC, but also on an external hard disk or an Internet server. The user can set a time interval in which the backup is created automatically.

As the data transfer to an Internet server is now carried out via the secure SFTP protocol, files are even better protected from unauthorized access.  To be able to forward encrypted files to a third person who does not use Password Depot, a user can now create self-extracting encrypted files, which can be opened on every PC with the correct password.

Even more customizable
The top bar which is used to access the most important functionalities while surfing the web is customizable in version 5, so that a user can select the buttons to be displayed and arrange them in any order.  With the help of the new “Global Fields” frequently used information like e-mail addresses or nick names can be stored and used from the top bar without creating a separate password entry.

The new favorites section shows the passwords with which the owner of the file works most frequently and allows accessing them quickly.  It is possible to choose an individual icon for each password entry. The new version is also able to retrieve the standard icon of a website with one mouse click and will assign it to the according password.

The most important improvements of Password Depot 5 at a glance: ·        
New Improved User Interface: An advanced user interface wasimplemented to give Password Depot a more modern look & feel·        

New Search Functionality: A new “Live Search” was implemented, whichallows searching for strings in every field of a password.·        

Browser Add-Ons: The program is now completely integrated with InternetExplorer and Firefox and simplifies the whole process of automatic web form completion.·        

New Entry Types: Besides traditional passwords, new entry types wereintroduced: credit card, software licenses, identities and information.·        

New Clean-Up Function: The new clean-up function allows findingpasswords that have not been used for a long time or have already expired. ·        

Improved Beginner Mode: The Beginner Mode has been revised and allows new users to familiarize with the program step by step.·        

New Favorites Panel: A new “Favorites” panel was added showing thepasswords most frequently used. ·        

Global Custom Fields: Global custom fields can now be defined forfrequently used information (like e-mail address, nick name, etc). ·        

Icons from URL: Web passwords can now automatically retrieve the standard icon (favicon.ico) from the password’s URL·

  SFTP Support: Support for the SFTP protocol was implemented andestablished as default connection for secure transfer of password files via Internet.·        

Improved Backup Function: Backups of certain password lists can now bestored directly on FTP-Servers or removable discs. ·         Learn more about the news in Password Depot

General information about Password Depot 5
The full version of Password Depot 5 is available for 29.00 Euro. A free trial version (5.3 MB) can be downloaded from the Password Depot website and tested for 30 days. Afterwards, the program will work in freeware mode. More information about this Password Manager.  

About the company
AceBit was founded in Reinheim, Southern Germany, in 1996 – then still called SofTrans. In 2003, it was renamed to AceBIT. AceBIT develops outstanding software. The range of products is quite diversified and has been successful worldwide for years. More than one million sold licenses and numerous awards from the specialized press document the success story. Hello Engines! helps to optimize websites for the most important search engines. The Ranking Toolbox allows you to monitor and analyze your ranking in search engines. WISE-FTP is a powerful FTP client and with Password Depot you can store your important passwords encrypted- and thus securely. Using AceBackup you can backup your data – directly on a FTP server, for example. Last but not least: Win Survey, which helps you to create and evaluate online surveys.  

AceBIT GmbH – Every Bit an Ace!,
Rheinstr. 40-42, 64283 Darmstadt, GermanyYour contact: Katrin Behrsphone: +49 (0) 6151 13650-15  fax: +49 (0) 6151 13650-20e-mail: [email protected]:

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