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Red Cannon

Blasting the techno bad guys isn't always an easy task. But RedCannon Security offers some powerful ammunition with its cyberprotection software. [Read More...]


Doing technology implementation in a company can be frustrating, but it doesn't seem to get the dander up as much as a sputtering printer or a downed hard drive. At techKNOW-HOW, they're ready to tame your technology. [Read More...]

A little help, please?

There's nothing wrong with an error message that alerts you to a problem, but what happens when you have no idea what it means? Worse, what should you do if it happens all the darn time? [Read More...]

I can see you

Right now, there's probably at least one piece of spyware on your computer, hidden but certainly not inactive. Here's one way to get rid of the nasty buggers. Or, alternately, spy on someone else. [Read More...]

On the cheap

As anyone who needs a certification has discovered, education isn't cheap. But there are ways to stretch a tech training dollar. [Read More...]

The case of the schwing cell phone

Ladies and gentlemen of the ComputerUser jury, have mercy on our SOHO Advisor for lifting a Samsung gadget. Haven't you, too, ever wondered how easily those pocket-sized devices would actually fit in your pocket? [Read More...]

A global village of IT workers

In these shaky economic times, the word 'outsourcing' can whip up passionate feelings on both sides. But looking at the issue objectively can yield some new understanding of its utility, and especially, its limitations. [Read More...]

War and peace

Readers sound off on the Game Master's column about war, and throw in a healthy dose of reality about the whole job situation as well. [Read More...]

The future is looking good

Remember the days of instant cameras, with those washed-out photos that developed in moments? Yep, we're trying to forget those times, too. With these digital cameras, any holiday will be merry and bright. [Read More...]

The sound of tomorrow…today

Sure, some audiophiles still cling to analog sound technology, but most headphone-toting beat buffs are drawn to digital tunes. Here's a sampling of some cool ways to listen. [Read More...]

Gifts that keep on giving

With an abundance of nifty electronics and funky games, how can you narrow down the choices for what to give your favorite techie this year? For your shopping pleasure, we provide a cheat sheet. [Read More...]

Web conferencing

Not all Web conferencing products live up to their hype, and not all the ones that do are necessarily right for you. Here’s a guide to finding just the right fit. [Read More...]

Got Spam?

The tidal waves of unwanted mail are going to continue, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the flood. [Read More...]
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