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Epixx Technology Partners

Consulting firms tend to target larger companies with deep pockets, but Epixx Technology Partners is a different kind of tech consulting firm, helping small businesses to meet their technology challenges. [Read More...]

BURST! Media

Everyone claims to hate advertising, but what they really mean is that they hate bad advertising. BURST! Media aims to get more of the good kind online. [Read More...]

Starbase Software

What's it like when the big guys come to your door, talking acquisition? Starbase Software keeps its spark in the midst of transition. [Read More...]

Get set for kickoff

There's more to surf than if you're a fan of the pigskin and the gridiron. As summer winds to a close, the question is: Are you ready for some football? [Read More...]

On the flipside

Wouldn't it be nice to hear that the record companies are doing more than just targeting file-swappers for lawsuits? Well, here's good news: They're also trying to make music sound better. [Read More...]

What time is it?

Sometimes, all it takes is a few minor tweaks to your computer to make you happy. Bring a little sunshine into your life with a new clock, and a better way to do research. [Read More...]

Sell your skills

When it comes to the career hunt, few things are as difficult as the job interview, with its protocol, complicated rules, and unique challenges. Here are some ways to make them call you back. [Read More...]

Do we really need IT?

Over a cup of joe and a plate of eggs, the chatter down at the local diner takes a techie turn, when the patrons talk about whether IT matters anymore. [Read More...]

The future buzz on telecom

To learn about the latest news on telecom, we sat down with the manager of architecture and planning for Sprint's network services research and development division. [Read More...]

Talk is cheap

The VoIP market is maturing, and it might be time for you to reap the benefits of the newest alternatives. Get ready to plug in. [Read More...]

Fiber: on its way to you

Fiber to the User looks like a bold solution to the broadband adoption problem. But it's possible that the technology won't be rolled out until 2005. Is it worth the wait? [Read More...]
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