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Networking resources

For the shy or the indifferent, networking can be a hassle. But there are ways to get your name out there without resorting to mindless cocktail party chatter. [Read More...]

The vigilant e-mailer

Squashing spam has become a top priority for companies and home users, but every solution has its drawbacks. Will it ever be easy to let the good messages in while keeping the bad ones out? [Read More...]

Do it yourself

Readers sounds off about alternative models for digital music, the phrase "paradigm shift," and whether CRTs should be dumped or recycled. [Read More...]

King of the geeks

As James Mathewson moves from editor to editor at large, he contemplates the changing technology scene, as well as the road ahead. [Read More...]

Online learning: the big man on campus

With thousands of students taking online course work from the University of Phoenix Online, the school is a clear leader in enrollment. CEO Brian Mueller chats about the structure of the program, and lifelong learning. [Read More...]

Back to the whiteboard

This year, the challenge for schools to stay ahead of technology has never been greater. However, despite a weak economy and hiring freezes, the situation has also brought out creativity in purchasing and implementation. [Read More...]

The Worldwide classroom

Despite the ease of e-learning, the field has suffered recently as a result of belt tightening in the dot-bomb era. But some new systems and applications may bring learning back online. [Read More...]

Smiles, everyone

Nearly half the population would list "dentist's office" as a place that sparks feelings of anxiety. aims to soothe those savage fears. [Read More...]

Keep a steady aim

Having a ton of features in a digital camera is nice, but sometimes all you want is just the ability to take good pictures. Olympus' Camedia C-730 fits the bill. [Read More...]

Rear view mirror

Computing has traditionally been an all-male club, but surveys show that women dig it just as much as the boys. 'Unlocking the Clubhouse' takes on the issue of women in tech. [Read More...]

The end of ‘hot legs’

The good thing about a portable computer is that you can put it on your lap. The bad part is when it begins to heat up. Could LapWorks' laptop desk mean the end of scorched legs? [Read More...]

Battle of the graphics chips

It's hard enough to stay current with a game, but try keeping up with video-card design. Oh, wait -- you don't have to. Here's a cheat sheet for what's on the bleeding edge. [Read More...]

Watch and learn

As sad as it may sound, you can't play games all the time, no matter how sturdy your system might be. When it's time to take a break, is there for you. [Read More...]

Treasure Planet

When it comes to truly planet-wide games, there's nothing like a bunch of gamers cranking on some PC favorites. At least, that's the thinking of the World Cyber Games. Move over, Olympics. [Read More...]
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