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Study hall

As the summer winds to a close, students grudgingly ready themselves for long classes and midterm anxiety. Getting educated doesn't have to be dreary, however -- not with new software to ease the pain. [Read More...]

How suite it is

Want to rebel against Microsoft's hold on the office software market? Here are some ways to get Linux on the company desktop, and a few of them are even free. [Read More...]

Office space

It's tough to keep up with technology without cleaning out your bank account, but it can be done. Whether you want to organize your bids, pay employees, or manage projects, there's software ready to help you cope. [Read More...]

Hire education

The chasm between college degrees and IT certifications is shrinking. Is it possible to merge these two often disparate worlds into one lesson plan? You bet it is. [Read More...]

Research central

Trudging to the library to do research is increasingly a thing of the past, especially if you know the right online sites to visit. Take a look at this roadmap for your research journey. [Read More...]

The modern home studio

There are plenty of new computer-related products that will make a music aficianado's heart beat just a little bit faster. Here's a sampling for your next shopping list. [Read More...]

Take control of your PC

Although technology is supposed to be our tool, all too often it seems the computer is the one in charge. Here are some tactics for taming your PC and putting yourself back in the techie driver's seat. [Read More...]

Networking resources

For the shy or the indifferent, networking can be a hassle. But there are ways to get your name out there without resorting to mindless cocktail party chatter. [Read More...]

The vigilant e-mailer

Squashing spam has become a top priority for companies and home users, but every solution has its drawbacks. Will it ever be easy to let the good messages in while keeping the bad ones out? [Read More...]

Do it yourself

Readers sounds off about alternative models for digital music, the phrase "paradigm shift," and whether CRTs should be dumped or recycled. [Read More...]

King of the geeks

As James Mathewson moves from editor to editor at large, he contemplates the changing technology scene, as well as the road ahead. [Read More...]

Online learning: the big man on campus

With thousands of students taking online course work from the University of Phoenix Online, the school is a clear leader in enrollment. CEO Brian Mueller chats about the structure of the program, and lifelong learning. [Read More...]

Back to the whiteboard

This year, the challenge for schools to stay ahead of technology has never been greater. However, despite a weak economy and hiring freezes, the situation has also brought out creativity in purchasing and implementation. [Read More...]

The Worldwide classroom

Despite the ease of e-learning, the field has suffered recently as a result of belt tightening in the dot-bomb era. But some new systems and applications may bring learning back online. [Read More...]
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