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Keep a steady aim

Having a ton of features in a digital camera is nice, but sometimes all you want is just the ability to take good pictures. Olympus' Camedia C-730 fits the bill. [Read More...]

Rear view mirror

Computing has traditionally been an all-male club, but surveys show that women dig it just as much as the boys. 'Unlocking the Clubhouse' takes on the issue of women in tech. [Read More...]

The end of ‘hot legs’

The good thing about a portable computer is that you can put it on your lap. The bad part is when it begins to heat up. Could LapWorks' laptop desk mean the end of scorched legs? [Read More...]

Battle of the graphics chips

It's hard enough to stay current with a game, but try keeping up with video-card design. Oh, wait -- you don't have to. Here's a cheat sheet for what's on the bleeding edge. [Read More...]

Watch and learn

As sad as it may sound, you can't play games all the time, no matter how sturdy your system might be. When it's time to take a break, is there for you. [Read More...]

Treasure Planet

When it comes to truly planet-wide games, there's nothing like a bunch of gamers cranking on some PC favorites. At least, that's the thinking of the World Cyber Games. Move over, Olympics. [Read More...]

Open source gets in the game

Gamers don't just click and shoot -- there's a growing movement toward actually digging into the programming code of games and changing them. Welcome to the world of open-source gaming. [Read More...]


Most people regard e-mail as a standard tool, but Rocketseed sees a future beyond e-mail's current banal white screens and plain text. Marty Lattman talks about correspondence, graphics, and living the spam-free life. [Read More...]

IS new media

With jazzy interactive CD-ROMs that make employees actually want to go to class, IS new media is ready to put the snap back into training. CEO Steve Barook chats about creativity, training, and being contagious. [Read More...]


The telecom arena has been through some choppy waters in the last few years, but Telx is more than surviving through it all. CEO Rory Cutaia talks about calling cards, the sluggish economy, and sticking around. [Read More...]

If you were studying computers when the economy went south, what would you do? If you're Bill Owen, the founder of, the answer is simple: you start your own company. Owen chats about tweaks, overclocking, and sweet, sweet mods. [Read More...]

Computer Forensics

Talk about a new kind of detective work: Computer Forensics International hits the hard drive instead of the mean streets. President Mark McLaughlin chats about evidence, expertise, and the fun of sleuthing. [Read More...]


By finding a way to get inside the thoughts of employees, eePulse has discovered office clairvoyance. President Theresa Welbourne talks about data collection, e-mail surveys, and confidential information. [Read More...]

Verbatim Careers Institute

Voice recognition is set to be the become the standard for court reporting, and Verbatim Careers Institute is ready to train the next batch of professionals in the field. Founder Ardith Spies chats about getting in on the ground level. [Read More...]
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