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Aiseesoft Releases TRP Converter to Help You Convert TRP File

BEIJING Feb. 8, 2011 TRP Converter

TRP File Converter

Besides of the basic converting features, the TRP Converter also possesses powerful video editing functions to help users customize video effect.

  • Trim and merge video clips
  • Watermark video
  • Crop video
  • Adjust video effect

$35.00 .

System Requirements

OS Supported: Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7

Hardware Requirements: 800MHz Intel or AMD CPU, or above; 512MB RAM or more

About Aiseesoft Studio

SOURCE Harbour Software

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FirstEnergy Solutions and Iberdrola Renewables Sign Power Agreement With Largest Wind Power Project in Ohio

AKRON, Ohio Feb. 8, 2011 Ohio Ohio

Under terms of an agreement the companies recently reached, FirstEnergy Solutions will purchase 100 MWs of the total output of the project for 20 years beginning in October of 2012.

Ohio Gary R. Leidich

Martin Mugica Van Wert Paulding Ohio

Van Wert County Benton Blue Creek Latty Paulding County $1.1 million $2.7 million

Portland, Ore.

Akron, Ohio Ohio Pennsylvania New Jersey

Forward-Looking Statements: Ohio Pennsylvania New Jersey July 11, 2008

SOURCE FirstEnergy Corp.

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Eagle Integrates FINCAD’s Fixed Income and Derivatives Analytics

BOSTON VANCOUVER, British Columbia Feb. 8, 2011

Designed to streamline the process for managing complex investments, this integration provides Eagle's clients with built-in functionality to simplify valuation and calculation of analytics for fixed income and derivatives.  Clients will also receive technical and functional support as they on-board new instrument types.

John Lehner

Amar Budhiraja

BNY Mellon Asset Servicing offers clients worldwide a broad spectrum of specialized asset servicing capabilities, including custody and fund services, securities lending, performance and analytics, and execution services.

$24.4 trillion $1.14 trillion $12.0 trillion $1.6 trillion

SOURCE Eagle Investment Systems LLC

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Aviat Networks Introduces First Complete Outdoor Networked Radio

SANTA CLARA, Calif. Feb. 8, 2011 Aviat Networks Barcelona, Spain Feb. 14-17, 2011

The WTM 3000 is a fully functional Carrier Ethernet transport node in a true zero-footprint package. Unlike other "all-outdoor" packet radios that require an indoor unit or a separate switch/router to provide important networking features and advanced radio functionality, such as Adaptive Modulation, the WTM 3000 for the first time includes all advanced radio, modem and Ethernet networking functions all in a compact, environmentally hardened outdoor unit.

WTM 3000 represents a breakthrough in converged networking and transmission solutions. Incorporating the latest in carrier-class Ethernet switch technology and three Gigabit Ethernet ports, it supports nodal functions with aggregation, Carrier Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS) controls, Ethernet Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) and IP/MPLS awareness. The WTM 3000 also provides superior radio transmission features, such as 256QAM Adaptive Coding and Modulation, excellent RF system gain performance, and support for link capacity-doubling, through co-channel operation with XPIC.

The WTM 3000 is designed to support the widest frequency range of any comparable solution in the industry, spanning licensed frequency bands from 6 to 38 GHz — all with a common, fully outdoor architecture. This solution can operate as a standalone device for Carrier Ethernet/IP transmission wireless connections or extend the Aviat Packet Node platform fo

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TruckTax Launches Trucker-Books: Easy-to-Use Paperless Bookkeeping System for Truckers

MARKHAM, Ontario Feb. 8, 2011

With the TruckTax system, truckers eliminate the need to package and send their income and expense invoices and receipts to an accountant to prepare and provide them with quarterly profit-loss reports and ready-to-file returns as is applicable. Instead, truckers use this spreadsheet system to enter their income and expenses at a time that is convenient to their operating schedule and simply send the spreadsheet to their accountant on a monthly basis by email for processing and reports preparation.

Ron Johnson

TruckTax paperless bookkeeping system changes that. Truckers now simply email their accountant a copy of an active spreadsheet direct from their home or laptop computer and are able to view or print meaningful professional reports each month to obtain a snapshot of the business and the current bottom-line, all without the need of any prior bookkeeping or double-entry accounting knowledge or experience.  

A few of the active reports available each month include: profit/loss report; cash flow report; and operating analysis of income per mile or kilometer, cost per mile or kilometer and profit per mile or kilometer.

To further help truckers manage the operating profitability of the business, the system has a built-in Load Profit Analysis system to allow truckers to know how much profit they will make on each load prior to backing up to the dock to pick up the load.

This easy-to-use yet comprehensive bookkeeping management system for truckers goes beyond bookkeeping management to provide truckers with an audit-ready document management system that will in the event of an audit allow the process to be hassle-free.


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Keith Olbermann to Host Major New Nightly Primetime News and Commentary Show on Current TV

NEW YORK Feb. 8, 2011 Keith Olbermann Al Gore Joel Hyatt

In addition to executive producing and hosting a new nightly primetime news and commentary show, Olbermann will also serve as the company's Chief News Officer and will have an equity stake in Current Media.

The new show will air live weeknights in primetime beginning later in 2011.

Al Gore Joel Hyatt Joel and Mark Rosenthal

Keith Olbermann Al Gore

Keith Olbermann Joel Hyatt Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Mark Rosenthal

About Current Media:

Al Gore Joel Hyatt Ireland Italy Sky Italia


Keith Olbermann

Olbermann won his th

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Valentine’s Day Shoppers:’s Online Coupons Can Save Big Money

CAPE CORAL, Fla. Feb. 8, 2011 Valentine's Day

The first is spending money on gifts.

The second is being called cheap.

So what can men do?

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day coupons

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Quality Varies in Social Networking Websites for Diabetics

Researchers make recommendations for improving sites, provide safety tips for users

BOSTON Feb. 8, 2011

January 24 Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

For instance, seven of the ten sites did not allow members to restrict the visibility of their profiles. Five carried advertisements that were not labeled as such. And three sites went as far as to advertise unfounded "cures."

Elissa Weitzman Kenneth Mandl

"There is on the one hand an enormous focus in the U.S. on health information privacy," Mandl adds. "But privacy in a social network is somewhat of an oxymoron. On the whole, these networks tend to be about exposing your information online."

The team evaluated diabetes websites that appeared prominently in Google searches and allowed members to create personal profiles and interact with each other. They looked at four key factors:

(1) agreement of content with diabetes science and clinical practice standards,

(2) practices for auditing content and supporting transparency,

(3) accessibility and readability of privacy policies, and

(4) the degree of control members had over the sharing of personal data.

The average number of members per website was 6,707. Activity ranged widely among the sites, from over 100 new posts per day to less than 5 new posts per day.

The majority of sites studied did not include a "disclaimer" encouraging patients to discuss their care regi

[Read More...] Unveils New Portfolio Management, Personal Finance, and Investing Tools

CHICAGO Feb. 8, 2011

Kunal Kapoor

To help investors track and manage their portfolios and investments, recently expanded its Portfolio Manager tool with a number of new advanced features.  Portfolio Manager now features new navigation functionality to make it easier to locate securities and sort from among more than 200 data points (including new data points such as management fees, debt and total capitalization, pre-market and after hours trading prices, NAV and percentage of premium/discount, and realized gain or loss since purchase). Morningstar has doubled the number of customized views and an Import Wizard tool streamlines the process of importing new data into an existing portfolio. All Premium members now receive a Portfolio Monitor report, a monthly portfolio performance statement delivered directly to the investor's e-mail inbox. It provides a summary of investment performance, including top contributors and detractors, an asset allocation breakdown, and a digest of the latest Morningstar analyst research available for the investor's holdings.

Christine Benz 30-Minute Money Solutions

  • Family Finance: This page contains tools and worksheets for budgeting, calculating net worth, organizing personal finance files and statements, along with tips for using credit wisely and ways to save on everyday expenditures.
  • Start Investing: In this section, new investors can find tools to create an investment policy statement, establish the investment portfolio that is right for them, and calculate their savings' future worth.
  • Save for College: Mo
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Sierra Wireless Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2010 Results

  • $167.2 million $4.9 million
  • $650.3 million $0.64
  • $332.4 million
  • $6.9 million

VANCOUVER Feb. 8 United States

Jason Cohenour

"In the first quarter, we anticipate some weakness in our Mobile Computing business as major operator customers transition to new 4G products, and we expect lower sales of embedded modules to a single large consumer M2M customer as they transition to a next generation platform.   We remain confident in our business and leadership position and expect the company to return to solid year-over-year growth by the second half of the year," added Cohenour.

Q4 and Fiscal Year 2010 Financial Results - GAAP

$167.2 million $48.9 million $49.0 million $0.2 million $0.8 million $0.03

December 31, 2010 $650.3 million $526.4 million $190.4 million $177.3 million

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Saepio Positioned in the Niche Players Quadrant of Leading Industry Analyst Firm’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Magic Quadrant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Feb. 8, 2011

Gartner's observation that marketing automation investments have moved from the "nice to have" category to the "must have" for marketers in 2010 is backed by the fact that CMOs are being forced to reorganize their marketing organizations to "do more with less."

MRM solutions provide the backbone for enhancing business growth while stretching every dollar in the marketing budget by providing the necessary tools allowing fewer users to output more results.

Kimberly Collins

Saepio's believes its position in the "niche players" market is backed by its ability to manage marketing assets from idea to fulfillment while enhancing brand management at the local level. The Marketing Asset Manager platform, from Saepio, delivered and will continue to deliver a well connected and visionary marketing automation product throughout 2011 with advanced enhancements.

John Thomson

Saepio's distributed marketing solution provides planning, budgeting, creative production management, asset management and reporting capabilities focused on making assets available for use in local markets. In 2011, the solution will expand to include landing pages, adwords and social capabilities for planned messaging and will continue to expand its portfolio with ad network integration, location-based marketing/context computing and digital signage network integration.

About the Magic Quadrant

The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted 2011 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a mar

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With One of the Busiest Date Nights Approaching, Are You Ready?

CHICAGO Feb. 8, 2011 Valentine's Day

First – Plan Ahead.

Valentine Day $11.35 and $15.34

Third – Plan Valentine-themed activities for your children to do while you're out.   Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

  • Valentine's Day November 2010
  • February 13th
  • 4:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m.

*The Sittercity Date Night Survey was conducted by Kelton Research using an email invitation and online survey.  The chances are 95 in 100 that a survey does not vary, plus or minus, by more than 5.6 percentage points for the result that would be obtained if the interviews had been conducted with all persons in the universe represented by the sample.

About Sittercity


SOURCE Sittercity

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Aerotel to Present Mobile Health and Telemedicine Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2011

BARCELONA, Spain Feb. 8, 2011 Aerotel Medical Systems Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 Barcelona, Spain February 14-17

These low cost and flexible solutions are already helping healthcare providers around the world to reduce costs and improve level of care by providing significant benefits, including critical time savings, enhanced level of emergency treatment and quick recovery of patient in critical situations.

David Rubin

The main innovations to be presented by Aerotel in Hall 2, booth 2C12 (Israel National Pavilion) include:

Wireless homecare hub

Wireless ECG

Mobile-CliniQ™ -- a mobile phone application that enables remote monitoring of various health parameters such as electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure, blood glucose level, weight, etc.



About Aerotel Medical Systems

Aerotel Medical Systems is a world-leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality and user-friendly m

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Ontario-Based Electronics Retailer Expands Product Line for New Year

OTTAWA, Ontario Feb. 8, 2011 Ontario

Robert McBean operates as an electronic commerce (e-Commerce) retail business. The site launched in November of 2010 and offers a wide range of consumer electronics, including digital cameras, cell phones, camcorders, accessories and more.

The expansive selection of brand name products found on eliminates a customer's need to shop on multiple sites, therefore saving them time and money—especially around the holidays. With customer satisfaction in the forefront, Romack Ventures offers high quality electronics at competitive prices. 

McBean added, "We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with excellent service.  Purchased electronics will be shipped to you in a professional and timely manner and our site is 100% secure."

New products are added to the site periodically and items purchased on the site can be shipped anywhere, including international orders. In addition to online sales, a customer service team is available during normal business hours for customer support and can be contacted by calling (613) 749-4502.

SOURCE Romack Ventures

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CTIA-The Wireless Association® Statement on the FCC’s Open Meeting

WASHINGTON Feb. 8, 2011 Steve Largent

"We agree that comprehensive reform of the federal Universal Service Fund and intercarrier compensation system is necessary in order to ensure these government programs meet the needs of U.S. consumers, who are increasingly relying on mobile wireless communications for not only their voice and broadband services, but also innovative services such as mHealth and mLearning.  Indeed, we agree with Chairman Genachowski that the Universal Service Fund must take into account the rapid consumer adoption of wireless services, and we believe that ensuring support is available for the deployment of mobile broadband services in high cost areas is an essential element for successful reform.

"The FCC has recognized that the current universal service system, with its emphasis on legacy wireline voice technology, does not reflect market or technological realities. As it exists today, the high cost Universal Service Fund is administratively complex, guarantees profits for incumbent wireline networks and promotes inefficiency. Similarly, the antiquated intercarrier compensation system imposes a convoluted and imbalanced set of rules on communications providers that ultimately reduces consumer choice and obstructs innovation. We agree with the Chairman, multiple Commissioners and leading members of Congress that it is time to revamp these outdated rules.

the United States

CTIA-The Wireless Asso

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