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BPSI Selected by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as Part of a $250M Security Contract

SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 9, 2011 BPSI $250M $250 million

Greg Eiler

Yvonne Glenn

BPSI's active continuous air monitoring systems are in use in Fortune 100 corporate headquarters buildings and other facilities. Upon detection of dangerous toxins, the BPSI system identifies the toxins in seconds then automatically activates the predetermined mitigation protocol to protect occupants. In parallel, BPSI's system relays real-time toxin and location data to first responders to expedite a safe rescue and recovery.  


Safety Act Designation

June 2008

About BPSI

About Trofholz Technologies, Inc.

Rocklin, California the United States http

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Movistar Colombia Selects XIUS Payment Manager Solution for Electronic Prepaid Recharge

WOBURN, Massachusetts February 9, 2011 Colombia's

XIUS' Payment Manager Solution simplifies electronic recharge for the mobile operator and its subscribers and eases enablement of service rollouts. It is a comprehensive payment solution that enables the creation and management of a wide network of top-up channels, definition of feature-rich promotions and loyalty programs, and positioning of the business for optimal profitability. Its robust capabilities and industry standard interfaces allow for deployment of differentiated services quickly and reliably.

G.V. Kumar

About Movistar Colombia

Spain's Colombia

About XIUS

XIUS enables mobile operators to differentiate their service through innovative and end-to-end managed solutions that ensure seamless mobile transaction management and monetization, optimize operational efficiency and reduce risk while enhancing the end user mobile experience.

XIUS develops flexible, scalable and robust solutions that enable mobile operators rapidly deliver differentiated services and gain first mover advantage, build subscriber loyalty, and sustain leadership.

     Contact: Jim Hunt     XIUS     +1-207-632-1916     [email protected]   


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Cellfire and Location Labs Partner for First Ever Location Driven Grocery Coupons

SAN JOSE, Calif. SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 9, 2011 Cellfire Inc Location Labs

Sparkle™ Platform Akash Agarwal

Paul Stanley

Cellfire is using Location Labs' Sparkle™ Platform, a next-generation mobile location, controls, and security platform. The Cellfire application does not record location information and is only used to trigger the Store Alerts capability.

About Cellfire®

San Jose, Calif.

About Location Labs

Location Labs is the leader in mobile location-as-a-service with consumer products that enhance the personal safety of millions of users and a location platform that enables 2,000+ developers to build their own rich location based applications.

AT&T Sprint T-Mobile

http://www.LocationL a

Location La

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Lincoln Interactive Students Chat Live With Los Alamos National Laboratory Researcher

Cutting Edge Science Club students learn about algae for biofuel research

MIDLAND, Pa. Feb. 9, 2011 Lincoln Interactive Dr. Scott Twary Los Alamos National Laboratory

Cutting Edge Science Club

Caroline Hardman National Network of Digital Schools Steve Stringer

the United States

Students participating in the chat are taking an assortment of science courses and range in grade level from middle to high school.

Dr. Twary, who participated in a chat during last year's program, plans to participate again next year: "It is very rewarding to reach out and discuss science with the students. They are the future and helping them to understand and explore new ideas is fun. I especially enjoy their unique perspectives. It helps me become a better communicator of my work to the public."

Steve Stinger

Philip Jones Jeff Heikoop

About NNDS and Lincoln Interactive www.lincolninteractive.c

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Sybase Positioned in Leaders Quadrant in 2011 Data Warehouse Database Management System Magic Quadrant

DUBLIN, Calif. Feb. 9, 2011 Donald Feinberg Mark A. Beyer January 2011


The Leaders quadrant, as described in the Gartner report, "contains the vendors that demonstrate the greatest support for data warehouses of all sizes, with large numbers of concurrent users and management of mixed data warehousing workloads. These vendors lead in data warehousing by consistently demonstrating customer satisfaction and strong support, as well as longevity in the data warehouse DBMS market, with strong hardware alliances. Hence, Leaders also represent the lowest risk for data warehouse implementations, in relation to, among other things, performance as mixed workloads, database sizes and complexity increase. Additionally, the market's maturity demands that Leaders maintain a strong vision for the key trends of the past year: mixed-workload management for end-user service-level satisfaction and data volume management." 

Sybase IQ Brian Vink

Innovation Group, a Sybase IQ customer, offers Innovation Analytics to provide business intelligence (BI) and management information (MI) solutions to risk carriers to identify and resolve issues and challenges in the insurance industry. Innovation Group required a data analysis engine with the ability to run its comprehensive BI/MI provisioning both internally and externally.

David Brotherton

According to the rep

[Read More...] Helps Expats Evacuated from Egypt Prepare for the Unexpected by Sending Them to the Cloud

PHILADELPHIA Feb. 9, 2011 Egypt Joanne Lang Philadelphia Egypt

When developing AboutOne, Lang, a former SAP Labs executive, capitalized on her experience with cloud technology. She'd seen how cloud computing and business software allowed businesses to eliminate mundane tasks and gain new levels of efficiency and security, and she wanted to bring those same benefits to families. Cloud computing is increasingly considered a simple yet effective means for families to manage information, as evidenced by the popularity of companies like Mint, ZipList, and other Web-based apps. With the enthusiastic market response to the public release of its beta product, AboutOne has been successful in its bid to be the global de-facto standard for Family Management Systems.

Mandi Ehman

"As a frequent traveler and former expat, I experienced firsthand the need to access my household information and documents when I was away from home," says Lang. "Everyone knows it's prudent to safeguard critical data and documents in case of disaster, yet too few of us actually follow the best practices for doing this. Instead we keep silos of this data in paper files or on home PCs, often failing to perform regular backups. With AboutOne, my goal was to create a tool, accessible anywhere, that expertly handles data security so our customers don't have to. I want our customers to know that no matter what happens, they'll be able to access their household information whenever they need it."

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TORONTO Feb. 9 Thursday, April 21, 2011 10:00 a.m. Toronto, Ontario

Friday, March 11, 2011

About Celestica

Celestica is dedicated to delivering end-to-end product lifecycle solutions to drive our customers' success. Through our simplified global operations network and information technology platform, we are solid partners who deliver informed, flexible solutions that enable our customers to succeed in the markets they serve. Committed to providing a truly differentiated customer experience, our agile and adaptive employees share a proud history of demonstrated expertise and creativity that provides our customers with the ability to overcome any challenge.

Safe Harbor and Fair Disclosure Statement

SOURCE Celestica Inc.

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INEOS Bio JV Breaks Ground on 1st Advanced Waste-to-Fuel Commercial Biorefinery in U.S.

VERO BEACH, Fla. Feb. 9, 2011 INEOS Bio New Planet Energy $130 million Vero Beach, Florida

The BioEnergy Center technology was developed by INEOS Bio, a part of INEOS, the world's fourth largest petrochemicals company. INEOS Bio will license the BioEnergy technology globally utilizing decades of INEOS experience as one of the world's largest licensors of chemical technology.

Peter Williams

Vero Beach, Florida Indian River County

David King

State of Florida $2.5m $50 million $75 million

The Indian River BioEnergy Center will be the first commercial scale project in the world using INEOS Bio's patented technology. Using naturally occurring bacteria, the technology is able to convert gases derived directly from biomass into bioethanol. Unlike other technologies that rely on one primary source of feedstock, the INEOS Bio process can produce ethanol and renewable energy from numerous non-food feedstocks, including construction and municipal solid waste, forestry and agricultural waste. This flexibility also allows faciliti

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RealEstateRama Career Center for Real Estate Professionals

NEW YORK February 9, 2011

- RealEstateRama Jobs - The Smart Way to Look for a Real Estate Job

RealEstateRama partnered with SimplyHired Inc., a leading developer of Internet recruiting solutions, to provide the technology that supports the Career Center.

RealEstateRama and SimplyHired provides the real estate job seeker with an easy, powerful and confidential way to find and apply for the best career opportunities available, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

RealEstateRama Jobs - The Smart Way to Post for a Real Estate Job

RealEstateRama Jobs allows companies to easily and dynamically post and update job openings, ensuring that job seekers are getting the most accurate, up-to-date information available. Using job-posting wizard, Real Estate professionals can build Web pages for each job with no HTML programming.

Three of the benefits Real Estate industry employers will enjoy are:

1) Qualified Candidates: RealEstateRama Jobs postings will be seen by mid to senior-level real estate (property, mortgage and foreclosure) professionals who visit RealEstateRama Web sites daily.

2) Timeliness: Employers can post a position opening at RealEstateRama Jobs today and begin receiving resumes from qualified candidates within 24 hours.

$1,000-$3,000 $29

About RealEstateRama

<a href="

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Mophie Announces juice pack air for Verizon

SANTA ANA, Calif. Feb. 9, 2011 mophie external rechargeable battery case

(Logo: $79.95 Monday, February 28

Susan Schedel

Key features and benefits of the juice pack air for the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 include:

  • juice pack Legacy
  • The Ultimate Power Solution
  • Protection with Style
  • Acoustic Sound Enhancement –
  • 4 Light LED Battery Status Indicator
  • Standby/Charging Switch
  • Charge and Sync Feature – .

About mophie

California juice pack

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MobiTV, Inc. Powering TV on Tablets

EMERYVILLE, Calif. Feb. 9, 2011

Rapidly increasing demand and expansion across mobile devices and operating systems resulted in a 59 percent increase in average monthly minutes viewed on MobiTV, Inc.'s platform in 2010 versus the prior year. On average, more than 10,000 files travel through MobiTV AMP daily for encoding, optimization and distribution to hundreds of devices over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks, culminating in 1.5 billion minutes of mobile video delivered in 2010.

$20 billion

Charlie Nooney

Other recent business news from MobiTV, Inc. includes a partnership with the Mobile Content Venture to both build a hybrid client that unifies IP/broadcast together in one mobile video application and manage the operational aspects of the delivery through MobiTV Inc.'s platform.

MobiTV, Inc.'s technology platform powers the carrier-branded experiences for Sprint TV, T-Mobile TV, AT&T U-Verse Live TV and offers its MobiTV application and the NFL Mobile to Verizon subscribers.  

About MobiTV, Inc.

MobiTV, Inc. has invested 10 years developing its award-winning technology platform, capable of delivering media to any screen with unmatched reliability and scalability. The MobiTV Accelerated Media Platform (MobiTV AMP) delivers more content to more subscribers on more networks than anyone else in the industry. MobiTV AMP is designed to help carriers monetize their network, allow content partners to extend their reach to millions of mobile vie

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Broadcom Upgrades Its A-GPS Data Service and GPS LTO Product/Service with GLONASS Satellite Support

IRVINE, Calif. Feb. 9, 2011

  • BCM47511 standalone GPS SoC solution
  • BCM2076 super combination (combo) chip featuring integrated Bluetooth and FM tuner functionality.

In addition to this upgraded A-GPS service, Broadcom also announces that it has upgraded its current GPS Long Term Orbit (LTO) data product and service to support the GLONASS constellation starting with today's introduction of the BCM47511 and BCM2076 GPS SoC solutions.  LTO extends the usability of GPS and GLONASS assistance data for up to 7 days and ensures the fastest possible fix time in mobile wireless devices.  This augmented data service is a key element for realizing the full effectiveness of the GLONASS constellation and nearly doubles the number of satellites that can be used for navigation.

Highlights/Key Points:

  • GLONASS is the Russian equivalent to the U.S. GPS system, and is a complementary and alternative satellite navigation system.  By adding GLONASS support, the BCM2076 and BCM47511 GPS receivers will have the ability to use an additional 21 GLONASS satellites currently (24 projected in the future), on top of the existing 30 U.S. GPS satellites, nearly doubling the number of satellites that can be used for navigation.  In urban areas, many GPS satellites are blocked by buildings, so the additional 21 satellites offered by the GLONASS system will provide significant improvements in location performance and accuracy over currently available GPS receivers.
    • Wireless devices with LTO functionality can provide an initial fix time within seconds, instead of the minutes that may be requi
[Read More...] Launches Buyers’ Guide to Food and Beverage Flavourings

BROMSGROVE, England Feb. 9, 2011

food and beverage producers and manufacturers

Using Aroq's comprehensive network of journalists, analysts and contributors, the flavourings buyers' guide is a free-to-view service with the latest news, announcements, whitepapers, information guides, interviews and profiles, along with a complete company directory.

Chris Brook-Carter

"This hub delivers much-needed perspective from an industry level. Included on the hub will be a range of essential content covering key developments in flavourings, from new technology and innovation, to consumer trends and M&A. We aim to provide a unique, constantly updated platform for the sector."

Visitors to the flavourings buyers' guide will benefit from a range of services including the latest news and company announcements, whitepapers, information guides and a complete company directory. Visitors are also able to register to receive an email newsletter designed to provide the latest developments within this sector.

The launch of the buyers' guide is sponsored by leading players in the flavourings industry including Cargill, Dohler and Symrise.  

9 February 2011


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