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Finding Capital Has Never Been Easier: Streamlines the Deal Making Process Between Investors and Entrepreneurs

ORLANDO, Fla. Feb. 20, 2011

David Bayer

Using a sophisticated matching algorithm, FindVenture connects investors with individuals and organizations. "Eliminating the need to filter through investment opportunities that don't fit the core criteria of a fund saves both the investor and the business a tremendous amount of time," said Bayer. provides detailed profiles of both funds and prospective investment companies, in addition to a platform and subscription model similar to, where like employers; investors have access to view prospective investment opportunities.

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FindVenture connects investors with individuals and organizations based on a sophisticated matching algorithm. provides detailed profiles of both funds and prospective investment companies, in addition to a platform and subscription model similar to, where like employers; investors have access to view prospective investment opportunities.

Brent Barnhart [email protected]


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Rentrak Announces Official Box Office Totals for Weekend of February 18, 2011

LOS ANGELES Feb. 20, 2011 Rentrak Corporation February 18, 2011 February 20, 2011 Box Office Essentials®

Sunday, February 20, 2011

About Box Office Essentials®

Rentrak's Box Office Essentials® and International Box Office Essentials are the theatrical industry's source for comprehensive global box office intelligence.  Boasting a footprint that covers 90% of the worldwide theatrical market, Rentrak is able to provide its clients with box office intelligence for 26 countries, streamlined through one unique system.  Delivered in near real-time, this data is primarily collected through an electronic connection with thousands of theater box offices, allowing users to view online reports from anywhere around the world, while virtually watching the minute-by-minute sale of tickets.  Box Office Essentials® transforms masses of data into a comprehendible view of the market and, as such, is used by every studio as well as many independent distribution entities.

About Rentrak Corporation

Portland, Oregon

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Vivecoach launches gaming application designed to bring fun to corporate wellness.

Menlo Park, CA - Vivecoach recently launched its web- and mobile-based wellness challenge application to help companies engage employees in
improving their health and well-being.  Gaming is rapidly evolving and changing the way people live all aspects of their lives.  Vivecoach's
application brings gaming to productive use in the workplace in the form of wellness challenges and competitions.
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Swann Debuts DVR Kit & App for Smartphone Viewing

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. - (February 17, 2011) – Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, proudly releases a new DVR kit that features remote viewing on a variety of smartphones, expanded hard drive capacity, remote control, a mouse and higher resolution cameras. Debuted at the 2011 International CES, this all-in-one DVR kit includes all of the equipment and software necessary to easily install a surveillance system.
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865 to 954 MHz Small Size RFID Reader Antenna

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( has launched this 聽small size RFID reader antenna which is specially designed for demanding item-level deployments. It is an ideal choice for applications in access control, ticketing, document control, high-speed encoding stations, packaging lines, or any application requiring high reliability and a constrained read zone.
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High Performance Graphic Multimeter

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc.( has launched its high performance graphic multimeter which incorporates a 4000 count auto-range True RMS digital multimeter (DMM) and a handheld digital storage oscilloscope. The graphic multimeter is an ideal solution for basic fault location and electronic troubleshooting in a wide array of industrial and household devices such as batteries and motor control appliances.
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Medicomp Systems Releases Cloud-Based Quippe

CHANTILLY, Va. Feb. 19, 2011

Quippe conforms naturally to the way doctors think and act. It allows them easy access to the critical information they need to care for the patient while they document. On touch screen devices, Quippe uses gesture and handwriting recognition to provide a natural and familiar interface.

Like all Medicomp products, Quippe is powered by the MEDCIN® Engine, a proven knowledge engine that adapts to the unique clinical presentation of each patient and provides enterprises with all the codes needed for compliance and reimbursement.

Peter Goltra

Gregg Alexander

Medicomp Systems is an inventor of medical information technologies that, due to their ease of use, provide clinicians with the power to focus on their patients. They are the maker of the powerful MEDCIN Engine, a robust clinical data engine in use throughout the world by a growing number of physicians and hospitals.

SOURCE Medicomp Systems

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Confirms Electric Test Vehicle Project

United Kingdom Feb. 19, 2011 March 1, 2011

Torsten Muller-Otvos

Rolls-Royce produces cars that represent the pinnacle in luxurious motoring for the world's most discerning customers.  With 102EX, also known as the Phantom Experimental Electric (EE), it is the company's intention to carefully test the opinions and reactions to alternative drive-train options of a range of stakeholders including owners, enthusiasts, members of the public and the media.  

Europe Middle East Asia North America

While there are no plans to develop a production version, as one of the company's EX models it will serve to begin a dialogue with existing owners and stakeholders, posing as well as answering questions of its audience.

These include the car's ability to deliver an acceptable range between re-charges and to operate in extreme weather conditions. But also to benchmark reliability and quality against customer expectations of the world's pinnacle automotive brand.

"I must be convinced that any alternative drive-train we choose for the future delivers an authentic Rolls-Royce experience," added Muller-Otvos. "It must be a technology that is right for our customers, our brand and which sets us on a sound footing for a sustainable future."



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Movirtu awarded contract with Airtel Madagascar

February 18th 2011 - Movirtu, the leading provider of Mobile Identity Management (MIM) solutions to wireless telecommunication service providers, announced today a contract with Airtel Madagascar to implement the Movirtu Cloud Phone services nationwide in Madagascar. The main channel for purchase will be the Village Phone Operators (VPOs) with whom the service has been piloted.
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125 kHz RFID Bluetooth Reader

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( is offering its 125 kHz RFID Bluetooth reader, which is widely used in security patrol, mining and finance systems. The wireless LF (125 kHz) Bluetooth based RFID device is compatible with most kinds of LF (125 kHz) cards compliant with EM4100, EM4102, TK4100 and TK4102.
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Versatile USB PC Based Oscilloscope

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc.( recommends its high speed, 8-bit, two-channel digital storage USB PC based oscilloscope which is commonly used for testing and maintenance of data lines, electronic equipment and in laboratory work. It is compatible with USB 2.0 and requires no external power.
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Communication Cable Fault Tester

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends its communication cable fault tester which integrates the functions of OTDR, ohmmeter, megohmmeter and automatic bridge into a single instrument. This tester accurately locate faults including core wire breaks, misconnection, water absorption and poor installation for acceptance and maintenance of lines and inspection of cable electrical characteristics.
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Glam Media Significantly Increases Focus on Technology to Innovate the Next Generation of Super Premium Ad Products – Hires Top Digital Media Veterans to Lead Development

NEW YORK Feb. 18, 2011 Glam Media, Inc. Navdeep Saini Stanley Wong

Paul Loeffler

Samir Arora

Fernando Ruarte

New Hires

Yahoo! Panama Permuto Buysight

Wong brings more than 15 years of experience in digital media advertising. He was employee number 41 at Yahoo! and in his first role as "Ad Man" in 1996, he evangelized and strategized with advertising clients and agencies including Proctor & Gamble, Ford Motor, Disney, PepsiCo, IBM, Y&R, and Grey Advertising to produce many of the Web's first marketing and advertising campaigns. He also built the team that created the Data Solutions sales effort at Yahoo!, and has held senior product and marketing positions at Apple, Better Inc., and Search Physics.

San Francisco Millennial Media, Trulia, Xobni,

GlamAdapt Premium Ad Technology Platform

June 2010 rich media ads

Company Highlights in 2010

  • Increased audience reach to 197 Million Uniques, an increase of 23 percent
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