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Major Sporting Goods Chain Chooses Preferred Market Solutions to Launch their Customer Loyalty Program

MC Sports, a major sporting goods retailer in the Midwest, has chosen Preferred Market Solution's PatronFlex technology as the loyalty backbone for their existing WinDSS point of sale systems. "With newspaper circulation on the decline and media becoming increasing fragmented, we needed the ability to communicate and market directly to our best customers and Preferred Market Solutions gave us the ability to do just that," stated Ed Rix, VP of Marketing and Advertising for MC Sports. [Read More...]

MonkeyJar Registers over 15,000 Members

Internet shopping site MonkeyJar recently welcomed its 15,000th member and is quickly approaching 16,000. The popularity of the Web site has astounded the company's founders who did not project such fast-paced growth. [Read More...]

Accents Do Have An Impact On International SEO

Different languages use accents and special characters to varying degrees, and there is much debate over whether the inclusion or exclusion of these has any impact in the search results displayed. However, simple analysis of search results using Google's keyword tool shows that omission of an accent can lead to entirely different set of search results being returned. [Read More...]

IxDownload: More Software Reviews and New Computer Forum

One of the challenges for sites nowadays is how to make a mark. With the abundance of resources and sites on the Internet that deals with a particular subject matter, it's difficult to make an impression. Unless you're the pioneer in the field, it would be an uphill battle to get noticed and get good visitor traffic. It may be hard, but it's not impossible. People are people, whether it's the Internet or somewhere else. The best way to get noticed is to provide more value that people could benefit from. This is the strategy that IxDownload is using for its site. [Read More...]

New Survey Reveals 30% Computer Users Would Sacrifice Morning Coffee to be Spam-Free

Computer users are willing to go so far as to give up their most coveted vices to alleviate mounting spam frustrations.Almost a third of survey respondents admitted they would willingly give up their morning coffee in order to be free of spam, while over 40% would sacrifice their afternoon office snack. An additional 18% said they would even give up coveted vices such as happy hour drinks to relieve their inboxes of spam.

[Read More...]

PowerPoint and Beyond at the DataAlchemy Demand Analytics Conference in New Orleans October 6-8, 2009

At the 2009 DataAlchemy Demand Analytics Conference, attendees will view presentations from top industry professionals in the fields of management, category management, technology and consumer goods. The conference, taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 6th to October 8th, will give attendees an enlightening look at the industry's future and where consumer goods and demand data management can be expected to go in the coming years. [Read More...]
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