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AT&T 28 Days Showcases Today’s History Makers Through Speaker Series, Online Experience

DALLAS Jan. 31, 2011 28 Days 28 Days .

Jennifer Jones

28 Days 28 Days Atlanta Monday, Feb. 7 Chicago Thursday, Feb. 17 Washington, D.C. Tuesday, Feb. 22 Harlem Feb. 24 Oakland Monday, Feb. 28

At each speaking event, participants will be inspired to make history and innovations in their own lives and two lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive new AT&T smartphones.

"The talent AT&T selected for the speaker series are great examples of today's trendsetters who are making history everyday in their communities," said Jones. "Each speaker offers a unique perspective and will inspire anyone who attends these events." 28 Days 28 Days "28days"

28 Days An Evening of Stars® Chaka Khan <a href="http://w

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Chinese Lunar New Year Savings at

HONG KONG Jan. 31, 2011 Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year $100.00 between January 28th and February 28th, 2011

Lunar New Year


Important Announcement:

February 1st to February 7th, 2011 February 8th will make every possible effort to get your important purchases mailed to you as we understand delays in shipping can be frustrating.

Lunar New Year


<span class="prn

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ITIL Case Study Now Available from ITIL® to Help the IRS Deliver High Quality Best Management Practice and IT Services to its Client Base Using ITIL Best Practice Guide

WYCOMBE, England Jan. 31, 2011 ITIL case study ITIL best practice

best management practice

The IRS's ITSM transformation education roadmap was built using some of the key principles outlined in Kotters eight step change process for organizational transformation.

Key principles include:

  • Awareness
  • Commitment
  • Conditioning
  • Empowering
  • Institutionalization

For further information on the ITIL case study or ITIL best practice please contact:

Rick Lemieux [email protected]

ITIL® is a Registered Trademark of The Office of Government Commerce in the UK and other countries

Best Management Practice e

About APM Group

The APM Group is a global Examination Institute offering accreditation and certification for knowledge-based workers. Our suite of certifications includes qualifications for project managers, IT service managers, risk managers an

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BELLEVUE, Wash. Jan. 31, 2011 $79


David Lonczak

Mike Golden Canada

About, inc., inc. (NASDAQ:DSCM) is a leading online retailer of health, beauty, clinical skincare, vision, and pharmacy products. Our portfolio of brands includes:™,™,®, and™. All provide a convenient, private, and informative shopping experience while offering a wide assortment of more than 60,000 products at competitive prices.

About ShopRunner

Media Contact:

<span class="prnews_span" style="font-family:Ar

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Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan Joins National Cyber Security Alliance Board

WASHINGTON The National Cyber Security Alliance Joe Sullivan

Michael Kaiser

As chief security officer, Sullivan oversees security for Facebook's more than 500 million active users and works to develop and promote high standards for product security. As a former federal prosecutor and founding member of the Justice Department's Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Units, Sullivan and his Facebook team partner closely with law enforcement to foster a safe online environment.

"Protecting our trusted environment and helping people stay safe and secure online is a top priority for Facebook," Sullivan said.  "We do this by developing robust tools and technologies and by actively engaging with the community through organizations like NCSA. We look forward to working with the rest of the industry to educate and raise awareness around online safety and security."


About The National Cyber Security Alliance

About Facebook

February 2004 Palo Alto, Calif.


Smokey Be

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NCLC’s ‘Piling It On: The Growth of Proprietary School Loans and the Consequences for Students’ Released Today: Link to Report Below

Proprietary school loans viewed as loss leaders to keep federal aid flowing, attractive to investors, harm students

BOSTON Jan. 31, 2011

"Piling It On: The Growth of Proprietary School Loans and the Consequences for Students," a report issued today by the National Consumer Law Center's Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project, shows the urgent need to regulate lending by for-profit schools and provide relief for vulnerable borrowers, many of whom attend for-profit schools that fail to deliver quality educations as promised.  

The schools seem to view these "institutional loans" as loss leaders to keep the federal dollars flowing.  Among other reasons, proprietary schools must show that at least 10% of revenues come from sources other than Department of Education federal student assistance.  Schools make unaffordable loans as a way of filling up the 10% category with vapor revenues derived from loans that will never be repaid.

Deanne Loonin

This timely report is released as for-profit school executives and their lobbyists are fighting the Obama Administration and Congressional efforts to ensure that for-profit schools deliver quality outcomes in return for the growing amounts of federal aid going to the industry.  

The report reviews institutional lending at the largest for-profit higher education companies and a number of smaller companies as well.  It highlights the main problems with institutional loans, including high default rates, high costs, predatory terms, and accounting tricks and traps.  The final sections discuss the various rationales for the schools' actions and recommendations f

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SiriusXM Presents Comprehensive Coverage of Super Bowl XLV

NEW YORK Jan. 31, 2011 North Texas

Sunday, February 6 6:00 pm ET

  • Pittsburgh Steelers broadcast - Sirius 123 / XM 102
  • Green Bay Packers broadcast - Sirius 125 / XM 103
  • National Radio broadcast – Sirius 124 / XM 124
  • BBC Radio broadcast – Sirius 122 / XM 106
  • Mexican/Spanish language broadcast – Sirius 91 / XM 104
  • Spanish broadcast – Sirius 90 / XM 105
  • Chinese broadcast – Sirius 130 / XM 109
  • Russian broadcast – Sirius 158 / XM 113
  • French broadcast - Sirius 126 / XM 107
  • Japanese broadcast - Sirius 121 / XM 110
  • German broadcast – Sirius 113 / XM 111
  • Hungarian broadcast - Sirius 153 / XM 112
  • Dutch broadcast – Sirius 127 / XM 108
  • Danish broadcast – Sirius 152 / XM 114

Monday, January 31 Dallas Joe Namath John Madden Gil Brandt Derrick Brooks Rich Gannon Pat Kirwan Jim Miller Bob Papa

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First-Ever Online Safety & Security Education App Available on Smartphone Platform

Leading Internet and Technology Companies and Online Safety Advocates Launch App to Educate Users On The Go

WASHINGTON Jan. 31, 2011

The app dispenses quick, practical, friendly advice in easy-to-digest portions -- one tip at a time -- to help users use the Internet and smartphones safely. These tips offer information on mobile privacy and security, searching and surfing the Web safely, safeguarding your sensitive financial online information and more. The premier online safety education organizations in the world including Common Sense Media,,, and produce content to feed the app. Other leading online safety, security and privacy organizations are expected to contribute soon.  

Rose Kirk

Larry Magid Tim Lordan

About Common Sense Media

About ConnectSafely


About Google

Larry Page Sergey Brin Europe

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DATATRAK Scales Cloud Offering to Support Client Growth

CLEVELAND Jan. 31, 2011 Bill Gluck

The SAS 70 Type II facility is state-of-the-art and provides the ability to rapidly support additional capacity.  This improved cloud offering is an important step forward in DATATRAK's delivery of eClinical excellence through the development of new products, systems and hosting enhancements that address the needs of our complex industry.

About DATATRAK International, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio Bryan, Texas

November 12, 2010 September 30, 2010

SOURCE DATATRAK International, Inc.

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PlumChoice Announces Comprehensive Services for Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks, Mobile HotSpots & Data Cards

BILLERICA, Mass. Jan. 31, 2011

Fred King

PlumChoice analyzed thousands of mobile service sessions it performed in 2010 and found that support falls into the following areas:

  • Connecting the mobile device to a home or small business network and computer environment
  • Setting up personal and business email accounts
  • Educating the customer how to use their mobile device and understand its key features
  • Helping the customer download desired applications
  • Ensuring data is backed up and synchronized with a server, PC, Mac or mobile device

PlumChoice announces that it has enhanced its line mobile technology services for consumers and SMBs in Q1, 2011; this includes the following line of mobile services:  

  • Set Up Services
  • Device Security/Protections Plans
  • All Inclusive Monthly Service Plans
  • Advanced services for small business

About PlumChoice [email protected]

SOURCE PlumChoice

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Your Business Cannot Win Until You Have This

PHOENIX Jan. 31, 2011

Is the Internet a "better" news source than traditional mainstream media? 92% of Americans use multiple platforms to get news on a typical day and that includes the Internet. The Net is right at the heart of how people's access to news is changing.

The New Net Public Relations-News Media Relations guys aim specific news at specific news users. Then we deliver it. Here's why that's important to business: millions of people have set "Google Alerts" or other news alerts for specific search terms. One of those terms will describe your industry, your business and maybe even your company. Those people want to know about your business ... right now.

Ed Coghlan

Tony Marino

  • 7% of Americans get their news from a single media platform daily. 65% say they do not have a favorite site for news and information.

  • Mobile connectivity to the Net via smartphone, pad and laptops have allowed avid news users to access news anytime, anywhere 24/7 and always ... right now.

Ed Coghlan Tony Marino

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Fuisz Media Group Announces Notice of Allowance of Significant Media and Technology Breakthrough

LOS ANGELES Jan. 31, 2011

The VIM method is a next generation technology process for product placement and interactive advertising that complements the growing integration of computer and television technology.

Justin Fuisz

"This patent allowance is a significant milestone in the establishment of our intellectual property portfolio. We look forward to continuing to create successful relationships with all facets of the media and tech industry. Our platform is flexible and able to contribute to the bottom line of virtually any content creator. VIM is a win for both the producers and the consumers."

About VIM:

Visual Image Marketing is a revolutionary marketing method for digital video, which allows users to make purchases and learn more about a product without interrupting the viewer's experience.

About Fuisz Media Group:

SOURCE Fuisz Media Group

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GigaSpaces Releases eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 8.0 – Ensures Technology Openness and Provides Continuous Scaling

NEW YORK Jan. 31, 2011 GigaSpaces Technologies eXtreme Application Platform

Nati Shalom

8.0's "Same Data, Any API" capability promotes openness and interoperability, supporting all common interfaces for accessing data, such as Memcached, JPA, JMS, Document, and the highly efficient native object-oriented API. 8.0 ensures you can choose the best API for the use case at hand and operate on the same data regardless of the APIs you have chosen. This, in turn, significantly decreases the learning curve associated with adopting the XAP technology, as organizations can use their existing knowledge base to embrace the technologies of tomorrow.

Another major step forward with 8.0 is its support for continuous scaling. Mission-critical enterprise applications – such as in the financial services sector – and Web-focused applications, like e-commerce, online gaming, and social media require continuous changes to the application without bringing the system down. Continuous scaling allows for rolling upgrades, continuous deployment, quick introduction of complex features, and real-time changes to the applications data model, business logic, or even underlying platform with zero downtime. This guarantees that businesses can immediately react to market demands without worrying about costly downtime.

Operations and administration are also simplified with 8.0; XAP's elastic middleware capabilities encompass the entire application stack, significantly simplifying the administration of applications across large clusters and providing proactive scaling and recovery from failure based on predefined SLA rule

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