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“Oh Yeah. It’s DJ Pauly D. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

LOS ANGELES Jan. 25, 2011 Valentine's Day personally

To create these personalized messages, Pauly D himself recorded 1,000 names and a selection of variables which are seamlessly merged into fully customized messages based on user choices. Greetings can be sent via e-mail or directly to Facebook or Twitter.

  • $2.99 Pick-Up Before Tan Fades , Wanna Miss

  • $2.99 Gettin' Sum! V-Day!, Oh Yeah! B-Day!, Mad, Mad Props! Congrats, Awww, Y'Not Well

  • $2.99 Whoooaaaa! Jersey Shore Party!, Can I Spin at Yo' Party?, B-Day Paaaarty!!!, Lap It Up, Bachelor!, I Be Strippin', Bachelorette. Not!

Reba McEntire Joe Namath ,

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Valassis and AOL to Deliver More Coupon Offers Through Retail Frequent Shopper Programs

LIVONIA, Mich. Jan. 25, 2011 Valassis the United States

This joint effort between two industry leaders provides advertisers with a vast distribution channel, capable of reaching 127 million frequent shopper cardholders across the country on a weekly basis. The coupons will be delivered via electronic downloads to participating retailer frequent shopper cards and loyalty program IDs. According to research conducted by Valassis and BIGresearch, 80% of shoppers subscribe to grocery/drug frequent shopper programs and two out of three of these consumers have expressed an interest in saving coupons from the Internet directly to their frequent shopper cards/IDs.

Shoppers browse, select and save their preferred coupons in real time with ease and convenience. They download offers to their loyalty card or ID from participating retailer websites, AOL's, Valassis' web properties or a mobile device. The coupons are ready for redemption as soon as they are downloaded.  At the checkout, eligible savings are automatically subtracted from the total cost.

Valassis' DigitalOfferExpert™ is the proprietary engine that manages coupon distribution across the RedPlum Network, pairing deals with today's tech-savvy and on-the-go shopper.  The Shortcuts Digital Couponing System™ manages content and coupon distribution across the AOL Network.

John Lieblang

Tara Trocki

More and more consumers today are investing time and seeking out money-saving deals from multiple sources including coupon, retailer

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Leading Cloud Gaming Company, Playcast, Raises $10 Million from MK Capital and JVP

LOS ANGELES Jan. 25, 2011 $10 million Chicago Los Angeles

Gadi Tirosh Yair Landau Los Angeles

Guy de Beer Europe Asia

Landau stated: "Playcast has solved some very complex technological problems enabling a new and broader game-playing audience to experience console-level interactivity through their existing digital set-top boxes. With its unique technology, numerous game-publisher agreements and worldwide MSO/Telco relationships, Playcast is poised to build a meaningful business around the world. We are very excited to help Guy and his team take Playcast to the next level."

Tirosh added: "Playcast is at the nexus of some of the most powerful trends in the media business today – turning media from DVD sales and broadcast to on-demand streaming, enabling a new release window for AAA games, over-the-top TV services and the introduction of cloud computing to media services. This new investment allows Playcast to tap into a new pool of resources and expertise and position itself as a de-facto leader in the cloud gaming space."

About Playcast Media

Europe Israel Los Angeles

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Implementation of New State Law Leads to Auto Insurance Savings

PORTLAND, Ore. Jan. 25, 2011

affordable car insurance $800,000

Insurers' use of credit information to help set rates has become a controversial topic in recent years, according to Online Auto Insurance News. Some consumer advocates and rights groups have said that certain demographics tend to have negative credit history and end up bearing the brunt of the controversial practice.

But a number of studies — including a2007 report by the Federal Trade Commission — have shown that credit information is an effective predictor of an individual's future claims trends, and as such the majority of states allow insurers to incorporate credit data into rate-calculation formulas.


According to the state, the rate at which policyholders successfully lowered their rates through a reassessment varied among the 11 companies that participated in the survey. "Typically, one-third to one-half of policyholders who requested a re-rating qualified for a lower premium," stated the DOI in a release.


SOURCE Online Auto Insurance, LLC

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C&R Research Launches ParentSpeak, a Shared Online Research Community

CHICAGO Jan. 25, 2011 C&R Research shared ParentSpeak

Brenda Hurley

ParentSpeak brings together parents of children up to 18 years, engaging them to interact among themselves while also offering insights, through a variety of means, for client-sponsored research. It's expected to have a population base of 10,000 by the end of 2011's first quarter, with a goal of 20,000.

"Through ParentSpeak, we're providing a holistic view of, and easy access to, today's families – moms, dads, and, through our existing KidzEyes and TeensEyes panels, their kids, too," said Hurley.

Typically, most online research communities are created for a single business, and often, for a single, short-term research need. They also commonly recruit members from traditional research panels or only "best" customers. "We've taken care of the recruitment and management, eliminating clients' startup costs and facilitating their use of the social network as an exciting research tool," said Hurley.

Among the research capabilities afforded through ParentSpeak are online immersion and advisory sessions, including online chat sessions and focus groups, bulletin boards, exploratory surveys, photo and video journals, and voicemail shopalongs. Traditional quantitative research is enabled as well, such as concept evaluation, advertising testing, and web usability tests. Hybrid approaches, like interactive queries, can also be used.

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Critical Insider Trade Alerts for Citigroup, JPMorgan, Nvidia, Baker Hughes, TD AMERITRADE, & Biogen Idec

VANCOUVER, Canada Jan. 25, 2011 insiders trading Citigroup, JPMorgan, Nvidia, Baker Hughes, TD AMERITRADE, & Biogen Idec

Insider investors insider trading

(Read full report by clicking the links, you may need to copy and paste the full link to your browser.)

Citigroup Inc. Sale C-Level Officers Jan 20th (US$4.77) Jan 24th   Read Full Report: 012511A /C / Citigroup (NYSE: C )

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Purchase Directors Jan 24th (US$45.21) Jan 24th   Read Full Report: 012511A / JPM / JPMorgan ( NYSE : JPM )

NVIDIA Corporation Sale

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Neverfail Extends Partner Program Enabling Integrated Availability Options for Application Vendors

AUSTIN Jan. 25, 2011

  • continuous availability software for disaster recovery and high availability
  • Sean McTaggart
  • Neverfail's OEM Partner Program is designed for medium to large independent software vendors (ISVs) with Windows-based solutions built on SQL, MySQL and SharePoint. By integrating and rebranding Neverfail's technology, these ISVs can include disaster recovery protection for virtually any business application through Neverfail's unique Custom Application Management Framework.
    • Lower development costs:
    • Reduce time-to-market:
    • Drive additional revenue:
    • Improve competitive market stance:
    • Reduce risk:

Supporting Quotes

  • "AVST's CallXpress provides businesses with a powerful way to collaborate, improve productivity and reduce expenses, so continuous uptime and availability are essential. We selected Neverfail because its application-aware approach was the most capable of ensuring that CallXpress users will always have access to the mission-critical business tools they need to be successful."

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CarWoo!’s Countdown to The Big Game Rewards Car Buyers with $1,000 Rebates on Their New Cars

BURLINGAME, Calif. Jan. 25, 2011 CarWoo! The Big Game $1,000 $3,500

January 25th February 5th PackerWoo SteelersWoo $25 American Express $1,000 $1000 $1,000 February 28, 2011 March 5, 2011

San Francisco

Tommy McClung

CarWoo! January 25, 2011 February 5, 2011

About CarWoo!

CarWoo! Tommy McClung Erik Landerholm Michael Young Y Combinator Burlingame, CA <a href="http://www.blumbergcapit

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The New Wolfhound-PRO Contraband Cell Phone Detector to be ‘Unleashed’ at the American Correctional Association Winter Conference

METUCHEN, N.J. SAN ANTONIO Jan. 25, 2011 / -- Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. American Correctional Association Winter Conference San Antonio award winning

The Wolfhound-PRO alerts security and correctional professionals to nearby cell phone activity with a bright OLED screen and integrated vibration notification.  The device runs on an internal Li-ION rechargeable power system for up to 4+ hours enabling security personnel to continuously scan for all cellular voice, text or data transmissions.  The intuitive one-button illuminated trackball allows for simple operation.

Wolfhound-PRO can also be used in countries with a mixed set of frequencies, where US and EU frequencies are used in different geographic locations.  Coupled with the Wolfhound-PRO is a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) Antenna that makes the unit the ideal tool for pin pointing the targeted cell phone.

Wolfhound-PRO Technical Specifications and Features

  • Receiver design boasts a dynamic range of -60 dB with user settable sensitivity
  • Default sensitivity is set at –80dBm; user selectable up to –50dBm with a resolution of 2dB for detection in a noisy environment (typical of prisons)
  • Selectivity rejection of at least 50 dB at 1 MHz from the uplink frequency bands provides high immunity from false triggering caused by base stations, personal communication devices and other sources of interfer
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Securities Research Company’s Stock Chart Books Now Available in the Amazon Kindle Store

PRINCETON Jan. 25, 2011

Eric Ciambra

Richard McKay

  • SRC stock charts are semi-log scale and show the percentage moves of a stock instead of arithmetic moves used by most stock charts. SRC's semi-log scale allows you to easily compare the performance of one stock to another – regardless of the stock price.
  • Company earnings are adjusted for extraordinary items – giving you the most accurate picture of earnings performance.
  • Significant company events are noted, and each chart contains critical financial information to help you make smart investment choices.

All data has been fully adjusted for stock dividends and splits.

About Securities Research Company

Massachusetts Richard McKay

About Interactive Data Corporation

Bedford, Massachusetts

Europe Australia

<a hre

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Ember Makes 2010 Its Best Year Ever

BOSTON CAMBRIDGE, England Jan. 25, 2011 Ember

Ember's strong growth was fueled by smart meter deployments worldwide, where Ember's ZigBee chips and software play a critical role in enabling consumers and utilities to communicate in real time and together manage energy more efficiently, especially during peak demand.

chips, software and tools

North America Europe

During the year, Ember also strengthened its European customer support and supply chain infrastructure by adding pan European channel partners to support the significant growth planned in the region.

North America

On the technology front, Ember previewed a new Internet Protocol (IP)-based low-power, wireless networking product. As part of the effort, Ember made significant contributions to the IETF working groups defining the new low-power routing standards, and joined the IPSO Alliance, an organization promoting the use of IP for smart objects around the world.  

Robert LeFort Mass High Tech

Bob LeFort the United States Europe Asia

About Ember <span class="xn-location"

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Eurotech and Nomad Innovations Deliver LiveEdge, a Portable LTE Video Broadcast Device

COLUMBIA, Md. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Jan. 25, 2011 Eurotech January 5, 2011

For the first time in live news, LiveEdge allows high-quality live interaction with two-way audio/video/data communication in real time. While important for news broadcasters, LiveEdge also delivers applications supporting other fields, such as education, medical, military, and first responders. LiveEdge draws on the Eurotech engineering and advanced feature set to enable device connectivity, communications and routing functions to deliver reliable broadcast video in real time.

Eurotech embedded CPU

Timothy Emig

Hilary Tomasson

Sean Higgins

Las Vegas January 2011

About Eurotech

About Nomad Innovations, LLC

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Chromalox Expanding Sales Team in China

PITTSBURGH Jan. 25, 2011 Chromalox Lumax Dalian Beijing Shanghai

Ray Lee China Territory

With the broadest product line in the industry, Chromalox provides heat and control solutions for more processes than any company in the world.

Ray Lee

November 2010

Dalian Office

FTZ Lumax International Trade Co., Ltd.

15# BLDG , Strong Industry Park, No.46, Huaih

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