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Does Online Flirting Predict Offline Revolution?

LONDON February 17, 2011 Egypt Tunisia Egypt Tunisia

While researching something else entirely, Badoo has discovered evidence of a striking correlation between online flirting and offline protest.

Lloyd Price



Cairo Cairo Cairo Africa's

Africa's Algiers

Media headlines by now declared, "Yesterday Egypt, Today Algeria".

"We don't mean to be frivolous or opportunistic," says Price. "But the correlation is compelling."

So, what explains it?

North Africa

And these protesters are wired.

Tunis Cairo Algiers Cairo's Wael Ghoneim

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, global news agency, UPI reports, "Euro-based Badoo

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IdOnDemand Announces Breakthrough in Secure Mobile Device Access Using a Universal Corporate Identity

PLEASANTON, Calif. Feb. 17, 2011

With this groundbreaking extension to idOnDemand's managed identity service, customers can use one identity card for building access, computer access, cloud security and now compatible mobile devices. This solution replaces the need to carry expiring hardware OTP tokens with hard to read LCD screens or install and manage soft token clients on personal and corporate mobile devices.  

Jason Hart

idOnDemand SmartIDs can be used with any OATH compliant authentication server or managed authentication service.  Unlike other mobile solutions such as SMS or soft tokens, the idOnDemand solution works out of the box on a new compatible device, eliminating the need for software to be installed. Additionally, users do not depend on network availability or text fees. The idOnDemand SmartID mobile feature can redirect the user to a predefined URL after presenting their card to the phone where they securely authenticate to applications, cloud resources like Google apps, and other corporate websites.

Donald Malloy

The idOnDemand SmartID mobile functionality is unique because all personal information related to the individual, and the logic that drives the behavior, is on the PIV compatible smart card and not the mobile device.  Organizations no longer have to provision and manage mobile software clients in the traditional sense because there is no software to install. All of the management is done through policy and secure issuance of the corporate credential, enabling enterprises to embrace a single secure identity no matter how their people access corporate information.

The idOnDemand

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Reportlinker Adds OLED Lighting Products and Market Strategies

NEW YORK Feb. 17, 2011

OLED Lighting Products and Market Strategies

We are getting the first glimpses of how major OLED and lighting firms plan to bring OLED lighting to market and what their longer-term product and market strategies will be. With this in mind, NanoMarkets is publishing the following report to provide clients with the first-ever, full guide to the activities and thinking of the firms that will shape future OLED lighting markets.

This report is based on extensive interviews with leading manufacturers and materials suppliers active in this space, along with NanoMarkets insider knowledge gleaned from its four years of experience covering the OLED lighting space.

In this report, we provide profiles of the major OLED lighting firms, as well as descriptions of these companies' current and future product offerings. Each of the company profiles contains the following: (1) current and future products, including current thinking on product designs; (2) pricing and pricing strategies; (3) markets targeted and views on how OLED lighting will compete with other lighting technologies; (4) future marketing and supply chain strategies for OLED lighting products; (5) favored approaches to manufacturing (including the likelihood of outsourcing); and (2) our assessment of each firm's strengths and weaknesses.

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Constellation, Ashford University’s Innovative Suite of Electronic Textbooks, Recognized in 2011 Horizon Report

SAN DIEGO Feb. 17, 2011 Ashford University 2011 Horizon Report,

April 29, 2010 Horizon Report

Technologies featured in the report are placed among adoption time frames for mainstream use. Constellation, included in the "one year or less category," demonstrates how electronic books are successfully being used in higher education settings today.

Elizabeth Aguiar Stanford University Rochester Institute of Technology

Ashford University Ashford University

Materials are displayed in a proprietary, browser-based reader. Students may access them on their computers or mobile devices, such as iPhone, Kindle and iPad. Students are free to use their course materials in any way they wish. They can listen to the audio versions, download to multiple devices, print without restriction, keep for future reference or share with colleagues.

Yvette Tait Ashford University Cocoa, Fla.

Ashford University Ashford University

The process is managed by an editorial team responsible for engaging qu

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Edwin Rombeek Joins Leading User Virtualisation Provider, AppSense, as Part of Ongoing European Expansion

LONDON Feb. 17, 2011 Edwin Rombeek Netherlands

Commenting on his appointment Rombeek said: "User virtualisation dramatically changes the way organisations manage their desktop environment, enabling them to be more dynamic and agile as well as saving costs. It is a genuinely disruptive technology which can have a positive impact on the user experience of all knowledge workers. This is an exciting time to be part of AppSense, and expanding the company's operations into a key strategic European region is a welcome challenge."


Rombeek joins AppSense from EMC Computer Systems where he held positions as business development manager financial services and client solutions director, which will provide a solid grounding for his new position with AppSense.

Herman Leunen

Jo Verstappen

About AppSense


Warrington New York Munich Melbourne Amsterdam Paris Oslo

For the latest news and information:

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New UART and CAN-lite PRU daughter cards from TI extend the capabilities of AM1x Sitara™ ARM9® based microprocessors

DALLAS Feb. 17, 2011 AM1x Sitara™ ARM® microprocessor

The universal asynchronous receiver/transmitters (UART) PRU and controller area network lite (CAN-lite) PRU daughter cards can be used in evaluation with the AM1x Sitara ARM MPUs or as a standalone reference design to jumpstart customers' product development.  The daughter cards simply snap into the PRU peripheral connection on the AM1x Sitara ARM MPUs evaluation modules, and once the software is loaded, customers have additional design flexibility for embedded industrial, medical and consumer designs.

The AM1x Sitara ARM MPUs come in a variety of performance and power options and support multiple industry-specific peripherals and interfaces. The addition of these daughter cards further enhance the ability to address the needs of systems requiring:

With these PRU daughter cards, TI provides free, optimized software to help reduce development time and costs.  The tested software code ensures developers can focus on their intellectual property, rather than spending large amounts of time writing code.  Developers can simply install their application software and begin development immediately.

PRUs are common peripherals on all AM1x Sitara ARM MPUs and future devices in the product line.  Future AM1x Sitara ARM MPU devices will also offer PRU daughter card peripherals and software that wil

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Kingspan Builds its New Dublin Datacenter With Shunra

PHILADELPHIA Feb. 17, 2011 Ireland Ireland Dublin

Peter Donnelly

Kingspan is targeting world leadership in green building solutions and is facing the challenges of controlling costs amidst rapid growth. Shunra is critical to multiple Kingspan business initiatives moving forward, including:

  • "Project Obama", a 36-month effort to reduce IT costs and complexity globally by consolidating 50 worldwide computer centers into two large datacenters;
  • Centralized Citrix and SAP for the company's worldwide user base;
  • Video conferencing, which will be used to reduce global travel costs by 55 percent in 2011; and
  • A new VoIP global telephony system.

"We will be using Shunra's technology to conduct pre-deployment performance testing for all these initiatives – for example, we'll be assessing Polycom and Tandberg video conferencing applications, and Shunra will help us make the decision," said Donnelly. "Kingspan has made it a point to bring in the world's best technology, and we're counting on Shunra to make that technology sing."

Bill Varga Dublin

About Shunra

Walt Disney Philadelphia


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Behavioral Marketing Goes Mobile

CARY, N.C. Feb. 17, 2011

The companies - MicroMass Communications, Inc., a leader in behavioral marketing in the healthcare industry, and Convertem, an innovator in mobile marketing platforms - have already worked together on iPad applications that are used by pharmaceutical sales reps to train and enlist physicians on new treatments.  

Jeff Burkel


Dwayne Williams

About MicroMass Communications, Inc. Jeff Burkel

About Convertem, Inc. Dwayne Williams


<span class="prnews_span" style="font-fa

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IMG, 505 Games, Funcom and Creative Director Pat McGrath Announce Social Media Platform for Next Generation of Fashion Lovers

NEW YORK Feb. 17, 2011 Fashion World Live Pat McGrath New York Fashion World Live

Fashion World Live, September 2011 Fashion World Live Fashion World Live

Pat McGrath Fashion World Live

Fashion World Live Peter Levy Fashion World Live

Matthew Primack Fashion World Live Fashion World Live

Tim Woodley Fashion World Live

"Fashion World Live Trond Arne Aas Fashion World Live

About IMG:

IMG Fashion is dedicated to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world - from creation to consumer.  We offer solutions that seamlessly connect and associate fashion's key constituents and corporate brands using IMG's global resources, influence and expertise.  Within the fashion industry IMG represents the world's top models, leading designers and the most influential photographers, art directors an

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Inaugural Hexagon 2011 International Conference to Deliver Unprecedented Quality and Value

STOCKHOLM Feb. 17, 2011 Orlando, Florida

Hexagon 2011, building upon Intergraph's flagship users' conference, will also unite Leica Geosystems' successful 3D Laser Scanning/High-Definition Surveying (HDS) and Airborne Sensor (ABS) user conferences. The new platform will feature tracks and exhibitions for Intergraph, ERDAS, Leica Geosystems, Z/I Imaging and Hexagon Metrology product areas, offering attendees an unparalleled variety of sessions, training, networking, exhibits and new business opportunities.

Hexagon 2011 will feature more than 200 targeted break-out sessions tailored by tracks, incorporating hands-on training courses, previews of new technologies, interactive technical demonstrations and workshops, and compelling customer testimonials. Additionally, the Hexagon 2011 agenda offers insightful keynote presentations on industry and corporate trends as well as unlimited networking opportunities.

Ola Rollen

Employing the theme "Building a Smarter World," Hexagon 2011 emphasizes the ways in which Hexagon empowers organizations to build a smarter world through industry-specific technologies that make processes and infrastructures better, safer and smarter. More than 3,000 attendees are expected to attend Hexagon 2011.


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Maxwell Technologies Reports 2010 Financial Results

SAN DIEGO Feb. 17, 2011 $34.2 million December 31, 2010 $28.0 million December 31, 2010 $121.9 million $101.3 million

$20.2 million $14.9 million $14.0 million $13.1 million

$43.8 million $68.5 million David Schramm Europe

$629,000 $9.7 million $6.5 million $14.1 million $2.4 million $0.09 $10.0 million $0.39 $6.1 million $0.23 $22.9 million $0.94 cents

  • $9.3 million
  • $1.3 million $0.05 $1.9 million $0.07
  • $520,
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Reportlinker Adds Mobile Phones: Winning Strategies and Pitfalls

NEW YORK Feb. 17, 2011

Mobile Phones: Winning Strategies and Pitfalls

The briefing looks at how the global market for mobile phones changed over 2002-2010, which companies were most successful and what kinds of strategies drove their success. The focus of the presentation will be on the lessons going forward and drawing up best strategies to succeed in the changing mobile phones market.

The Mobile Phones: Winning Strategies and Pitfalls global briefing offers insight on emerging geographies, key growth categories and trends as well as pressing industry issues and white spaces. It identifies the leading companies and brands, and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market – be they new product developments, economic/lifestyle influences, distribution or pricing issues. Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change and the criteria for success over the next five years. From the latest innovations such as BD players, EBooks, Netbooks and OLED TVs to existing technologies such as Desktops, Home Audio and Cinema Systems, Mobile Phones and In-Car Entertainment, Euromonitor International offers a consistent yet incisive snapshot of the Consumer Electronics industry.

Product coverage: Computers and Peripherals, In-Car Entertainment, In-Home Consumer Electronics, Portable Consumer Electronics.

Data coverage:

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Beacon to Provide Call Center and Help Desk Support for SAIC Secure Converged Solution (SCS)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. Feb. 17, 2011

Beacon and SAIC have reached an agreement for Beacon to provide Call Center and Help Desk support for SAIC's Secure Converged Solution (SCS) Passive Optical Network customer base.   While the timing and details for the call center are being finalized, management from Beacon have confirmed that the company will support SAIC as required by receiving, documenting and dispatching inbound calls and client requests for break / fix services under maintenance agreements offered by both SAIC and Beacon.  Beacon will provide 24 by 7 live English-speaking support initially, and will expand to international language support as part of Phase 2.  Beacon will also be responsible for ensuring all incidents are managed to full resolution and compliance to the high standards of SAIC's Service Level Agreements (SLA) with its customers.

Jerry Bowman

About Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc.

Louisville, Kentucky Dublin, Ireland Prague, Czech Republic the United States Europe

This press release may contain "forward-looking statements." Expressions of future goals and similar expressions reflectin

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AMDeC’s Vendor Program Expands Focus with Addition of BioStorage Technologies, Offering Preferred Pricing on Tissue Storage and Cold Chain Logistics Services

NEW YORK Feb. 17, 2011 New York

Maria K. Mitchell

BioStorage Technologies will be listed on AMDeC F.I.R.S.T.™, a real-time registry of biomedical research technology and resources accessible to AMDeC Members online.  Members will benefit from tiered pricing based on cumulative volume stored by all AMDeC Members, which could amount to savings of 30-55%, by consolidating storage and leveraging the purchasing power of the consortium to benefit hospitals and academic research institutions alike.  

The Vendor Partnership Program is one of several efforts spearheaded by AMDeC to increase efficiencies and encourage collaboration in academic medical research, especially crucial in this resource-constrained environment.  This is also an important issue for many national organizations, including the NIH's National Center for Research Resources.(1, 2)

Lori Ball

With an emphasis on compliance and quality, BioStorage Technologies manages the complete life cycle of scientific sample assets by providing planning, collection, transportation, protection, retrieval, and disposal services.  An important feature of BioStorage Technologies' services is its web-based tracking and sample management system -- ISISS® (Intelligent Specimen Inventory Storage System).  This system allows users to monitor sample status and activity, view audit trails and documentation, schedule shipments, and retrieve data on stored samples.  


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