Latest News Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff to Deliver Keynote at CSA Summit 2011

SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 9, 2011 Marc Benioff Feb. 14 9:00 am PT San Francisco recognizes that a massive shift is under way in the industry to Cloud 2, the next generation of cloud computing that is social, mobile and open. The first generation of cloud computing was about leveraging technologies that were low cost, fast and easy to use. Benioff's keynote will focus on the shift to Cloud 2 and how security professionals will need to support these emerging trends and technologies.

About CSA Summit 2011

The CSA Summit 2011 provides the most timely and relevant education for securing cloud computing. This year's Summit serves as the venue for the global introduction of several research projects, including research on governance, cloud security reference architectures and cloud-specific computer security incident response teams.

The CSA is a non-profit organization formed to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, and provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing.

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Experience Real World Horror Game With Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary for iPhone

LOS ANGELES Feb. 9, 2011 Ogmento Inc. Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary Apple App Store Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary

The launch of this game marks several milestones in mobile gaming:

  • The first augmented reality game of its kind to use Ogmento's patent-pending technology that engages with user-generated content. It allows users to draw out game play elements on paper that come into life in the game through a camera phone.
  • The first game of its kind to mix geo-social and vision-based augmented reality game elements with a top tier film franchise.

Game Overview

Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary 

Paranormal Activity Brian Selzer

Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary App Store

Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary  for the iPhone can be downloaded for free at:

About Ogmento


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Artgig Studio and ESI Design Launch New Website for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

NEW YORK Feb. 9, 2011 Westchester, NY Boston John F. Kennedy

Matthew Kicinski

Tom Putnam

Frank Migliorelli New York Ager Meillier

the United States

Matt Damon Wynton Marsalis Stephen Colbert Nancy Pelosi

"Simultaneously," adds Kicinski, "we were committed to making it all available to every person on every type of device. On your computer you can view it in a rich Flash presentation, or default to HTML for accessibility. On mobile devices and the iPad you'll get all of the media delivered in a friendly lightweight HTML5 presentation.

"But what really excites me is the History Now section. We wanted to make history speak in a contemporary language. And so the History Now section of the site was born - transforming formerly dry, colorless information into a graphic novel-styled panorama. The timeline is peppered with major events taking place during the three years of the Kennedy presidency, like JFK's inauguration and the Bay of Pigs invasion, that unfold on the same date they occurred 50 years ago. It's our own version of a time

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Free Strawberry Recipe Mobile App Available for Android

New, Free App Offers 100 Recipes and Nutrition Tips from Top Food Bloggers

WATSONVILLE, Calif. Feb. 9, 2011

The "Strawberries" app, previously available only to iPhone and iPod users, became wildly popular after being named an Apple "staff favorite" in iTunes. Now available to Android users, the recipes demonstrate the versatility of strawberries for both sweet and savory dishes. The app features mom and kid-friendly recipes like Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies, main courses like Pork Tenderloin with Strawberry Mango Salsa, and sweet, mouth-watering desserts including Berrylicious Sour Cream Pie and Chocolate Ganache Tart with Strawberries and Meringue.

"Strawberries are a delicious superfruit that supply essential nutrients to help keep families healthy," said Dave Grotto, RD, author of 101 Optimal Life Foods. "This strawberry recipe app is a simple way to inspire new and healthy dishes for the whole family to enjoy year round."

The California Strawberry Commission aims to provide leading nutritional information to consumers, while offering easy yet innovative ways to incorporate this naturally sweet fruit into the whole family's daily diet.

Cool Features:

  • More than 100 recipes, categorized by dish type
  • Dozens of  "kid-friendly" recipes
  • Shopping lists at y
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Smith School MBAs Secure Lockheed Martin Investment in UMD Technology in First Semester of Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Program

COLLEGE PARK, Md. Feb. 9, 2011 University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business $200,000 Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Maryland

"Helping to commercialize university-developed technology not only benefits the institution and the state economy, it also gives our students great hands-on learning experiences," said G. "Anand" Anandalingam, Dean of the Robert H. Smith School of Business. "This program represents the tremendous value our students can realize from experiential learning programs that have become the focus of the Smith MBA curriculum. These programs help our students develop as leaders with real-world problem-solving skills."

University of Maryland Clark School Alison Flateau

University of Maryland Douglas Britton

entered a strategic relationship University of Maryland June 2010

Asher Epstein

Brent Goldfarb Israel

About the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship


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WebTView Introduces Super Fast Geographically-Independent Video Content Delivery to Connected Devices

TEL-AVIV, Israel February 9, 2011

- Innovative Over-The-Top Video Streaming Acceleration Client-Side Solution Streams Video up-to x36 faster with Embedded Footprint Optimized for Connected Devices

WebTView, a leader in over-the-top video content delivery to connected devices, today announced that its client-side video acceleration solution, the WebTView Accelerator, has reached up-to x36 faster than direct video streaming or download. The company has shown that by integrating the geographically independent WebTView Accelerator into connected devices, video content delivery cost can be dramatically reduced and video content can be hosted in a cost-effective way, or can use a cost-optimized CDN without compromising on user experience.

The WebTView Accelerator is a client-side embedded footprint (55KB) software module that overcomes Internet congestion and enables smooth over-the-top HTTP video streaming from any content source on the web to any enabled connected device. The software substantially improves throughput up to last-mile speed, thus reducing initial wait time and eliminating the re-buffering that causes picture freezes. The WebTView Accelerator can be used in conjunction with Progressive Download or Adaptive Streaming technologies in order to achieve faster startup and better picture quality.

Eli Fux

The WebTView Accelerator can run on every connected device, among them connected TVs, Digital Media Players, connected Blu-ray/DVD Players, tablets, mobile devices, routers, and access points, that require embedded footprint. Web browsers can leverage the WebTView Accelerator in order to boost online video playing. The WebTView Accelerator has been seamlessly integ

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Bridgewater Surpasses 10 Million Machine-to-Machine Connections

Comprehensive broa dband control portfolio enabling growth of M2M services

Feb. 9


  • More than 10 million devices, on a range of worldwide service provider networks, are supported today by Bridgewater solutions that:
  • Manage secure device access to 3G and 4G networks;
  • Model complex device network entitlements such as security requirements, time-of-day, day-of-week restrictions; and
  • Meter device usage in real time.
  • These deployments support numerous M2M applications such as smart meters for utility companies, automotive infotainment services, in-vehicle tracking devices, and mobile payment services.
  • Bridgewater ® Policy Controller/PCRF
  • Bridgewater ® Service Controller
  • Subscriber Data Broker™
  • Quotes

    David Sharpley

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    Vernier Launches New Probeware to Help Students Collect Wide Range of Scientific Data

    Four new sensors created specifically for the family of LabQuest interfaces

    BEAVERTON, Ore. Feb. 9, 2011

    David Vernier

    About the New Sensors

    The palm-sized, impeller-type Anemometer measures wind speed in the range of 0.5 to 30 m/s (1 to 67 mph) and is designed specifically for students of all ages to conduct wind study measurements in the field. A standard camera mounts on the back and an accessory rod allows students to position it in wind tunnels or in front of fans for wind turbine experiments.  

    The High Current Sensor is used to measure current in the range of -10 to +10 Ampere. The sensor can be used in experiments that involve currents larger than 1 A, such as solar panels, hand generators, etc.  

    The 30-Volt Voltage Probe is used to measure voltages in the wide range of -30 to +30 volts. It is recommended to use this sensor in experiments that involve voltages larger than 10 volts, such as when working with large solar panels.

    Vernier's new Melt Station, designed for college organic chemistry, measures the melting temperature of solid substances. The Melt Station uses a built-in RTD temperature detector over a range of 30 degrees C to 260 degrees C. It includes a high-quality 6X viewing lens for clear observation, an adjustable tilt allowing for optimal viewing angle, and a cooling fan that reduces the amount of time needed between tests. Each Melt Station comes with 100 standard capillary tubes.


    $79 $89 <span class

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    The PPI Group Announces Expanded Autodesk® Authorization to Tri Cities

    Feb. 9, 2011 The PPI Group,

    Autodesk® Gold

    Tigue Howe "The PPI Group already has a strong tie in to the Tri Cities engineering and construction community with the equipment supply and service portion of our business, the ability to offer Autodesk software and services just enhances these relationships and helps us to better serve this community. We look forward to continuing to assist local firms and organizations to that end by implementing integrated field to finish and building information modeling solutions that help improve the way they plan, design, construct and operate facilities."

    more than 80 years in the Pacific Northwest

    Autodesk® Gold Partner Autodesk® Authorized Government Partner Autodesk® Authorized Training & Certification Center Portland Seattle

    Ben Williams

    SOURCE The PPI Group

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    UAE’s Integrated Telecom Service Provider du Selects Tata Consultancy Services as an IT Managed Services Partner

    MUMBAI, India DUBAI, United Arab Emirates Feb. 9, 2011 United Arab Emirates

    This agreement supplements du's aggressive growth strategy and its continuous focus on enhancing the company's capabilities in service delivery, enriching customer experiences, offering a better scope in developing and managing customer-centric products and services, besides creating more value for shareholders.

    Fahad Al Hassawi Girish Ramachandran Middle East Africa Manoj Agarwal North Africa

    Fahad Al Hassawi

    Girish Ramachandran Middle East Africa

    Middle East Middle East Africa

    About du

    February 2007 Dubai July 2007

    Among du's many firsts is its historic Number Booking Campaign for both individuals and business, Pay by the Second billing sy

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    Get to Mobile World Congress Faster, With Leading Testing Solutions From Anite

    England February 9, 2011

    Fira de Barcelona 14-17 February 2011

    Anite, the global leader in wireless device testing, will be demonstrating its solutions for faster, better and simpler device testing at Mobile World Congress 2011, Barcelona.

    Mike Bonin

    Product demonstrations at MWC include:

    Accelerating device acceptance with Interoperability Testing

    Anite SAS is the easy-to-use network simulator for wireless device interoperability testing that accelerates the device acceptance programmes of leading mobile network operators. The MWC demonstration will show how using live network data in SAS supports intra/inter-RAT handover and roaming tests.

    Demonstrations of the latest HSPA+ and LTE innovations in SAS show how SAS helps to simplify and accelerate the testing of wireless devices in order to meet the demanding real-world requirements of mobile networks.

    LTE testing for GCF certification with Conformance Testing

    At Mobile World Congress, live demonstrations of Anite Conformance Toolset will show the latest LTE tests that are required for devices seeking GCF certification, as well as the upcoming tests for LTE and 2G/3G interworking. Conformance Toolset is the leading wireless protocol solution for GCF & PTCRB certification testing.

    Early R&D testing with Development Toolset - LTE to legacy network interoperability

    Anite's latestDevelopment Toolset provides a comprehensive, integrated environment in which protocol signalling tests required for early R&D testing of w

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    Northeast Workers vs. The Weather: Workers Win and Stay Connected

    CHICAGO Feb. 9, 2011

    January 12

    Additional findings include:

    • New Jersey
    • Connecticut New York
    • Newark Philadelphia January 12

    In today's mobile workforce, people depend on conferencing and collaboration technologies to stay in touch. Conferencing enables workers around the world to collaborate without traveling, saving businesses time and money while increasing worker productivity. Therefore, service providers like InterCall play an integral role in helping to keep companies connected at all times.

    Kathleen Finato @InterCall

    About InterCall

    Canada Mexico Latin America Caribbean United Kingdom Ireland France Germany Australia New Zealand <span class="xn-loc

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    Global Crossing Establishes PoP in Istanbul

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. Feb. 9, 2011 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

    Turkey Global Crossing EtherSphere™ Global Crossing Converged IP Services™


    Gregg Betz

    Ethernet private lines are part of Global Crossing's complete portfolio of worldwide Ethernet services.  The company's EtherSphere family of services delivers worldwide Ethernet-based wide area network solutions.  EtherSphere's virtual private LAN services (VPLS) provide the flexibility enterprises need to decrease network management costs, provide diversity, and improve connectivity among geographically dispersed locations.  EtherSphere provides economies of scale to support converged services on a single connection.

    Global Crossing's IP VPN service provides one of the highest performing and most versatile network solutions currently available, delivering true global reach, scalable connectivity, greater security, guaranteed quality of service, multiple access options and flexible billing options.  Global Crossing's services are backed by comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) covering the overall performance of the service, and on-line access to real-time and historical service-performance reports.


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    AT&T Customers Get More Mobile Broadband Coverage in Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Hanover Counties

    RICHMOND, Va. Feb. 9, 2011 Chesterfield Dinwiddie Hanover

    J. Michael Schweder Virginia

    mobile broadband

    • Chesterfield County
    • Hanover County Charlottesville Richmond Washington D.C.
    • Dinwiddie County Petersburg

    Erika K. Thompson-Kemp Virginia West Virginia Richmond

    international coverage mobile broadband services

    the nation's largest Wi-Fi network

    Virginia the United States AT&T Coverage Vi

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