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Second alternates

Last month we looked at several add-ons for the favorite alternate Windows browser, Mozilla. This time around, we look at the alternates to the alternate: Firefox and Thunderbird. [Read More...]

Help, I need somebody

There are plenty of people in IT who would love to be mentors, and even more who would welcome the chance to be proteges. Sometimes, it just takes a little effort to bring them together. [Read More...]

Two-trick ponies

This month, our advisors sings the praises of some versatile programs that are ridiculously cheap--just the way he likes them. [Read More...]

Getting connected

To be more effective, small businesses sometimes need to venture out into the world. More accurately, they need to hook into the wired world. [Read More...]

Building a better business

With a broad range of technologists on staff, Miles Technologies helps clients tackle a variety of tough tech decisions, from network implementation to custom software implementation. [Read More...]

Communication map

Many tech companies have found that it is not enough to have impressive products and services--they have also got to know how to talk about them. [Read More...]

High-powered help

Many small businesses may be overlooking an aspect of consulting that could prevent future problems. It is time to think long-term. [Read More...]

Help wanted

If your small or home-based business grows beyond a certain point, you must swallow your pride and get help. [Read More...]

Let Business Goals Lead IT-Not Vice-Versa

Small businesses need technology to remain competitive. Technology helps your business to communicate, share information, process transactions, create and store information, and when used correctly, makes staff more productive and better able to s [Read More...]

A Clean Sweep

Donating your old computers is a great idea. But make sure that when you do, there’s nothing on them that you don’t want people to see. [Read More...]
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