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Illinois GPS Task Force Releases Report to General Assembly

SKOKIE, Ill. Feb. 8, 2011 Illinois

One of the key findings by the task force, made up of government and industry representatives, was that the state currently maintains multiple databases with critical truck-specific data that is not easily accessible by the commercial trucking industry.  Such data is important to keep large trucks on approved roadways and away from hazards – such as low bridges – that can cause public safety issues.

Michael Zalewski Illinois

The Global Positioning System Technology and Designated Truck Route System Task Force was established last September pursuant to Public Act 96-1370. The task force was charged with considering advances in and utilization of Global Positioning System technology (GPS) related to routing information for commercial vehicles, in advance of proposed legislation regulating the use of GPS by truck drivers.  The Task Force also was directed to study the implementation and compliance with the Designated Truck Route System, Statute 625 ILCS 5/15-116.

The availability and use of truck specific information is critical for successful routing in GPS units and other technology used by commercial truck drivers.  

In its exploration of the current environment, the Task Force found several challenges that make accessing and using appropriate truck-specific information difficult.    


The Task Force's recommendations center

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Renaissance Acquires Donor-Advised Fund Platform


Vincent Prajka Elizabeth Packer Bassett

Adding Blackbaud's Donor-Advised Fund platform to their own proprietary software for charitable gift administration means that Renaissance will now have the ability to offer charitable organizations a selection from multiple platforms based on the individual client's needs. Renaissance's focus on providing back office support and private label administration to community, religious and private foundations will benefit from the flexibility gained by this addition as will their retail clients.

Greg Baker

Renaissance has been building a reputation as a reliable charitable gift administrator since 1987. The Blackbaud Donor-Advised Fund program was previously known as Giving Capital and later Kintera Donor Advised Fund before being acquired by Blackbaud in 2008.

About Renaissance

the United States

Gregg Nagel [email protected]

SOURCE Renaissance Administration LLC

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PepsiCo Celebrates Influence of Social Media Week With Global Activation

NEW YORK Feb. 8, 2011

Bonin Bough New York

PepsiCo's support of Social Media Week started with the inaugural event in 2009 and has grown each year. This year more than 30 PepsiCo employees are participating in panel discussions and keynote addresses in cities around the world.

New York

Echoing the focus of the new online community, PepsiCo is convening three panel discussions on issues important to women, including creating online nutrition forums, generating women audiences for films and creating brand advocacy among women via social networking; and partnering with Change the Ratio, an organization dedicated to promoting the involvement of women in the tech space, to celebrate women-run digital start-ups. Excerpts from the panels as well as interviews with the expert panelists will be featured on PepsiCo WIN.

Toby Daniels

Last year, Pepsi launched the Pepsi Refresh Project (PRP) at Social Media Week. The social media-based marketing and community program has since generated more than 60 million consumer votes and provided more than 200 community grants. In 2011, the PRP will expand to new countries around the world, giving even more people the opportunity to improve their communities through good ideas.

About PepsiCo

$1 billion

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Be Our Valentine: LivingSocial Announces FlirtFest 2011

WASHINGTON Feb. 8, 2011 February 14 Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas Washington DC Houston Los Angeles Minneapolis-St. Paul New York Philadelphia San Francisco Seattle

LivingSocial is the online source for people to find handpicked experiences at a great value. The company currently operates in 174 markets in the U.S. and abroad, helping more than 20 million subscribers find restaurants, shops, activities and services popular in their area, at significant savings. The company has dedicated area experts on the ground in every market working directly with business owners, constantly unearthing the best in local attractions to bring a savings of at least 50 percent to consumers.


About LivingSocial

Washington, DC $230 million <a href="http

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Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. Appoints William E. Preston as Senior Vice President, Global Business Development and Licensing

HOUSTON Feb. 8, 2011 William E. Preston Robert Rigdon Donald Bunnell

"SES brings a wealth of clean energy gasification technology and capabilities to the global energy business at a time when world demand for affordable clean energy is on the rise.  Low rank coal is an abundant resource that when combined with the right technology can produce clean, affordable, high value syngas and other products," stated Mr. Preston.  "I am excited to be joining the Company at this important time as it strives to create value for its partners, customers, and investors through licensing transactions, operating joint ventures and coal resource ventures.  I look forward to working closely with Robert and the entire SES team as we enter into new commercialization partnerships and joint ventures in global markets such that we can grow our business into its full potential."

Robert Rigdon Bill Preston

Prior to joining SES, Mr. Preston was the Executive Vice President for Engineering and Development for GreatPoint Energy and the Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Capital Group, both early-stage clean energy development companies.  Earlier, he was the Director of IGCC Commercialization for GE Energy, where he was responsible for global integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) product development.  

Mr. Preston joined GE Energy in 2004 upon their acquisition of ChevronTexaco's gasification technology.  His twenty-two year career with Texaco and ChevronTexaco culminated in his position as Senior Vice President and Ge

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Atmel Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2010 Financial Results

SAN JOSE, Calif. Feb. 8, 2011 December 31, 2010

$457.8 million $444.3 million $343.6 million $1.64 billion $1.22 billion

$223.1 million $0.47 $133.1 million $118.1 million $0.25 $219.8 million $0.47 $150.4 million $0.32 $83.3 million $0.18 $423.1 million $0.90 $109.5 million $0.24

$119.5 million $0.25 $88.6 million $0.18 $11.3 million $0.02 $118.1 million $284.3 million $0.59 $26.8 million $0.06

Gross margin improved to 49.5% in the fourth quarter of 2010, the highest level achieved since the thi

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2X VirtualDesktopServer 9 Opens the Door for iPhone, iPad and Android Integration With any Windows IT Infrastructure

DALLAS February 8, 2011

- With the Release of the 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9, the Seamless Delivery of Enterprise Windows Applications and Desktops to iPhones, iPads and Android Devices is Now a Reality

Nikolaos Makris

About 2X VirtualDesktopServer

New 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9 features include:

2X Client for Mobile Devices

VDI Pool Management

Pools offer administrators more flexibility when managing an extensive number of guests, especially when they are implemented in large company infrastructures.


Administrators can automatically create desktops from a single template, making it easier to distribute desktops to users.

VDI Guest/PC Agent Installation

VDI guests and PC agents can be remotely installed and support templates, seamless applications, universal printing and universal scanning. The new agents allow users to deploy applications to the local desktop directly from remote servers.

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EToro Awarded Best of Show at Finovate Europe 2011

LONDON February 8, 2011 Europe North America Asia

Based on live demonstrations, attendees voted for their three favorite products, where eToro was one of the four leading vote getters.

With eToro's CopyTrader(TM) anyone can trade like an expert.. Users can instantly copy the trades of their preferred experts based on track record and risk levels, and when the copied experts close their trades, all the copied trades are also automatically closed.

Johnathan Assia

About eToro

     Alon Levitan     [email protected]     +1-888-993-8676   


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Announcing New dtSearch® Product Line Release With Native .NET 4 / 64-Bit SDK

BETHESDA, Md. Feb. 8, 2011

dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET dtSearch Engine for Linux

dtSearch Web with Spider dtSearch Network with Spider dtSearch Publish dtSearch Desktop with Spider

Terabyte Indexer

Built-In Proprietary File Parsers / Converters

Support for Emails and Attachments


Cloud Applications.

25+ Search Options; International Languages

Faceted Searching; Database and Other Data Classification Objects.

For faceted searching, the metadata tags themselves may reside as fields inside of existing documents, as fields added "on the fly" during indexing, or as fields in a structured database like XML or SQL.  For database searching, the dtSearch Engine supports indexing documents referenced by a database, as well as documents stored as BLOB data inside the database.

[email protected]

About dtSearch,

SOURCE dtSearch Corp.

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First Industrial Park to Supply Hydrogen Fuel Opens in South Carolina

PITTSBURGH Feb. 8, 2011 GENCO ATC North America

Clark GENCO ATC Clark Graniteville, South Carolina

Clark Friday, February 11, 2011 11 a.m. Bobby Harrell South Carolina

Clark Rick Sather Clark GENCO ATC

$1.1 million $6.1 million GENCO ATC


The supply chain industry estimates that annual greenhouse gas emissions created by an average 20-truck lead acid battery-powered forklift fleet can be reduced by hundreds of tons a year simply by converting to fuel cell-powered equipment. By using hydrogen fuel cells instead of lead-acid batteries, greenhouse gases can be reduced by over 90%, according to customer consumption estimates.

South Carolina Bobby Harrell South Carolina

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Visible Vote Launches Live Mobile Video Town Halls, User Forums and Push Notification

CHICAGO Feb. 8, 2010 Visible Vote Facebook

6:15 PM PST 9:15 PM EST Rep. John Garamendi California

"As a member of Congress, I owe it to residents in my district to use the latest technologies available to create an open dialogue," said Congressman Garamendi. "Visible Vote's innovative and free video town hall software – combined with our existing telephone town hall outreach – will enable thousands of people to reach me – even through their smartphones."

A free application for smartphones, Facebook and the Web, Visible Vote connects voters to lawmakers and empowers users with the information to elect officials that best represent their interests.  Through the app, users can participate in the political process by voting on past and pending legislation, accessing and comparing their votes to their legislators' records, and submitting their preferences and messages directly to their representatives' offices.  Forums offer users a place to debate and discuss politics, legislation and their representatives.  In turn, Congressional offices can use the application to communicate directly with constituents, share information and polls, collect voter feedback, and host live video town halls.  

The first mobile application scalable enough to serve any number of participants on all three devices, Visible Vote is breaking new ground by utilizing a unique combination of cloud

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Verizon Wireless Invests $90 Million in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS Feb. 8, 2011 $90 million Indiana

Indiana Beth Drohan

Indianapolis Indianapolis

$1.15 billion Indiana

  • Thirty-five new cell sites were activated enabling more customers to use their phones for social networking, Internet browsing, downloading apps and music, exchanging email and text, picture and video messages, watching high-quality videos and making calls.
  • Indiana
  • New equipment was installed across the network in preparation of deploying 4G LTE, which will increase bandwidth to handle more data traffic.
  • Permanent backup generators were installed at 26 cell sites to ensure the network remains reliable during times of crisis.
  • Indianapolis

For Verizon Wireless Updates on Twitter  



Indiana <span class="xn-locat

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Atalasoft Announces New ICR/OCR Engine for .NET Application Development

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. Feb. 8, 2011 .NET ICR/OCR engine

Processing speed

RecoStar ICR/OCR engine for .NET

Great recognition rates even for poor-quality documents

RecoStar ICR/OCR's integrated Multi Expert Voting, i.e., the comparison of results of recognition engines operating in parallel, combined with the system's context knowledge, produces almost error-free results. Server software must not fail under any circumstances. For more than 30 years, the RecoStar OCR engine is renowned for its robustness and reliability and is standard in almost all applications defined as "mission-critical." The DotImage add-on follows this tradition.

About Atalasoft

Atalasoft [email protected]

Available Topic Expert(s): For information on the listed expert(s), click appropriate link.

William Bither

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