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Alpha Industries Sri lanka for oversees market

Alpha Industries Limited (Alpha) is a private sector company incorporated in Sri Lanka. Alpha is the leader and pioneer in the manufacture of security equipment and has over 45 years experience in the manufacture of these products. Alpha also manufactures a wide range of steel and wood base office furniture products and undertakes interior fit outs. Alpha is an associate company of the Finco Group, a leading private sector group of companies in Sri Lanka. The Finco Group is financially sound with Equity and Reserves of over Rs. 4.2 billion. [Read More...]

Expand Your Mail Server to Suit Your Needs.

The messaging solution can be expanded to provide external applications with the information required to perform advanced tasks in a very productive and cost effective way. Learn more about such expansion methods (such as filter integration, using provisioning interfaces, WebMail integration and expansion) by reading this informative article.

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Hire a twit to twitter for you

New-start have just launched their microblogging service aimed at businesses and individuals who are too busy to regularly stop what they’re doing to microblog on websites like [Read More...] the Best Place to Submit Articles

Here at, we are committed to providing you the best free article directory experience possible. is an online article directory for both publishers and authors. We are striving to become a leader in the world of online publishing by providing syndication services to website owners, ezine publishers, and more. [Read More...]

The Rise of Democracy 2.0: Five Reasons Why Web 2.0 Is Changing the Face of American Politics.

While pundits were focused on Barack Obama's race, John McCain's age, and Sarah Palin's gender, another largely overlooked factor was taking hold in American politics. Obama was becoming the first presidential candidate with massive techno-demographic appeal. Authors Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta have published an insightful new book exploring how Web 2.0 platforms are reshaping American politics. [Read More...]

Stimulating Your Organization with Green Technology.

President Obama built his campaign on the promise of economic stimulus and aggressive support for green technologies. Recently, he selected alternative energy supporter and Nobel-prize winning physicist Steven Chu to head the Department of Energy. He's loading his guns and locking his economic stimulus package. He's poised to begin [Read More...]

GAO Provides Active Key Fob RFID Tag

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc.( recommends its smart 433MHz active key fob RFID tag (GAO 124014) especially designed for applications where door or safe keys need to be tracked. It is widely used in institutions such as hospitals and government institutions, or it can be used in personnel tracking or vehicle tracking or identification. It rugged durable design allows its use in harsh industrial environments or construction sites. [Read More...]

Optical Fiber Identifier Available at GAO Tek

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( offers an excellent optical fiber identifier (GAO 820), which is specifically designed for engineers and technicians to identify dark or live fiber and identify excessive losses due to misalignment of mechanical splices or poor connections. [Read More...]

Rugged RFID Tag Ideal for On-Metal Asset Tracking

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( recommends its Active 433 MHZ. Rugged Asset RFID Tag (GAO 124017) generally used for outdoor asset tagging applications. It is ideally suited for operating on metallic surface or plastics containing a high metal content. [Read More...]

Utilize Forums to Gain Focused Customers

I have noticed a new round of spam showing up in online forums. It seems that there are applications used by so called internet marketers that help to automate or semi automate the spamming of forums. These software applications try to create numerous accounts and profiles, and then try to make posts or follow up comment posts automatically.

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