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6 Pro Tips Will Help Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks  

6 Pro Tips Will Help Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks   Protecting your business from a potential cyber attack can feel like something futuristic — the type of security breach that only happens to large financial organizations or multi-national corporations. Unfortunately, businesses of all sizes are falling victim to these vicious [Read More...]

Meet the Developer Who Added Schnorr Signatures to Bcash

This week spoke with Jonathan Gonzalez, the blockchain developer who is currently maintaining the Bcash project, a Bitcoin Cash full node written in node.js. Gonzalez explained how he got into Bitcoin Cash development and how he managed to get the Bcash node fully compatible with last May’s fork, which introduced Schnorr [Read More...]

Bounty.Cash Pairs Projects With Developers Finding Solutions for BCH

Using bounties to seek solutions to various problems has proved to be a working approach for many projects in the crypto industry. Bounty.Cash is a platform that matches businesses and entrepreneurs with developers who are ready to solve issues with apps and features and get rewarded with bitcoin cash. Also read: Buy From Home Depot and Walmart [Read More...]

Lack Of IT Budget Limits Cyber Security Protection

Lack Of IT Budget Limits Cyber Security Protection “You get what you pay for.” It’s a quote you’ve probably heard dozens of times and you know it’s true. Would you set a low budget for your personal healthcare when facing medical concerns? Have you ever tried to purchase the cheapest car on the lot? You know that planning to adequately [Read More...]

Venezuela Issues 50,000 Bolivar Bill Amid Persistent Hyperinflation

Venezuelans are used to their currency costing less than the paper it’s printed on. Economic misfortunes and political upheaval place their country at the bottom of all inflation charts, year after year. The latest incarnation of the national fiat, Bolívar Soberano, has succumbed to the illness of all previous emissions – rapid depreciation. [Read More...]
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