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Revenge of the weirdo records

Thrift store regulars know there's a world of music entirely separate from what you'll find in your local CD emporium. But a cruise around the Web might save you some time pawing through a dusty box of old records at the nearest yard sale. [Read More...]

Polishing Windows

Power Toys are very useful and fun, but there are several other programs out there that not only duplicate what Power Toys can do, but also add more functionality and options to the mix. [Read More...]

Meet and greet

If you're in a small IT shop, it can tend to feel a bit lonely. But that doesn't mean you lack friends in the virtual world. [Read More...]

White-knuckle ride

Few tech problems are as frustrating as printer errors. If the printer is an older model, it's even worse. But, as our columnist discovers, life with a broken printer doesn't have to be bleak. [Read More...]

A Wal-Mart union?

Readers sound off on how Wal-Mart benefits from diminished U.S. productivity, why offshore outsourcing is here to stay, and what the real facts are about disk imaging. [Read More...]

Cutting the cord

More than a third of households with more than one computer have them networked, and more than half of those have gone wireless. Want to join the revolution? Here's a cheat sheet on how to get started. [Read More...]

Hot and bothered

It's a tremendous boost for productivity if an employee can file a report or do Internet research while camped out in a Starbucks on a Sunday morning. But there's also a potential for security breaches. [Read More...]

Wireless is the future. Really.

Although it should be some time before everyone on the bus is surfing the Web, the possibility isn't as far-fetched as it once was. Wireless for everyone is more than just a goal for some companies. It's a vision they mean to make into reality, and soon. [Read More...]
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