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Fanurio 1.10: Time Tracking and Billing for Freelancers

Atelier Software announces the release of Fanurio 1.10, a time tracking and billing application designed for freelancers. With Fanurio, freelancers can easily organize their work, track time and create invoices. Just add a new client to the application and create a project. During the project, users can add project items and expenses, decide anytime if an item is billable or not, and if it should be billed using an hourly rate or a flat rate. Billable items can later be added to an invoice. [Read More...]

The Top 10 Technology Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How To Avoid Them).

Small businesses typically focus on researching, understanding and managing elements related to their businesses. That’s good business sense, after all. Accountants, in other words, invest time maintaining pace with changes (legislative, economic, etc.) that impact their customers, servicing clients and building their businesses. Physicians, dentists, plumbers, financial services companies, non-profit organizations, automotive dealerships and numerous other small business do just the same.

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Fixing the Customer!

The first step in fixing the customer's to listen. Completely listen to what the end user is trying to tell you.In today’s ever-changing market, the service provider must seek new ways to separate themselves from their competition. Sales forces are under increasing pressure to gain ground in markets that seem to be at saturation, and customer retention is a must. One of the keys to customer retention is the ability of a technician to “fix the customer”. Communication is the key to this process, and I have a few pointers that may help.

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New Trends in the IT Training Front.

Training brokers connect their clients with the right resource, be it a training provider or an expert trainer that can fulfill their clients' needs while saving the clients a substantial amount of money.

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Security Titles From Paragon Software Group Offer Mobile Users Peace of Mind.

Today's mobile phones combine nearly all functionality offered by separate portable devices, making it a great advantage to the users who want to have everything at hand when on the go, and do not want to carry too many gadgets or be afraid of leaving something behind. But what threats do users encounter when they own and carry mobile phones? One of the biggest worries is loss or theft, and, most importantly, the loss of all personal data with it.

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How SBS 2008 Will Save The World!

There is good news right around the corner. Somewhere in the middle of summer, Microsoft will release a long-awaited update to its popular Windows Small Business Server product, known affectionately as SBS 2008.

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Return of Big BackOffice

I received an interesting e-mail early today from a professional associate. He writes that We are going to transition to WEBS as soon as it is available, as our agency has grown by leaps and bounds since we implemented SBS. I haven't been this excited about a software release since... well, ever.

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Cut The Strings! A Small Business Telephone System That Works!

Microsoft has silently been rolling out a new product for customers that just might recast the software industry leader much the way the XBOX provided an entirely new line of work. This product, Microsoft Response Point, is a small business telephone system that supports up to 50 users. In this article, I will define the product and leave you with a consulting opportunity!

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Saving Your Business from the Cyber Security Hazards of 2008.

The SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute recently debuted their top ten cyber security menaces for 2008. Twelve established white-hat veterans of security poured their knowledge and time into compiling this top ten list, which I will refer to as the CMW “Cyberspace Most Wanted”. I will provide a series of articles, each focusing on one of the hazards on the CMW. I will explain what they are and advise of practical solutions how to mitigate these risks in your small and medium business enterprise (SME). I will also focus on the business issues rather that the technical attributes of the technologies to mitigate these threats.

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