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Gamasutra brings out your inner game creator.

So maybe you love games to the point where even tournaments don’t satisfy that deep craving for more action, better graphics, and killer sound. Maybe the only thing that scratches the itch is actually creating your own games. In that case, welcome to your pleasure dome, Gamasutra, where all jobs contain nothing but cool tasks like cranking code and nailing bad guys.

Of course, game development involves more than toying around with a project in beta to see if the laser fire is the right color. It’s a serious blend of art and science, and Gamasutra works to keep its site visitors up on the latest news about employment opportunities, console changes, and market shifts. It’s a sweet blend for developers, who can find companies looking to hire, and then have something to chat about in the interview.

The job section is for members only, but signing up is free, and worth the few minutes of fill-in-the-blank time that’s required. Members can put a résumé on the site, also gratis. Listings abound for full-time or part-time employment as well as contract work needed on a per-project basis. Is it worth the time to upload a resume and plod through the listings, hoping for something halfway decent? Let’s put it this way: Employers like LucasFilm and Electronic Arts have their openings on the site. Question answered.

As a bonus, Gamasutra is easier to navigate than a well-lit landing pad in “Counter-Strike.” There are no extraneous design elements to clutter up the pages, and the depth of information is invaluable, especially for developers looking to find data on smaller gaming companies.

If you decide to take a break from job searching, check out the site’s features section, which includes artist and developer profiles, technology issues, and design tips. When your addiction to the site becomes overwhelming, you can even pop into their online store and buy that funkalicious Gamasutra baseball cap, perhaps to be worn to that new job at EA.

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