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PC – Shareware

PC – Shareware/Freeware

Game Size Publisher/Author
123 Free Solitaire – Card Games Suite 1Mb TreeCardGames
3 Card Rummy Drop 293K Ultisoft
3D Elite Mah Jongg 25.1MB Gameday Software LLC
3D Hotslots and Other Games 1.1Mb GameScape Studios
3D Nauta (Online Game) -Mb 3D Nauta
3D Space Fighter 3.3Mb Ultisoft
Absolute Slots 725K Ultisoft
AirXonix 1.8MB Alawar Entertainment
Allenatore – Italian Football (Soccer) Manager 1Mb Charl Gerber
Asteroid Miner 2MB Positech Computing
B-17 Flying Fortress 4.35MB Microprose
Battlelords New -MB Ingava
Battle of Words 2534K Xdyne, Inc.
BVS Solitaire from Russia 1411K BVS Software
Colony 30MB Mountain King Studios
Cross Image 1883K Xdyne, Inc.
DemonStar 4.3MB Mountain King Studios
Deuces Wild 4.4MB Crescent Vision Interactive
DoomBall -MB Alawar Entertainment
Ends of the Earth New -MB Ingava
Exile: Escape From the Pit
Exile II: Crystal Souls
Exile III: Ruined World
Blades of Exile Galactix
Spiderweb Software
Mountain King Studios
Fairyland New 2.3MB Alawar Entertainment
Fight For Fame (english & german) 2.5MB lite
13MB full
Stefan Hinum
FunPack Backgammon, Experthello, Four Stones, Mahjongg, Pyramid, Poker and more 1.9MB BMT Micro
Gazillionaire 5MB LavaMind
G-Sector New 25.2MB Ingava
HEXaGEM 5189K Xdyne, Inc.
Jigsaws Galore 2MB Gray Design Associates
Magic Dust New -MB Ingava
MagicLines, MagicBeads, MagicBalls -MB Agentix Software
MisterMind New 1.2MB Lorenzo Puleo
Moraff’s MoreJongg -MB MoraffWare
Moraff’s Pinball 1.7MB MoraffWare
Python – Need For Eat New 8MB Alawar Entertainment
Nethergate 5.8MB Spiderweb Software
Noodle 5MB Xdyne, Inc.
Nutcrakcer 2626K Xdyne, Inc.
Pacmania 3D 1.8MB Alawar Entertainment
Pare A Pair 873K Carolyn White
PlaySound New 972Kb Lorenzo Puleo
Poker Patience Pack 878K Randy Rasa
Quick Draw Poker 3.1MB Crescent Vision Interactive
Raptor – Call of the Shadows New 19MB Mountain King Studios
SolSuite2001 – Solitaire Card Games Suite New 3.5MB
Tetcolor .28MB Agentix Software
ThatChess New -MB Ingava
Time Jumper 2191K Xdyne, Inc.
Traffic Computer 52Kb Buckley’s Games
Tsarevna: A Medieval Russian Quest 3.2Mb YAV Games Developers Team
X-STEP Strategy for Word 97 209Kb SHmeleff XIOD

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