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ALAMDV Public Beta

for video special effects on your home computer. Ever dreamt of creating those Starwars™ style lightsaber special effects? Want to make an action film? Now you can – and best of all it won’t cost you a million dollars!


AmiWeb Freeware

A safe and customizable browser which brings the very best educational and entertaining web sites to children ages 4 to 11.


AutoIntern Demo.

The next generation, powerhouse, event scheduler from the people with years of experience with ClockMan95,.


AVEcomm Demo.

This product is developed completely in java, which allows platform independence and supports voice communication over IP. AVEcomm provides you voice communications between users in a real-time/secure/full duplex IP environment.


AVEconnect Demo.

AVEconnect JDBC 2.0 simplifies the development process, therefore making it the database developer’s connectivity tool of choice. This is a type 4 JDBC Driver which supports SQL Sever 7.0 and lower versions.


Catalogue Shareware

Utility to quickly view and generate HTML summaries of Microsoft Office documents properties. Catalogue list the content of selected directories, filling, exploring and accessing an information base sorted on any criterion..


Creative Research Systems (DOS, Windows) – Demo.

Download demo disk, test out the survey sample size calculator ontheir website.


CRUSH FTP Server Shareware.

JAVA based FTP Server


DialogMagic Demo

Automates FileMaker Pro Dialog Scripting. Automates rote tasks that previously have substantially impacted the productivity of FileMaker Developers.


Directory Report Shareware

A directory printer plus many features to help you maintain and clean up your files


Don’t Panic! Shareware

Keep what you do on your PC Private!


EasyMail Objects Demo by Quiksoft Corporation

The EasyMail objects are a “mission-critical” pair of full featured, easy to use, COM objects for sending and retrieving e-mail. With just a few lines of code, you can instantly add efficient e-mail sending and retrieving capabilities to your application.


eComm PRO Shareware

Create your own store on the internet, complete with images, product descriptions, eCommerce enabled shopping cart and secure on-line transactions


eComm PRO Shareware

Create your own store on the internet, complete with images, product descriptions, eCommerce enabled shopping cart and secure on-line transactions


Eudora for Windows

Popular e-mail application.


ExportFM Demo

Enables you to export container fields from a FileMaker database as files in their native file format. With ExportFM you can create a web site, entirely in HTML, but generated dynamically from a FileMaker Pro database – updated at the click of a button.


FileAmigo LE Freeware

Manage people, processes, and assets with this tracking and organizational Web-based database application. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP.


FileMakerPro Demo.

Popular easy-to-use yet powerful database program.


Fireworks by Macromedia – Demo.

Fireworks is the first start-to-finish production tool for creating andoptimizing graphics for the web. Click on download, then free trial version. A great web graphics program!


FlipAlbum Shareware.

Image viewer and editor lets you display and modify all supported file types in a folder by automatically generating a virtual photo album.


FormatVB Shareware. (Free during Sept 99)

FormatVB (™) is a program that will improve the maintainability of an application by reformatting the source code into a readable and consistent format. ( companion PackVB )


Genesis Accounting™ Demo

Stand-alone Accounting functions — FileMaker Runtime and FileMaker Solution.


Genesis Business Operating Environment™ Demo

Complete Genesis: Contacts, Operations/Transactions, and Accounting Suites — FileMaker Runtime and FileMaker Solution.


Globex Trial.

Suite: World Clock to find out the current time in cities from around the world; Currency Exchanger to see how much an amount of money is worth in another currency, rates may be updated automatically from the internet with the application.


HomePage Demo.

Popular WYSWIG web page creation program. Builds dynamic websites inminutes.


HotTabs Shareware.

Multiply the power of Internet Explorer. Add convenience, efficiency, organization and privacy to your web surfing.


Idem Demo.

Automates Windows and Macintosh file synchronisattion on Windows servers.


InstallShield Corporation Demos online for:

DemoShield5 :the software marketer’s must-have tool for creating interactiveapplication demos and tutorials. InstallShield3 :the worldwide standard for enabling software distribution to allWindows platforms. InstallShield Express : a point-and-click installation developmenttool aimed at RAD developers.


Loggan97 Shareware.

The program has many features like: insert/del/rename notes indatabases, search and print choosen parts, windows edit menus, easyand cheap


MacExplorer Freeware

A Windows program allowing to analyze Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT Server


MacNames Shareware

Renames Macintosh files stored on Windows NT / 2000 servers. Also available as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 service.


MindExpander Freeware.

Download any file from the Internet without worrying about its format. Whether you’re using Mac or a PC, MindExpander will expand ZIP, SIT, SEA, HQX, and other popular compression formats.

 offers no guarantee and holds no liability for the use of software downloaded from


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