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Data recovery is their specialty.

One of the most important things a business can do is find a reliable way to protect business-critical data from potential loss. New York City-based PeerStor has developed a data-recovery and security application that offers businesses of all sizes reliable data protection with minimal maintenance. We recently spoke with PeerStor CEO and founder Joe Pennino about the company’s unique data-recovery solution.

What does PeerStor do?

PeerStor Inc. was officially incorporated in October 2001, but the company and our technology actually has been in development for several years.

We’ve developed a software program, also called PeerStor, that allows users to mirror or replicate their data directly from their client/workstation to multiple locations, in real-time. In addition, if there is a failure at the primary location where a user’s data is saved, PeerStor performs an automatic “fail-over,” so a user never experiences an interruption.

The location or drives holding that mirrored data can be any drive device such as a server, network-attached server (NAS), or a computer drive, and it can either be local–for example on the local-area network (LAN)–or remote, as with data sent to another city over a wireless area network (WAN).

The location or drive is configured by the user or network administrator. And setup of our software can be done in less than a minute. Once the locations/drives are set up, the product requires no additional maintenance and it works quietly in the background. And IT executives can combine our software with existing server solutions to deliver comprehensive data protection to their enterprises.

Could you tell us about the development of the technology behind your software?

We have several world-class engineers who are focused on storage, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery. Some of the concepts actually go back 10 years when there was an initial development effort. Since then, we’ve been working non-stop to create a powerful utility for the SME, SOHO and enterprise market.

How does PeerStor’s software differ from other similar applications?

We haven’t seen any product that can do the multiple real-time mirrors and fail-overs like we do. With us, your open files are totally protected if your drive, server, or NAS goes down because we mirror and provide an automatic fail-over in real-time. The user never even sees a problem and the administrator doesn’t have to run to put out a fire, so to speak.

What kinds of things did you keep in mind as you were developing PeerStor?

We wanted to make sure that anyone could use this product. We have a wizard that is so easy that my mom was able to configure a mirror for her workstation. We wanted to make the product powerful so that the data is really mirrored in real-time to act as a backup. Most important, though, we wanted to create a product that truly protects users in the event of a disaster–and that’s where the fail-over comes in.

Any exciting releases lately? Anything in the works right now?

Yes, we are coming out with our latest version that is incredibly powerful and we are scaling this product for large enterprises.

What else can we expect to see from PeerStor in the near future?

We are planning to build a global distribution and support network to give our customers the best possible service available. We are also working on many new products, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out about them.

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