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More than a training center, Pippa offers an array of classes, and project management to boot.

More than a training center, Pippa offers an array of classes, and project management to boot. Founder Nancy Zagorski talks about education, user needs, and the coming revolution.

How did Pippa get started, and what does the company do?

Pippa Training Center has two different divisions: a computer training service and a project management division. Pippa Computer Training Center was created to serve as a bridge to help those desiring to broaden their capabilities in computer operations and enhance their personal computer confidence.

The Pippa project management division was created through the request of Pippa’s customers. After they had received basic computer skills, students wanted to know where they could find a project management firm to create a program that would be generated around their own specific needs: from inventory control to employee scheduling.

What got you personally interested in doing this work?

My career has its roots from my engineering degree and the 20 years of experience I’ve obtained from corporate America, mostly with Fortune 500 companies. During my last position as an Operations Manager at a Midwestern logistics firm, I discovered that the employees were expected to operate computers even though they had little or no training. Their inability to perform the jobs required in a timely and accurate manner was not due to their lack of desire, but stemmed from their lack of training. I created the first internal computer training class, which became a requirement for new hires and was available to all current employees. Our productivity and accuracy improved steadily, enabling us to stay competitive in the marketplace. I truly believe that people will perform to the best of their ability when given the tools to do so.

Why do you feel there is a need for project management services?

Based on current client requests it has become apparent that companies exist more in a day-to-day firefighting mode than a future projection management. If businesses would reduce the allotted time used for redundant data entry and channel that time towards data evaluation, their manufacturing or service expenses would decrease. With this paradigm shift, a company can work towards continuous improvement and compete with the “best of the best.”

How does the company differ from competitors?

Our computer training is based on the needs, desires and input received from each customer. The classes are small and allow each student to receive personal training and attention.

The project management division designs programs based specially on a company’s desires and goals. We attempt to incorporate existing files or programs to minimize the company’s transition. We will provide cost-saving projections for each program based on reduction in time, error, inventory, production changeovers, capital expenditures, etc. Any program designed by Pippa will include training prior to final turnover of the project.

What type of trends do you think will be important in your industry in the coming year, and how does Pippa fit into that?

Our manufacturing jobs are being lost at an alarming rate, we need to re-educate our workers to better serve our changing work environment. The Industrial Revolution as a whole is behind us and the Technical Enterprise Revolution is in our midst. My experiences and beliefs concerning our current period of economic transition led to the development of Pippa Computer Training. The project management division was established to meet the desires of firms that were going from a day-by-day firefighting existence to a strategically-based company that can stay compete with the marketplace.

In conclusion, economic changes are inevitable and will continue to evolve with or without our approval. You can carve a new direction for your company and for your own personal career path by increasing your computer knowledge or you can continue to struggle with the fast pace of the Technical Enterprise Revolution.

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