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plugin-container.exe – Definition and Free Error Solution

What is plugin-container.exe
plugin-container.exe is the process of Firefox 4. plugin-container.exe may cause firefox freeze or halting. It is a troublesome process, to disable plugin-container.exe, please follow the steps: Type about:config in the addressbar (note, that there are no spaces in that) and search for ipc in the seachbox at the top of the about:config page.Right click those top 5 entries and toggle them to the opposite of what they are now, i.e. dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll – true becomes… dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll – false …and so on…That will disable all the container stuff and you should be good to go.or you can downgrade to previous version〈=en-USDownload, Close Firefox and install; no need to uninstall previous versions first, although you may if you wish.Then disable updates as described above.Edit: To be clear, this is a highly undesirable procedure as you will be vulnerable to multiple security issues that will increase as you miss future Firefox updates.

plugin-container.exe General Information
Author: Firefox
Part of: Firefox 4

Common Path(s): C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1
Security & Performance

Fix plugin-container.exe Errors:
Boot plugin-container.exe Speed:

Security risk: N/A
Spyware: N/A
Virus: N/A
Trojan: N/A
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Note: plugin-container.exe may be disguised by spyware, malware, virus and Trojan, if you find you didn’t install that software, it must be virus. The virus may slow down computer performance, system crashes, data loss and privacy leakiness. We recommend you to run a Free security plugin-container.exe scan and remove plugin-container.exe Virus in your computer.

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