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Keyspan’s Presentation remote.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has made the creation of slide shows a no-brainer: With it, anyone can produce a professional-looking presentation with just a bit of training and experience. But what about the other part of the package–the performance?

Too often a presenter is stuck at a lectern clicking away at a mouse or trackball while using the laptop computer’s screen as a TelePrompTer. Worse yet are those situations where the laptop is tied to the projector with a short leash, and you’ve got to make the speech to the back of the audience’s heads. Free yourself from the lectern and the projector by using Keyspan’s Presentation Remote and face your audience to increase the presentation’s impact and immediacy.

The Presentation Remote control uses a 900Mhz radio frequency so its signal can go through walls and reach up to 40 feet away. The control is compatible with Apple’s Mac OS 9x and Microsoft Windows (98Se or later) but requires no software installation. The package consists of a transmitter and receiver. Included is a nice carrying case that stores both parts for travel. To use Keyspan’s Presentation Remote, all you have to do is install the battery in the transmitter, plug the receiver into any computer’s USB port and you’re ready to start clicking away.

Controls are simple. There are four on the front with a composite switch on the side. The illuminated Mode switch lets you switch back and forth between Mac and Windows, while above it sits the left/right-click mouse control. On top of that is a rubber button that manages to combine the feel of both a trackball and trackpad for precise pointer control. Above that is the laser pointer on-off switch. Clicking and holding the Mode key and Laser Pointer button activates a laser pointer that makes this remote much more than a fancy clicker.

If you don’t use the laser for ten minutes, it shuts itself off and must be reactivated. On the control’s side, there’s a composite switch that can control the Windows XP Media Player, but QuickTime users can use the mouse control button to activate that player’s controls. When used on an Apple iBook or similar laptop, the Composite Switch controls Line Up or Line Down, making it great for slipping back and forth between PowerPoint slides.

The control’s ergonomics make it comfortable in my hands and in the larger and smaller hands of the many people who have borrowed it from me to make presentations. Out in the real world, the unit worked perfectly in different environments. Whether at FOTOfusion in humid Florida or at presentations in a much drier Colorado, the Keyspan Presentation Remote performed flawlessly, making the presentation so seamless to the audience that they never knew how I was controlling the presentation.

If you give presentations, you need Keyspan’s Presentation Remote wireless presentation control. Go get it.

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