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Power GaN 2012

NEW YORK April 25, 2012


Power GaN 2012








GaN-on-Sapphire, GaN-on-SiC, GaN-on-GaN, GaN-on-AlN and GaN-on-Silicon. Nevertheless, GaNon-Si is likely to take a dominant position as 6" is now available with more than 7?m thick GaN epi and 8" is under qualification. 8" diameter availability is probably the parameter that will make this technology choice obvious.

It is now obvious that the GaN power world attracts numerous newcomers. We have screened 5 companies positioned on the epiwafer business side and more than 6 GaN device pure-players, aside to another 15 Si-based power firms developing GaN technology.




A new trend is LED players now starting looking at this new business opportunity and wondering how to put in place a strategy of diversification to convert their existing extra LED capacity into power. That represents an "epsilon" today, but we assume it may create some disturbances in the natural and organic expected growth…

GaN power electronics past, present and future business is inseparable to the LED industry. Both are linked in technology and market dynamics.


In the past, the premises of GaN epi technology came from the LED industry that has brought this technology from the labs to mass production.


Today, the extensive developments of GaN-on-Si epiwafers fertilized both the LED and the Power industry. Most of the epiwafer vendors are targeting these 2 segments with dedicated products and offers.


Tomorrow, it is likely some incumbent LED pure-players will enter in the Power industry world, using their extra-capacity and existing tool-sets to make, at least epiwafers, or even power devices.


Thus, at the end of the day, we won’t talk about LED or Power sectors anymore, but rather about"GaN device industry" as main players could be the same…




Power device makers usually buy polished Silicon wafers, conduct the epi (or buy Si epi-wafers) if needed (FZ thin wafer doesn’t require epitaxy) then process the devices. This model is roughly the same for SiC technology.

For those who plan to enter in the GaN field, 2 scenarios could occur:


Some may not integrate MOCVD GaN epitaxy. They will buy GaN epiwafers and process it in the existing CMOS Front-End lines, as they use to do with Silicon substrates (or SiC).


Some will try to fully integrate the GaN process, from the bare silicon, the GaN epi and the Front-End.


This report provides a complete analysis of the GaN device and substrate industry in the power electronics field along with key market metrics. It provides company involvement as well as technology state-of-the-art. In addition, an extensive review of the possible substrates for GaN is provided, offering the most complete view of the Power GaN industry available to date.




Rose Street Lab








What we saw, what we missed…Comparison with 2010 report

Executive Summary p.10

Status of the GaN power industry

GaN Power Electronics cross-fertilizes with LED industry!

How do we envision the GaN power electronics story unfolding?

Power GaN: a Question of Business Model…

2010-2020 market size, split by device type

2010-2020 market size, split by application

GaN could exceed 5% of The Overall Power Device Market by 2020…

GaN-on-what? At the end of the day it will be Silicon… As usual

6" GaN-on-Si epiwafer & template market price evolution roadmap to 2020

6" (equiv.) GaN-on-Si Epi-wafer 2010-2020 market size and volume, split by application

GaN-on-Si epiwafers will exceed 1% of the overall Power substrates volume by 2020…

Comparison of Power Electronics substrate (Si, Si-epi, SiC and GaN) market size to 2020


Overall Power Electron ics Market p.23

What TAM for GaN? 2006-2020 overall PE market size, split by device type

Focus on discrete devices

Market size, split by type

Market size, split by voltage range

2011-2020 value-chain analysis: wafer,device,system

Top-20 Power Semiconductor revenues

Power Device Business Regional Analysis

Wafer diameter evolution in Power Electronics 2010-2020

Market size for Si, Si+epi and SOI substrates for the overall Power Electronics business, split by diameter

Application Market Segment Definition and Content

Device revenues distributed by voltage range


GaN Power Electronics Market Segmentation p.34

Why Would GaN Replace Silicon in Power Electronics?

GaN: faster than IGBT, more powerful than MOSFET

Life-cycle of power device technologies A new generation every ~20 years…

GaN Devices in Power Electronics Possible applications

Power Range of the Targeted Applications

Reasons for GaN Added Value

Expected improvements in power conversion

Estimated accessible markets, growth rate, and time to market

GaN vs. SiC SWOT Analysis

GaN vs. SiC vs. Si Figure-of-merit


GaN Industry Involvement p 45

Recent M&A, investments and fund raisings in the GaN area

Top-20 Power Semiconductor Involvement in GaN

Established Power Semiconductor Company Involvement in GaN and future plans

Power GaN main players and related business model

Power device manufacturers

Origin of GaN involvement

North America



Typical cycle-time from R&D to mass production in Power Electronics

Status of the GaN-on-Si device makers as of late 2011


GaN Power Device Developments p.56

GaN-on-Si: Main technical steps over the valuechain

Lateral vs. vertical design: pros & cons

Comparison of best GaN HEMT R&D results Vb, I and A/mm² with existing SJ MOSFET and SiC MOSFET

Expected evolution of GaN commercial device current density (A/mm²) to 2020 for several voltage ranges

GaN Product Introduction Roadmap, based on announcements

GaN-based Power Devices Overview of ongoing initiatives


Furukawa Electric


Hitachi Cable Hosei University




Sumitomo SEI, Univ. of Fukui and Sharp


Toyota R&D Lab

Sanken Electric

Hong Kong

Technology (HKU ST)

GaN Systems "Island technology"

International Rectifier GaNpowIR™

EPC Corp.

Reverse Engineering of EPC EPC 10xx series

GaN transistor die-size as a function of Vb and Id

GaN transistor power and current density


GaN Device Manufacturing Cost Analysis p.92

Typical 200V HEMT cost breakdown

GaN/Si FET Cost Breakdown Model Projection

From 6" wafer to 200V/12A packaged device.2011 status

Manufacturing Price of a 200V/12A Transistor Comparison Si, GaN & SiC

GaN Transistor Specs & Market Price Analysis Comparison with Silicon MOSFET

Expected evolution of GaN device market price in $/amp for several Vb

Payback time for GaN introduction upon 2 applications: PFC 1kW and PV inverter 5kW


What if LED makers use their MOCVD extra-capacity to manufacture Power Devices ? p.99

The rationales and key questions behind such a hypothesis…

Possible impact on the power device economics

GaN MOCVD Capacity Geographic Trends Q4 2009 -> Q1 2012

GaN MOCVD Capacity Installed base and extra unit calculation

GaN MOCVD Reactor Capacity vs. Demand

A 2-step scenario: LED-on-Si then power devices

Step 1: from Sapphire to Silicon

Step 2: from LED to Power Devices

LED-on-Silicon is not a new idea

LED-on-Silicon: Recent Activity

Estimation of MOCVD reactors demand for GaN

Power Electronics



GaN Substrates p.113

Different Substrates for GaN Epitaxy

Direct epi-growth

Composite substrates: wafer bonding approach

AZZURRO Semiconductors (GE)

EpiGaN (B)


Institute of Material Research and Engineering "A*Star"

The RoseStreet Lab

Translucent (US)

SOITEC (F) + Sumitomo (J)

AmberWave (US), now Micron

Si-on-PolyAlN composite substrate "BriteGaN"

Bulk & Free-Standing GaN

State-of-the-art results

2010 product status and volume estimations

Specifications: R&D status & emerging projects

2" FS & ELO GaN Substrates

2007-2015 market price

GaN/xx Epiwafer Expected Specs

GaN/xx Epiwafer Usage

Technical feasibility and manufacturing cost

Possible Competing Technologies to GaN

Risk analysis

Possible benefits of 6" to 8"diameter transition upon manufacturing parameters and device cost

Overall GaN-on-Si Competitive Landscape: Who will buy or manufacture GaN substrates ?

The pro/cons of various GaN-on-Si substrate procurement, as perceived by the device makers



Focus on EV/HEV Market p.145

EV/HEV Types and Availability Micro, mild, full and plug in hybrid

HEV/EV Principles and Functionalities

EV/HEV Annual Demand Forecast to 2020 in Munits

Toyota HEV Power Module

Roadmap for Operation Voltage in HEV

HEV Inverter Module Cost Breakdown

Expected Improvements of GaN Introduction in HEV

The TOP 5 Key Requirements For power transistors in

Toyota Vision of WBG Technology use in HEV

GaN vs. SiC & vertical vs. lateral

Device Roadmap for Micro/Mild Hybrid

Device Roadmap for Full/Plug-in Hybrid and EV

Overall Market for Power Modules in EV/HEV Applications

GaN devices in EV/HEV Sales projections

6" GaN epi-wafer Volume for EV/HEV


Focus on Inverters for Solar Panels

Solar Market Segment

PV Inverter Overview

System & component & material architecture

Current usage of Silicon devices in PV inverter DC/AC Stage

System Architecture: Multi-level H-bridge architecture

Devices used for PV Inverter as of today

Implementation of New Technologies SiC vs. GaN

Focus on transistors

SiC vs. GaN battle

PV Inverter Market: Worldwide shipments by market segment

PV Inverters Cost

TOP-5 Main Manufacturers of Solar Inverters

GaN Device Market for PV Inverters

GaN epiwafer Market for PV Inverters 6" equiv.

GaN substrate market volume (units)


Focus on UPS Market

UPS Product Segments

Projection of World UPS Market to 2020 split by power range

UPS Vendor Market Shares

UPS Architecture Examples

GaN Devices in UPS Applications 2010-2020 market forecasts

GaN 6" epi-wafer demand in UPS Applications 2010-2020


Focus on Motor AC Drive

AC Drive Applications

Motor Drive History

AC Drive Market as a Function of Power Range 2010-2020 projectionTotal accessible market volume

Market shares



GaN Device Market Value in AC Drive Applications 2010-2020

6" GaN epi-wafer Market Volume For MotorAC drive applications


Focus on Power Supply & Power Factor Correction Market

PFC Market Main metrics

Main GaN Added Value in PFC circuits

PFC Efficiency Comparison as a function of junction T° and Schottky diode type (Si, SiC and GaN)

GaN Devices main market requirements for PFC applications

Comparison of Si, SiC and GaN Diode Cost in a PFC module


Appendix p.200

European R&D Programs LAST-POWER

European R&D Programs HIPOSWITCH

European R&D Programs MORGaN

European R&D Programs E3Car

European R&D Programs THOR

France R&D Programs G2REC

German R&D Programs NEUL AND

IMEC Industrial Affiliation Program

Taiwan R&D Programs Wide-bandgap electronics alliance

Fuji Electric and Furukawa to partner on GaN power devices

Furukawa teams-up with Powdec on GaN power electronics




To order this report:

Electronic Component and Semiconductor Industry Power GaN 2012

Market Research Report

Industry Analysis and Insights



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