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Power Through Words With 7 Speed Reading

7 speedreadingis a modern speed reading software system that guarantees at least 3 times the reading speed with improved memory and comprehension. It is the most comprehensive speed reading system on the market, with 6 learning strategies, 15 software activities, video training, ultra-advanced tracking, and more.

The program works by:
• Reducing the need for users to repeat words through sub vocalization elimination.
• Having users move forward without having to go back over what they have already read through regression elimination.
• Letting users recognize large blocks of words together through fixation expansion.
• Reducing soreness to the eyes through eye muscle fitness.
• Training users to user more of their brains than ever before through full-brain utilization.
• Increasing the speed in which information taken in by the eyes reaches the brain through optic-nerve maximization.
• Improving the rate at which user’s brains can process data through information processing.
• Training users to develop near-photographic memories.
• Retaining a near-perfect comprehension level.

With the tough challenges in today’s employment market, job-seekers have been looking for anything that can improve their productivity and help get their work done faster. 7 Speed Reading can not only help users stay on top of their work, but can help them also take in information faster than their colleagues – letting them take control of their futures.

“I have gone from reading about 180 words a minute to almost 500 words a minute,” says Doug Richmond, a Marketing and Sales Coordinator. “If you’re looking to truly improve the way you read and process information, then this is the best product on the market.”

“By using 7 Speed Reading, the amount of work I can do in one sitting has sky-rocketed,” says Julia Irwin, an Executive Assistant. “I have become an expert on all sorts of policies and can intake information faster than ever before. This is truly a great product for anyone who wants to boost their productivity.”

• Many workers suffer from “information overload”. With 7 Speed Reading, users can master this common problem and greatly increase the amount of information they take in each day.

• Many jobs today require up to 30 times more reading than similar jobs a decade ago, and this is expected to increase even further over the next five years.

• Big business is hungry for those with knowledge. By using 7 speedreading, those who are seeking higher employment can improve their memory and turn their new-found knowledge into career success.

Find out more about how this revolutionary software can increase your reading speed and improve your memory by visiting

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