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Printed Book Uses Mobile Barcodes to Link Readers to the Web

Author, Lynn Manning Ross, sees the introduction of INKandLINK in her new book, How to Develop a SmartPlan for Your Business, as a way to quickly add voice to the printed word; INK an idiom for print and LINK meaning just that-link. As for the millions of entrepreneurs starting a business, reorganizing one or going public each year, she sees SmartPlan as a new and very smart way to help them quickly develop their business models and plans while fast forwarding through the steep learning curve of Web marketing-an exciting boost for both readers and the future of print.

SmartPlan features key players on the Internet, some offer practical everyday business solutions. For instance, an innovative software company provides a 15-minute video showing how to automatically prepare financial statements. This is a real plus whether used for general accounting purposes, seeking a business loan, a line of credit or venture capital.

Another link lets readers opt to learn how easy it is for ad agencies to “plan, buy, reconcile, and report on local advertising”-local being a big buzz right now. And wouldn’t it be great to learn from a trustworthy company whose dazzling array of multiple media channel advertisers are matched with content providers-another plus, exposing readers to potential passive income.

More than a fully illustrated book for developing a SmartPlan, readers quickly move into a whole new level as they learn how to compete with billions of clicks at a user’s fingertips. If decision makers need to understand the new world of “High Performance Analytics,” they simply click, link and download a
superb whitepaper written by a Peter Prestipino. Then there is the demand for a competitive business model. According to Ross, “Many business people confuse the word model with the word plan thinking they’re synonyms, but they’re not. If a reader doesn’t know how to create a business model, one link in the book shows readers how to master the art-get this-using 10 simple icons.”

Depending on the depth of one’s needs, offers readers an impressive arcade of videos and whitepapers for meeting the rigors of businesses today. On another note, some readers will want to get the word out about their companies yet are not sure how to do it without an ad agency or PR firm. As a sales instructor once asked during a training session, “Is it possible to sell your car if you walk onto your 10th story balcony,jingle your car keys and shout, ‘Used car for sale cheap’?”

That example pretty much illustrates what some media distribution services do today with our press releases. The release is posted to the distributor’s website with the idea journalist, editors, and producers will find that prized needle in a haystack! Some do, of course, since it’s not impossible but it’s not too probable either. Media people are the busiest group on the planet under constant pressure to deliver biting-edge news.
If they don’t have a hot topic delivered to them, the press release fades into the sunset. SmartPlan covers the ins and outs of this too.

As for those funny looking square barcodes, they are not new and used heavily by advertisers throughout Asia. Created in 1994 by the Japanese conglomerate Denso-Wave, the codes are commonly known as quick response codes or QR Codes and ISO certified. They are distinguished by their
two-dimensional versus one-dimensional barcoding matrix. When Ross first saw the QR Codes, she envisioned them as change agents and a valuable educational tool for expanding the printed word versus just an advertising link. As she points out, “Book publishers have probably resisted using QR Codes arguing they can date a book quickly, and that’s true. But what if QR Codes could be as flexible as the anticipated changes made on a website after the books are printed? Now that’s an idea at the cone of influence. Stay tuned!”

If your smartphone is not good to go, the book’s appendix provides instructions. Don’t have a cell phone? The book also includes ordinary http:// links in the text. Equally appealing is SmartPlan’s humor including a very funny link posted by entrepreneurial geeks at Fluid Forms in Austria. They love these codes so much they used a laser printer to brand their buns with their company’s unique QR Code.

Just released, How to Develop a SmartPlan for Your Business, ISBN 978-09754578, is now available through all leading booksellers. Or to learn more, check out Search Inside on, visit Barnes and Noble or your favorite bookstore.

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