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Product review: AceProject – Project Management Toolbox and more

The ComputerUser Evaluation team has reviewed a new product “AceProject Management” Free Hosted Version.

The product that was evaluated is a project management solution. It is available in both a hosted and a local application Windows based versions. The hosted version has a no cost solution unlimited time version.

The documentation on the website is excellent. One may choose from PDF, HTML or video versions of the help files. We would have preferred having a link on the welcome page after the creation of our first project. The documentation is located under help menu area.  The product has all the functional modules needed to track and report on projects, document, time, and expense that one would expect in a project management application.

We reviewed the free Basic hosted package which allows a maximum of five (5) users, five (5) projects and a total of fifty (50) tasks. The sign up process required only a few items to be entered (no credit card requested). That is a great plus. Too many ‘freemium’ products ask for a credit card.

When you sign up an email is sent to the address used while registering and includes the name and password (least you forget to save your password). You may further secure web access to your project by using a subdomain i.e.  AceProject works with any of the popular browsers and is OS independent. While we did not test it, it will also work with mobile devices.

Many contractors may want to use this for their client’s projects. AceProject has a great feature which allows you to brand the interface with your logo.  It would be even better and user friendly if there we could use our own domain i.e. This, with branding allows a company to keep their domain and brand unified. We would also like to see further branding by allowing customer menu items, so that it will be seamless with corporate sites.

AceProject offers multiple package levels, which allow for increasing or decreasing the number of users, number of tasks, and amount of storage space.  Support is included in all package levels via email, telephone and live chat at no extra charge.

Each account has a sample projects for you to review. We find this much better than walking through a wizard. They also include a step by step guide in Video, PDF and online media.

When you select the paid access hosted version you may access the Database, which means you can build a bridge with other applications or a web services.

Further extending the service will be available in the future via an API. That will be interesting to see.

One feature we found to be very appealing, was the ability to obtain back-ups of data and documents via FTP.

When creating a new project some set-up is needed. Users and other defaults may be defined using the admin tab.  Creating the first project was a little confusing as the on-line help page for getting started indicated goes to 'Admin', 'Project'.  We found the 'Add Project' button under 'Portfolio: All Projects'.  To create our first project we had to answer only a few items, as most could be re-edited. As with anything some pre-planning was needed to be completed prior to entering tasks as the numbering is sequential.  System Development Life Cycle [SDLC] Phase level (analysis, design, etc) can be accomplished by linking projects (create a project template first to enable project linking).

We also found task assignment seems to be tricky, as a user must be ‘active’ to have task assignments and the ‘Show Assignment Grid’ is blank until one navigates to ‘Project’, ‘Assignment’, ‘Add a new user’ and select users for a specific project.  Then, the project assigned users may be assigned tasks.

After a task is assigned to a user, time entry is accomplished using the ‘IN/OUT’ time entry function.  Once a user has entered their time sheet, the admin can approve it. The same holds true for expenses.

Documentation – ***** (5 stars)
Usability – ****
Price – ***
Learning Curve – 4 (scale 1 to 10, where 10 is Guru Level and 1 is Newbie)

Recommendation: Worth using
This is recommended for:
Sys Admin, Marketing People, Website Development (without the need for version control), Household Planning

For more information on the product please visit:

About our team: Our team consists of IT professionals with each having over 20+ years’ experience in software development. Our evaluation is meant to help better products and services and to advise our users.  If you want independent product evaluation please send your queries to and we will get back to you shortly.

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