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Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized – P.O.W.E.R. Welcomes Their Newest Women of Empowerment Members

Manhasset, NY, November 25, 2020 –(– P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) honors their newest Women of Empowerment members who are being recognized for their contributions and high level of success in the many fields and industries listed.

About the New Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to welcome the new Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Rachelle Vartanian–Education
Maria Teresita McKay–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Shondra M. Celestine-Tyler–Human Services
Debra Antigua–Pharmaceuticals
Lateisha D. Davis–Apparel/Fashion
Sylvia D. Taylor–Insurance
Kristie R. Parker–Manufacturing
Karen M. Bixel–Home Healthcare
Pamela D. LeFear-Johnson–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Monica Tindall–Interior Design
Miriam Patterson–Real Estate
Danielle M. Melton–Cleaning Service
Jeanne A. Belman–Publishing
Charlena M. Morton–Consulting
Cynthia J. Jones–Telecommunications
Renee A. Reid–Healthcare
Ivonne Polk–Law/Legal Services
Heidemarie Klein–Education
Debra L. Kingery–Healthcare
Lisa Malizia–Beauty/Cosmetics
Christine Williams–Home Healthcare
Brenda M. Barnwell–Retail Industry
Julie Larson–Aerospace/Aviation
Rhonda Maxey–Aerospace/Aviation
Tommysina T. Porter–Beauty/Cosmetics
Tawny L. Muscatello–Healthcare
Christine A. Panzica–Real Estate
Cristy Manke–Transportation
Honorine Nevin–Beauty/Cosmetics
Brenda S. Jarmusz–Food/Beverages
Margaret A. Chin–Crafting
Deirdre A. Chabot–Jewelry
Donna R. Hicks–Health Services
Hayley B. Sherwood–Mental Health Care
Selena Russi–Transportation
Sheilisa McNeal-Burgess–Jewelry
Edie S. Brown–Apparel/Fashion
Heide L. Villon–Entertainment
Megan A. Jorgenson–Consulting
Shelia M.H. Smith–Financial Services
Donna M. Nichols–CBD Oil
Crystal J. Williams–Beauty/Cosmetics
Sonise M. Compere–Cleaning Service
Joanna Sanchez–Printing
Free W. Hicks–Real Estate
Brenda F. Moore–Government
Susan L Mantz–Nutrition/Wellness
Suzan Michele Powers–Art
Sharon Bandhold–Genealogy
Jessica S. Space–Merchandiser
Heather L. Engle–Director
Colette S. Burke–Administrative Specialist
Vickie Rogers–Beauty/Cosmetics
Theresa S. Miller–Massage Therapy
Sherridean Abddeen–Education
Lori Blades–Law/Legal Services
Kathleen D. Schaum–Health Services
Sharon Jones–Mental Health Care
Elizabeth I. Skidmore–Cleaning Service
Sandra A. Grace–Publishing
Carolyn Maury–Automotive
Chrisea D. Moring–Real Estate
Audrey J. Marr–Publishing
Zeleka B. Workneh–Advertising/Marketing
Raye Ann Saunoris–Art
Rosemary J. Billingsley–Health Services
Elizabeth A. Groover–Coaching
Tami Rivera–E-Commerce
Ashley Gibson–Aerospace/Aviation
Elyse C. Steele–Education
Melissa A. Salisbury–Insurance
Edna Evonne Chatman Sims–Human Resources/HR
Alexa Wood–Nutrition/Wellness
Yvrande Harris–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Jennifer L. Kapelos–Mental Health Care
LaCretia W. Jones–Healthcare
Mousumi Banerjee–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Teresa Baker–Education
Judi L. Gallagher–Food/Beverages
Yasmeen Choudry–Beauty/Cosmetics
Lisa Griffith Morgan–Beauty/Cosmetics
Stephanie Beale–Beauty/Cosmetics
Wylaina Tucker–Business
Bianca R. Roy–Retail Industry
Joyce Johnson–Publishing
Elizabeth Stewart–Food/Beverages
Kimberly Hitch–Agriculture
Shawana Russell–Transportation
Kimberly Thompson–Insurance
Linda G. Trumbo–Food/Beverages
Melissa T. Bankovics–Credit Repair
Trina Weems–Apparel/Fashion
Angela Redel–Technology
Kristy Couch–Advertising/Marketing
Diana L. Ames–Community
Emily Stewart–Beauty/Cosmetics
Carrie F. Helm–Telecommunications
Orinthia A. Gilgeours-Mars–Healthcare
Kimberly Claridy-Walker–Real Estate
Ling D. Tan–Real Estate
Kelly Olsen–Financial Services
Mahnaz Zandi–Healthcare
Norma M. Contreras–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Jeannette Flores–Financial Services
Sonia M. Montano–Restoration
Christine A. Allen–Healthcare
Karlesha G. Graper–Telecommunications
hammad sir–Agriculture
khubab sir–Aerospace/Aviation
Melanie E. Jones–Accounting
Denise J. Zamora–Personal Services
Tracey L. Mullins–Mental Health Care
Ginny E. Hampton–Advertising/Marketing
Jasmyn J. Franklin–Staffing/Recruiting
Scarlet Tara Byrd–Beauty/Cosmetics
Nana S. Nyarko–Real Estate
Judith L. Kuehn–Retail Industry
Mona Boyd–Travel
Abigail M. Mawhirter–Healthcare
Kaylon Fussell Rodriguez–Retail Industry
Lynda Mahana–Hospitality
Sandra B. Pulitzer–Real Estate
Elizabeth P. Plange-Kaye–Healthcare
Betty Hillard–Staffing/Recruiting
Lisa M. Tripp–Healthcare
Claudia Bailey–Healthcare
Adrienne V. Goodman–Law/Legal Services
Kelly Mattone–Beauty/Cosmetics
Amrapali Tribhuvan–Education
Lisa Carr–Beauty/Cosmetics
Selina M. Hightower–Retail Industry
Johnnie Juanita Mohamed–Healthcare
Annette Draughn–Healthcare
Sierra L. Garrett–Mental Health Care
Betty A. Ainslie–Healthcare
Christell E. Benson–Floral
J. Kate Laska–Healthcare
Laura A. Bates–Construction/Building
Lisa L. Peters–Agriculture
Victoria Lynn Benton–Merchandiser
Shelley A. McInnis–Real Estate
Anna Pugh–Pet Care
Teresa Hudman–Cleaning Service
Harper Ramsey–Healthcare
Ruth M. Sanborn–Healthcare
Irene Miller Fyler–Entertainment
Jaleana C. Stevenson–Publishing
Lisa M. Mulligan–Healthcare
Anedra R. Eatman–Information Technology/IT
Alvyna T. Euta-Filo–Sales
Jeanne Hastings–Home Healthcare
Barbara L. Larson–Healthcare
Amy Berenbak Pohdorf–Apparel/Fashion
Elizabeth A. George–Financial Services
Barbara Knobloch–Education
Ida Brown–Human Services
Aschli Taylor–Manufacturing
Veroniqueca M. Mitchell-Acab–Retail Industry
Nikita C. Humphrey-Gordon–Healthcare
Constance Sharpe–Education
Sherri Foster–Construction/Building
Renya P. Wead–Cleaning Service
Arla Louise Bretzing–Real Estate
Pattie L. Lamantia–Apparel/Fashion
Kimberly Yearty Smith–Education
Sue G. Phillips–Retail Industry
Demetra Brown–Education
Joei Tapia–Photography
Melinda Whitfield–Religion
Padmashri Rastogi–Healthcare
Phebee William–Healthcare
Leah Buendia–Research & Development
Stela Stoyanova–Travel
Colleen H. Denham–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Robbin Kay Beohourou–Mental Health Care
Cynthia M. Esty–Retail Industry
Brittany Jai Davis–Insurance
Kathryn A. Gaulden–Beauty/Cosmetics
Carleen Elinor Gates–Logistics/Procurement
Lori M. Sudeta-Moss–Home Healthcare
Ellen A. Hughes–Healthcare
Stephanie M. Kappler–Beauty/Cosmetics
Nedra M. Allen–Retail Industry
Jennifer D. Black–Information Technology/IT
Jill M. Thomas–Healthcare
Tammy D. Miller–Manufacturing
Karen Orlich–Retail Industry
Dawn C. Jones–Beauty/Cosmetics
Angele Rodgers–Coaching
Naila Chowdhury–Director
Zena D. Daniels–Food/Beverages
Delrita Hunter Abercrombie–Mental Health Care
Kwe H. See–Healthcare
Dodie L. Dillinger–Retail Industry
Stephanie A. Schaefer–Non-Profit/Volunteering
McCall Peck–Staffing/Recruiting
Candice E. Montie–Financial Services
Jacylin L. Black–Beauty/Cosmetics
Linda Bjork–Coaching
Philomena Treft–Consumer Products / Services
Michelle Wilson–Nutrition/Wellness
Connie C. Paye–Beauty/Cosmetics
Lynell L. Simmons–Apparel/Fashion
Diana J. Stevens–Pet Care
Shirley Sullivan–Nutrition/Wellness
April M. Saunders–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Valerie Walker-Isom–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Norma House–Hospitality
Josie McEwen–Coaching
Mikayla N. Lee–Graphic Design/Web Design
Jacqueline Henry–Consulting
Susan Ernstein–Apparel/Fashion
Kerri Jones–Beauty/Cosmetics
Amber A. Acosta-North–Beauty/Cosmetics
Cara E. Rich–Home Healthcare
Sweet D. Moore–Consulting
Erin Keefe–Healthcare
Nikole Ellis–Education
Rhonda J. Pena–Education
Danielle L. Dickerson Traylor–Consulting
Sharon J. Burch–Healthcare
Doan D. Clark–Education
Susan Kavaler-Adler–Mental Health Care
Jackline Wolley–Apparel/Fashion
Melisande Skerpac–Apparel/Fashion
Diana M. Pietrantonio–Food/Beverages
Sharon Wright-Dyson–Nutrition/Wellness
Myrna Fernandez–Administrative Specialist

About P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) and
P.O.W.E.R is an online community as well as a digital and exclusive print magazine featuring celebrities and everyday hardworking professional women. Our mission is to provide a powerful network of empowering women who will mentor and inspire each other to be the best they can be. Through our valuable services, our members can network, collaborate with like-minded professionals, gain recognition and obtain knowledge from those who have already achieved success.

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