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Purchase and use common sense of notebook

Performance: Considering the performance of laptop should pay attention to speed, capacity, upgrade potential and comfortable and so easy to use. Speed of the decision by the CPU and motherboard, Pentium’s CPU into the mainstream. From the capacity, the notebook computer memory and hard drive prices much higher than the desktop, and upgrading at a later time not readily available, purchase the best plan according to use an extension in place.

Quality: notebook computers often have to carry and use, and higher quality requirements, the time of purchase if funds allow, as far as possible purchase brand-name computers.

Services: choose who must take the specific terms of the implementation of the maintenance services to the paper, to avoid some of the businesses before selling machines explained the terms of some vague hype, then the fault free to shirk their responsibilities.
At the same time, experts recommend that consumers use laptop computers in the process, several key components to do their corresponding

LCD display: Laptop screen resolution in the past the vast majority of 640 × 480, a model now on the market most of the new 800 × 600, high-grade models are used 1024 × 768 resolution display. For cleaning screens in use, only with a clean soft cloth, can not use any chemicals to clean the LCD screen. In packaging, transport and carry laptop Dell inspiron 1200 Battery computers, to give priority to the protection of the LCD screen to take adequate protection measures to prevent the LCD screen broken.

Keyboard: Notebook keyboard keystrokes in use can not be too hard to pay attention, because the notebook desktop computer keyboard is much less durable, some computer games require quick hit individual keys repeatedly, do not operate in this laptop. Laptop screen when not in use must bring together down the keyboard to avoid contamination, the absolute prohibition of holding the hands of food handlers laptop. Most laptops can support an external ordinary keyboard, in the office and home, an external keyboard with the ordinary takes only 100 yuan, not only comfortable to use, but also on the effective protection of laptop keyboards.

Rechargeable Battery: Rechargeable batteries used in notebook computers into nickel-cadmium, nickel hydrogen, lithium-ion 3. Rechargeable laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries like mobile phones, there is a certain “memory effect”, in the three kinds of cells, the “memory effect” is the most nickel-cadmium batteries, “Memory effect” is the weakest of the lithium-ion inspiron 1000 Battery. According to the characteristics of rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries to protect the two major principles: First, there is no necessary in the circumstances do not enable the battery, plug the AC power directly to the work; Second, if the battery is enabled, you should run out of power after the charge, do not When the battery has not run out of the AC power plug on it.

Hard: General consumer notebook hard drives that have earthquake measures, but in fact the seismic measures the hard disk is not only read and write data to automatically lock the head to a safe track, if the hard disk read and write operations encountered in the shock, most likely lead to permanent physical damage, so the user must be careful not to turn on the power of moving a laptop, not in a moving car or other vehicle, use the laptop.

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