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Q&A with Alon Co-Founder and Senior Advisor in BIA’s Advisory Services group

alon_profileAlon Israely – Co-Founder of BIA
Alon is a Co-Founder and Senior Advisor in BIA’s Advisory Services group, consulting with clients on legal compliance, e-discovery and data related issues. Prior to BIA, Alon consulted with law firms and their clients on a variety of technology issues, including expert witness services related to computer forensics, digital evidence management and data security. Prior to that, he was a senior member of several IT teams working on projects for Fortune 500 companies related to global network architecture and data migrations projects for enterprise information systems.

As a pioneer in the field of digital evidence collection and handling, Alon has worked on a wide variety of matters, including several notable financial fraud cases; large-scale multi-party international lawsuits; and corporate matters involving the SEC, FTC, and international regulatory boards. Alon holds a B.A. from UCLA and received his J.D. from New York Law School with an emphasis in Telecommunications Law. He is a member of the New York State Bar as well as several legal and computer forensic associations.

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CU Q: What is the advantage of your technology over the process of just copying the data (a.k.a “drag and drop”) to produce?
Alon: Our technology, and all of its related components, are specifically designed and have been used for almost a decade to defensibly gather and preserve data using strict computer forensics guidelines and methods. All data is secured such that the evidentiary integrity is maintained throughout the process. Moreover, we provide the assurance that you don’t inadvertently alter the metadata or delete relevant files.
CU Q: What ECA tools or methodologies does BIA offer to gain early insight into the data to improve our case strategy decisions & possible reduce the data set?
Alon: We offer a powerful way to quickly determine data sizes, counts and types – and we offer that, via the web, at NO CHARGE. That feature is called the Data Profiler and it performs a quick scan of a user’s computer to determine file size and volume. Using our early data assessment tool, time and money are saved so that a more surgical collection can occur. By further culling the data population with keywords and other filters, less non-relevant documents are sent to attorneys for review, thus greatly reducing downstream legal costs.

CU Q: Can you provide assurance that your data collection process is secure?
Alon: Using the TotalDiscovery solution is one of the most secure manners to fulfill your eDiscovery obligations. Data is always protected using strict security standards and strong encryption (AES 256 bit) whether the data is at rest or in transit. The system is also constantly logging all actions for auditability and digital chain-of-custody.

CU Q: What cloud based platform do you leverage to process & store the data?
Alon: TotalDiscovery has its foundations in mature computer forensics while leveraging advanced utility computing and elastic storage. We use a hybrid cloud deployment model including secure provisioned services from major cloud providers, such as AWS, which offers BIA and its users military grade security.

CU Q: Does your legal hold system include reminders; and, if custodians fail to acknowledge the legal hold – an escalation notice to a manager or the legal department?
Alon: Yes, the TotalDiscovery Legal Hold system provides these features and also provides general reminders, multiple hold notice types as well as real time reporting (including cross matter reporting) and enterprise connectivity (e.g., to AD or SAP). All of this full featured functionality for legal hold management is offered to users as a FREE license in anticipation that most users will upgrade to full licenses (even though there is no obligation or limitation to the free legal hold license).

CU Q: What is the primary value of performing a targeted live collection over making a full image of the drive (say for example, in a civil matter)?
Alon: Performing a targeted data collection using the easy to understand TotalDiscovery workflow (under the supervision of the legal team and/or IT and with the optional involvement of the users – the custodians), the amount of unnecessary (non-relevant) documents and email gathered, is substantially reduced – this directly reduces legal costs because there are fewer documents to review).

CU Q: How will we save money by using TotalDiscovery?
Alon: TotalDiscovery is offered under a license model that is unique to the eDiscovery market and which completely changes the amount spent on specific required parts of the eDiscovery process. By purchasing a license to use TotalDiscovery, eDiscovery costs are reduced substantially, many times by more than 300% per year. The technology and workflow that make-up the TotalDiscovery software are designed to remove the need to count gigabytes collected or processed – and allows users to focus on reducing the data through smart and defensible techniques, early-on in the data gathering and culling stages. Some specific examples of how to achieve cost savings with several included features are: performing targeted live collections, use of the Data Profiler to eliminate irrelevant files types and by using our advanced culling & filtering strategies prior to exporting the data. TotalDiscovery gives you true cost predictability and cost reduction of your eDiscovery spend – starting with the first matter and achieving even greater cost savings for future matters as there are no major incremental fees for the same custodians or the same data.

CU Q: How do you export the data so that attorneys may review the identified and relevant documents? Does the system create load files for our preferred web review platform?
Alon: TotalDiscovery has the ability to export data in many popular export formats, for seamless load into popular litigation support applications (e.g., Concordance, Relativity, Catalyst, etc.).

CU Q: How do you access the TotalDiscovery platform?
Alon: TotalDiscovery is a web-based platform, accessed securely via any popular web-browser. There is NO up-front or ongoing capital expenditure. This obviates the need to purchase software or hardware.
There is no installation, set-up or maintenance. TotalDiscovery offers the most value of any other eDiscovery system on the market today.

CU Q: Our organization has limited resources and is concerned about that we don’t have technical & legal resources to manage the TotalDiscovery platform. What are some support options?
Alon: We offer full end user & technical support to help you set up and manage the system across the board. You can also leverage our Professional Service team to assist in managing legal holds, data collections, document review and expert advice about eDiscovery strategy. Also, many of our corporate clients arrange to have their outside counsel legal & litigation support teams log-in and help manage the eDiscovery activities with TotalDiscovery. There is no charge to provide your outside counsel log-in credentials and the system is designed for that type of collaboration.

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