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Q&A with Longhorn Leads CEO and Founder Ken Myers

KenMyersKen Myers, President & CEO. Ken founded Longhorn Leads and drives the vision behind the company from the sites we purchase and build to the partners we send traffic to, no facet of the business is too small for Ken to be concerned about. Prior to founding Longhorn Leads, Ken became the President of and the Chief Technology Officer for Ken has a MBL from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College

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Q&A with Ken Myers are followed :

CU Q:What is Longhorn Leads?
Stuart:Longhorn Leads strives to connect our customers to the very best content possible. We know that the only way to get real, organic traffic to your site is to have genuinely good content.

CU Q:How did Longhorn Leads get its name?
Stuart:That’s simple! When I moved down to Texas I knew I wanted my company to have a name that fit. Now, what are more Texan then longhorns?

CU Q:How do you help your customers?
Stuart:Longhorn Leads helps our customers by providing the best content possible. Not only do we hire professional writers for our content, but we also promote that content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

CU Q:What is organic traffic?
Stuart:Organic traffic is harder than paid traffic. With paid traffic you are using a percent of your income to ‘force’ users to your site. Instead Longhorn Leads focuses on building organic traffic. This traffic is based on real people and what they are looking for, giving you real results that are not tied to gimmicks or how many ads you place.

CU Q:Can organic traffic work?
Stuart:That is a great question. Many people feel that organic traffic is not scalable. They think that it reaches a certain limit and you can’t get any higher, but we have found that is not true. If you consistently keep up with what the consumers are looking for then your traffic always stays up.

CU Q:What about SEO?
Stuart:We all know how SEO, or search engine optimization, is supposed to work. However there are so many sites out there that forget that the purpose of search engines is to help the consumer find what they are looking for. Instead of silly ploys and key word packing schemes, Longhorn Leads focuses on quality content that really gives consumers what they need. That is the secret to truly long lived SEO.

CU Q:How do you keep up with consumer’s changing tastes?
Stuart:We pay attention! It is really as simple as that. There are so many ways to see what the consumer is interested in. All it takes is someone taking the time to really watch the trends and the flexibility to change accordingly.

CU Q:How has your company changed since it started?
Stuart:Well, we have grown by leaps and bounds! From adding new employees to expanding our offices and even adding in a completely new way of keeping track of our customers, the company has gotten more streamlined and efficient with every passing month.

CU Q:Any tips for success?
Stuart:Any business can freely customize the way in which they receive customers’ messages at have one thing I always like to tell people who ask me for advice. Listen to the consumers! We get so busy keeping up with industry trends and search engine algorithms that we often forget it is the people we are really working for.

CU Q:How can I learn more about the company?
Stuart:Feel free to visit our site at You can check out our services, lean more about our organic traffic work, and even meet our ever-growing list of employees!

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