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Q&A with Stuart TalkTo

Stuart is the co-founder and CEO of TalkTo. His last company, Venetica, pioneered a new way for organizations to connect to information, and was acquired by IBM. Now TalkTo is pioneering a new way for consumers to reach businesses. Though different, both ideas presented daunting challenges whose solutions seem obvious in retrospect. As an entrepreneur, getting to “obvious” from “crazy idea” with a team of amazing people is where he loves to spend his time. He lives in Boston with his wife and two children who seem to be full of their own crazy ideas.

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Q&A with Stuart are followed :

CU Q:What is TalkTo?
Stuart:TalkTo is an app that lets you text ANY business in the USA, from your computer on the web or from an app on your iOS and Android devices. You don’t have the hassle of calling a business only during business hours, navigating a phone tree, listening to awful hold music, and then leaving a voicemail or dealing with an unhelpful person on the end of the line. Instead, you just send a text anytime you like and you get a text response.

CU Q:How does it work?
Stuart:Using TalkTo is as easy as texting a friend. Simply enter the name of the business, select it, and text your message. You’ll get a text response within minutes. All messages are synched between the web and your mobile devices so your messages are always available, wherever you are. TalkTo finds the best way to deliver your text message to the business whether by chat, SMS, email, or even an old-fashioned phone call when necessary. However it’s been sent, TalkTo makes sure you receive a text response to your message.

CU Q:What was the inspiration for TalkTo?
Stuart:It’s so simple to contact your friends and family with text messaging. Just type in a name and send a message. But there’s a huge limitation. Text messaging doesn’t help you contact a business. You can call, but who likes making phone calls? TalkTo decided you should text any business as easily as you text your friends.

CU Q:What are the best uses for it?
Stuart:You can use TalkTo for anything you would normally call a business for. Use TalkTo to find out if an item is in-stock before driving to a store, make a dinner reservation, schedule or cancel an appointment, compare prices, and so much more.

CU Q:Who is the ideal TalkTo user?
Stuart:TalkTo is for everyone that ever needs to call a business and is ideal for busy people or those on the go. Travelers can use it to check on hotel services, moms can text stores to find out if they carry their favorite brand of lotion, young working professionals can check on the wait at a restaurant, etc.

CU Q:How has your company evolved since start-up?
Stuart:We initially launched an iOS beta in Boston. We were testing TalkTo with our local businesses to really understand their customers’ needs and get feedback. Now we’ve expanded our reach to Android and the web, and to every business in the United States.

CU Q:Where does TalkTo work?
Stuart:TalkTo works anywhere within the United States, and with every business in the United States, whether they have heard of TalkTo or not.

CU Q:Will businesses use my phone number to spam me if I contact them with TalkTo?
Stuart:Businesses do not see your phone number since your message is brokered through TalkTo. We place a high premium on privacy and don’t share your personal information with a business unless you share it with them.

CU Q:If I’m a business owner, how do I find out more about using TalkTo?
Stuart:Any business can freely customize the way in which they receive customers’ messages at

CU Q:How much does TalkTo cost?
Stuart:TalkTo is completely free! There is no charge for customers or businesses.

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